Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm Back.. I'm Tired.. and I'm FAT ='(

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It feels so great to be back home.. The streets, the cars, the people, the air, the life, the everything.. There is no place like home..

So lets see, i graduated which was nice =)

i ate alot which wasn’t nice =(

I shopped like there was no tomorrow which was hehehe a nice way for money to disappear without questioning HOW!

I owe alot of people emails to be replied to, i apologies for that..

I owe friends phone calls..

I owe some people some things --> i sounded like a drug dealer LOL!

I have alot to do and alot in mind..

I owe you guys my action stories that happened in Malaysia..


aaahhhh i feel so good now that is out of my system!!!

I need to tell you guys about (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly) of Malaysia

To Be Continued..

da3aya for el 7alqa el jaya

*dramatic background music*

what do you think will happen? who will win and who will take it all? the drama that you NEVER wanna miss.. the action of a life time.. do not miss it!!

*end of the music and da3aya*

*da3ayat nana*--> i dont like this da3aya.. Its very , hmm, what the word for it,, its just degrading a7is.. ya3ni as if ma3enda salfa 5air our periods.. and all da3aya about WOMEN hygiene.. especially the stupid deodorant da3aya mal that it stinks like garbage.. whatever!!

Gone to have lunch!!

12 Voices:


i love da3ayat el garbage :P

welcome back !!



laaa22 how u talked aboutda3ayat! LOL soo true!!
wts with the nana madri nono!! naaas ma3ndehum salfa!!
sometimes its really embaressing! i never wtch TV with my brothers anymrore.. toomany questions r asked :p

n LOL y do u hate malaysia!!
i hate the humidity! n i hate it coz iv been there so many times:P shb3t! n their shopping is not that great anymore..

or il have to wait till el7lqa eljayah?

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

Welcome back Standy so glad you are back! and congrats on graduating...

The good, bad and ugly of Malaysia this i have to read..

A Journal Entry

welcome back! =D
wow! something must have went really wrong for u to hate it.. and the da3aya got me wanting to know what is it all about even more!


Anony: lool.. i find it creativly offensive =p

Thank you =D
p.s i owe you an email and fresh details!

nosa: the nana da3aya wajid eqhar!!!

Same here, i am already sick of Malaysia.. I hate the humidity too, i prefer out hot weather.. and the rest you have to wait for el 7alqa el jaya =p

Mayya Thank you so much =D
sooon you will read it..


A Journal Entry: Thank you =D its feels so good to be back!!

LOL!! la i dont like Malaysia min el awal, now i just added it to my hate list!! its always the people that makes you hate the counrty!!


Welcome Back Home <3

and I miss reading ur posts,they are always mood-changing =D

mabrooook 3al grdauation ^_____^


maabrooook 3al graduation;*** LooL looking forward to hear about what happened in malaysia


LOOOOOOOOOL I HATE MALAYS! Opps all in capital letters!


Candy: Thank you =D
it feels good to be back!

hehe, its nice to know that you miss my retardedness posts =p

Captivated: thank you =D
i hope i dont disappoint you with my next post =)

C: I hope the authoreties didnt hear you loool =p


welcome back!

i cant wait to hear all about malasia !


Welcome back :D

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