Saturday, February 20, 2010

Honeymoon Recap + Wussup =p

Saturday, February 20, 2010 10
So what did Standy and 7amani do in their honeymoon??!!

As you all know we went to the Maldives.. Here is a recap of what went down..

First of all our flight was 10am the next day and imagine how horrible we looked like going to the airport.. Once we reached Maldives, I slept for 2 days from how dead tired I was.. I only woke up to eat lool..

We went to the submarine and got to see what’s “under the sea”.. I saw a mermaid and she said hi =p

We also went to this whole day island tour something something.. First we got into the water plane.. it was AMAZING.. Very crowded and a bit scary in the landing but fun.. We got dropped in a platform in the middle of the sea..

Next we were taken by a boat and went snorkeling.. I tell you, the water world is amazing.. I was amazed with how clear the water is and how you see the fishes swimming next to you..

Then they took us to this island where we had lunch, now the amazing this about this island is that you walk to it! We actually WALKED from island to island.. It took 20 minutes and the water was only knee level!! The tour ended by us visiting an island that was hit by Tsunami and we were shown around.. The town was build again by help from the red cross.. I got blacker than black itself.. Ya reet if i got a tan =(

We also went fishing, of course Standy throw up TWICE and caught ZERO fishes!! Qahar! 7amani caught 2 fishes =(

Since I didn’t catch any fishes I started taking picture of the sea. Here is picture of a boat that have been abandon for god knows how long.. I really wanted to go in it and see but it was getting dark and I got scared =p

And here is a view of the main city of Maldives Male..

This is how the main cirt looks like... Very tiny roads.. the whold main island is only 3km long =)

We stayed 8 days in Maldives, 6 in the main city and 2 in a resort called Karumba.. Loved the city coz you can walk around and do much in it.. The resort got boring by the second day as everything was limited to the island and all the activities were bloody expensive and not worth it!! From how bored we were, we went to the beach and decided to have a sandman contest and see who built the best sandman lol.. p.s mine is the left one =p

So since I came back from the honeymoon I did nothing more than eating, watching movies, sleeping and visiting the family.. There is nothing to do these days.. I am actually a home person so I did enjoy hibernating at home..
The most fun I had since we came back is that we went to a party last Thursday and we had a BLAST.. Something to end our one month honeymoon with.. Here is the stamp for proof =p

And today I am back to work, of course, ignoring all the work that I am suppose to be taking over and here I am updating my blog and attending to the 400 post pending that I have to catch up with..

So what is up with you guys?

Monday, February 8, 2010

180 or 360?

Monday, February 8, 2010 20

When you say someone has changed.. Do you say 180 or 360?

Isn't changing 180 is changing half way and changing 360 is just making a whole round and going back to point zero??

Now people expect me to change now that i am a married woman (hehe sounds funny.. i still can't get used to that) but what is change really? Change of style.. Change of clothes.. Change of attitude.. Change of thoughts..

I just really don't get it.. Why is it just coz you got married you HAVE to change who you are just coz people would be happier that way.. Act like a lady.. Forget your old life.. Start a new hobby.. Get a new set of friend.. WHY.. Um coz you are married!!!

I don't agree that marriage should change your character.. I don't agree that marriage is an escape to b e something that you are not..

So here i am married and unchanged =)

happy and relaxed..

I had fun in Maldives... I am back and enjoying my holiday time.. chilling around and it feels so good not to have to wake up so damn early and go to work =)

Missing you all loads..

Thank you all for your wishes and thoughts.. May god grant you with the same happiness that he gave me =)

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