Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Off To Graduate..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 13
It is amazing how a piece of paper holds the winning card.. The card for you to enter life in a decent shape.. The card for you to accomplish things that you never thought you could.. The card with it you lift your head high and see the people small.. The card that you get to be so proud of yourself and proud of life all together.. Yet on the other hand, I don’t agree that the degree sets your potential and shows who you are.. I don’t agree that your age limits your potential and prevent you from aiming high..

Its been too long that I’ve been working on my bloody degree.. I graduated in 2008 where I could have graduate in 2005 =)

See how long it took me.. But that doesn’t matter.. In the end I did get my degree and I am happy with my accomplishment so far..

I am off to Malaysia to my graduation ceremony and to do me some shopping =D

I will defiantly miss you guys…

Oh, I won’t be here for Eid, so I am wishing you guys a happy Eid o kul 3am o ento b5air

P.s if you guys need anything from Malaysia PLEASE don’t contact me =D
P.p.s i am so sorry i havent been commenting or reading your blogs as i didnt have time but inshallah i will try to catch up with you guys once i am back..
P.p.p.s i will be gone for 10 days =)
P.p.p.p.s mako shay, bas i felt like write 4 ps and 1 s =p

TA TAzzz, right now i am on my way to the airport =p

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Story of the Month!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 20
Once upon a time on the land of reality, there was a little house where my friend Manu and her family live. In this house they had one maid. This maid is very religious and every other thing is “Astaghfur Allah al3atheem” or “Sub7an Allah”.. Everything was peaceful and great till last night.

Last night this maid comes crying to Manu and says her stomach hurts so much and that she wants to be taken to the hospital.. She was in so much pain that Manu freaked out and took her to a clinic. The nurse looked at the stomach and pressed here and there and then she told Manu that the maid is pregnant!!

@@ 7AMIL!! Can you believe it..

The nurse said either she is pageant or has a tumour of the size of the baby.. They took the maid to the scan room and it was revealed that YES SHE IS PREGNANT.. la o ba3ad she is already dilated 8 cm and she is about to deliver at any moment now..

Manu was shocked maskeena she stood there like someone threw a bucket of cold water on her!! Wallah ma tin7asid 3al mawqif!!

Straight away, she took the maid and went to another clinic, she barely made it on time, 10 minutes later “Congratulation, you have a baby boy”..

LA WALLAH!! OMG OMG OMG.. When did all this happen?? The thing is this maid is a bit chubby fa ma bayan 3aleha.. And the other thing is was she was ALWAYS working and on the run.. Never complained or anything!!

The funny thing when they told her yes confirm inti 7amil she was like “astaghfur allah” “astaghfur allah” “astaghfur allah” “Kaif” “La2” “astaghfur allah” “astaghfur allah” “astaghfur allah” loool.. 3ad ma abu el denial!!

Of course today morning e3taraft who was the father, and she said she was forced to do it =s . laish forced inshalalh, ween 3aysheen e7na? if you were forced you could have talked.. No one would have blamed you!! Forced fi 3eenik!!

Sub7anak ya rab.. Allah yekfeena min shar o balawi el 5adam qoolo ameen!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Voice Speaks..

Sunday, November 8, 2009 15
Many things have changed in the past months.. Some I understand, some I agree to, some I don’t understand, some I laugh at, some its just a must… They say things happened for a reason but somehow I cant see the reason in this.. Why friendships have to end? Why people have to change? Why life can’t be pink and all pretty like how it was in my eyes once upon a time!!

I don’t understand many things but I do go with the flow.. I do remember you sometimes.. I wonder how your days have been.. what are you up to and what is it that you do?

I do worry about you most of the time.. why are you so distance, why are you so stressed, why are you so quite?

I know I haven’t been a good friend to many of my friends lately.. But I’ve been struggling with decisions to be made and trying to cope with life that is about to changed..

I miss a lot of people that I care for.. I miss a lot of things that happened not so long ago.. Most of all, I miss the conversations and laughs that was shared with me..

Can I have my happy moment today? Do you have a minute for me?

Always make your absence felt in such a way that someone misses you.. BUT, let not your absence be so longggg that someone starts learning to live without YOU......

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Wednesday, November 4, 2009 16

This is the fourth day that I am SUPPOSE (notice the word SUPPOSE) to be dieting but somehow all is going down the drain!!!


Day one: SUNDAY
The first day, suppose I diet right.. I had coffee and biscuits for breakfast and cornflakes for lunch, I was home by 5 and starving, was planning to have fruits and youghart as my snack.. The moment I stepped home, I was told we have 3azza and I have to go, so I changed and wore 3abbay and left VERY HUNGRY. When food was served at 8pm, I ate like there was no tomorrow from how hungry I was..

Day two: MONDAY
As soon as arrived to work, I only managed to drink a cup of coffee and didn’t get a chance to have my cornflakes for breakfast, I had a meeting from 8:15 till 10am then I visited my friend and by the time I came back to the office it was already 11am and I was told that I have a lunch team thingy that I had to go to!!! After work was the 3azza again and yes I ate there..

Day three: TUESDAY
Well, its started out fine.. I had my coffee, later on I had my fruit and then went out with my best friend Mery for lunch, where I had a salad (I know I am on a roll here lol) when I went back home, I had ribs for dinner and went to sleep.. so far GOOD..

Coffee… I forgot about my fruits.. Had some cheese and hotdog snacks and went out with my lunch buddies.. Nothing healthy was there… Allah ye3een this weekend..

I just got full plastic bag of safari chips.. so much for me dieting huh!!
The thing is:
1. I have no motivation
2. The weekend in Dubai RUINED my eating habits (I blame blue and mimi for this).
3. I have weird cravings the minute I say DIET.
4. Events of the day are NOT helping..

Now the plan is to start jogging and doing some sports and also to fast for the whole of next week and on the same time try to loose the weight!!


Sunday, November 1, 2009


Sunday, November 1, 2009 7
The road trip was

It was something else.. it was the break that I needed!!

we laughed
we joked
we danced
we sang
we ate
we ate
we ate
I swear we ate like there was no tomorrow lool... e7im, 3alena bil 3afiya =p

Mimi was our driver and guide
Blue was the car provider
Muli was the hotel supplier
Standy was basically the sarcastic entertainer loooool…

Let’s see, what happened, the highlights of the trip:
-Each one of us gained from 2-5 kgs.
-It wasn’t about where we went, it was all about the fun that we had.

See not much but we had a blast!!
Every second that passed, it drew a smile on our faces

To many more enjoyable trips like this..

Thank you all for wishing me a great trip which I am thankful that I had..

Specail thankx goes to the girls who traveled with me, without anyone of you, this trip wouldn’t have been the same..

And now I am back to reality and BAAAAAM --> just felt like saying that =p
Alright people.. back to work now..

Oh by the way, I just started my diet today, and I am NOT liking it AT ALL!!!
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