Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Voice Speaks..

Sunday, November 8, 2009
Many things have changed in the past months.. Some I understand, some I agree to, some I don’t understand, some I laugh at, some its just a must… They say things happened for a reason but somehow I cant see the reason in this.. Why friendships have to end? Why people have to change? Why life can’t be pink and all pretty like how it was in my eyes once upon a time!!

I don’t understand many things but I do go with the flow.. I do remember you sometimes.. I wonder how your days have been.. what are you up to and what is it that you do?

I do worry about you most of the time.. why are you so distance, why are you so stressed, why are you so quite?

I know I haven’t been a good friend to many of my friends lately.. But I’ve been struggling with decisions to be made and trying to cope with life that is about to changed..

I miss a lot of people that I care for.. I miss a lot of things that happened not so long ago.. Most of all, I miss the conversations and laughs that was shared with me..

Can I have my happy moment today? Do you have a minute for me?

Always make your absence felt in such a way that someone misses you.. BUT, let not your absence be so longggg that someone starts learning to live without YOU......

15 Voices:


I love the last line, its so sad :( Too bad the sky is not pink anymore but you could try to paint them back in pink and live under it!


i loved the last line most..

sometimes u have so many things on ur mind u dont even wana c any1 coz u feel overwhelmed...


wow.. im touched

Roonii ♡

... Always make your absence felt in such a way that someone misses you.. BUT, let not your absence be so longggg that someone starts learning to live without YOU......


Beautifully written.. I couldnt have said it in any other way. No one could.


Your Doctor

allaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, this is for me ???....

i hope not *gulps*


babchee walla ;(


الدنيا تجمع وتفرق لللأسف...


so beautifull and touchy words standy... xxx



Spread ur wings and prepare to fly, for uve become a butterfly..

and if u return to me, we truly were meant to be

;) let it go. Shell come back :D


The problem is that with every moment of 'up' we feel, a moment of 'down' has to follow. That's life. Like you said, lots of things change, friends change, we change as well. But we gotta have faith and continue moving on, life's beautiful regardless of all the pain, and you'll be just fine! :)


are you trying to make me cry? I just missed my best friend:( same feeling too


C: =D i am defenetly trying to paint it back =D

nosa: so true.. i hate it when the feeling stays for long..

the last line wasnt mine =)
but its so touching!

[MaDry-Shakw~]: =)

Roonii: it wasnt me who wrote the last line.. but it does make you think.. glad you liked it =)

Your Doctor: *gives you a look* yes part of it is for you =)

Khalid: awwww... sorry =(

Candy: Sigh....

Muffin: *hugs*

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy: LOOOL.. ladies and gents, i present Mariah al Kuwaitiya =p

i guess so.. if its meant to be then it will be...

Alma: =D inshallah.. thank you for the up lifting words =)

Another-Penelope: =(
sorrry =( *hugs*


i miss you...

waaaaaaaayed wayed wayed :(

and i got ur email...and was planning to get back to it....then i got a million things on top of it and now i have to look for it and scroll down on my bb...

which i intend to do soon mind you, once i find time to scroll down hehe

but until then, i just wanted to tell you that you made me smile =D wayed =) wallah it means alot to me that you care and that still remember me ;**

me loves you ;**
and hopes all is going well ;**



You made me smile =D
i miss you more than wayed!!!


you made me sad ..

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