Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tour in Oman..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 5
Due to your comments that I have taken into consideration and I have studied the appreciated feedback and after much thought, money and power that I have invested in this tour, I decided to share with you where Karamilah been taken by ME when she was here.. (the visit is not in order, cant remember the order)

Express Highway
While we were at the express highway, we saw a side road filled with palm trees and decorative lights so we said why not follow the road and see where it leads.. We ended up in front of guards with gun, and when we asked were told that it is “ma6iqa 3askariya”.. Why on earth would you have a militarily place decorated so nicely like that??

Al Bustan Place Hotel
Karamilah requested to see this hotel as she heard about it but never saw it, so we went in to tour and they refused and said everything is off limit and it’s for the hotel guests only so we used their toilet and left to our next destination! (7 star hotel toilets rocks =p)

Souq Mattrah
A traditional market in Muscat where they sell old stuff plus weird stuff.. this was the 3rd time I go there hehehe.. 1st time went to stitch an abbaya, second time, went to take it and 3rd time played a tour guide to people loool…

This along side Mattrah were you sea the ports and the yachts and the lights and the sea and the fish and the cars and the people and the shop and you get my drift!!

Marina Bandar Al Rawtha
Passed by it, entered the wrong turning, saw the view from the wrong turing.. Gave up and left hehe..

Qasir Al 3alam (The Sultan’s Palace)
I cant remember when was the last time I saw it which means it was a very long time ago, I wont be surprised if it was over 15 years ago.. So this was the educational bit for me where I saw the palace, saw how the place changed.. The lights the road and how its crowded with people.. Reminded me of Buckingham palace in London.. The only thing we didn’t have pigeons hehe..

Bawabat Muscat (Muscat’s Door)
A very interesting thing to stop and see.. Now here I really got educated and learned shwaya of the history of my country.. I know the original door was replaced but I have never been to it and saw it up front.. We also discovered that there is a museum that I have never knew existed.. Quite educational.. We didn’t enter the museum coz its was at night but definitely its on my list of things to go and see..

To end the semi half day tour, we went to Athiba beach and ordered mashakeek (meat on stick cooked bbq style) and had it in the car and that concluded our amazing tour =D

Some private/public replies =p

Swear: Since you are my dear amazing Kuwaiti fake blogger friend, I would gladly make for you a fake tour, where you have to come and transit in Oman airport, I’ll meet you there, take you to the nearest coffee shop available in the airport, fake my smile and genuinety, show you pictures of the places that I will so fakley take you to.. And then take you back to the plane =D how do you like my super fake amazing plan? (plz ignore my creative words that doesn’t exist in the dictionary =p)

Mean B: laish inshallah are you disappointed in me?

Bint ilKuwait: I loved the way you came up with the story of my life and now I owe you a tour here in Oman =)

Reema: Was that detailed enough =p

Eshda3wa: 7ayaaash wallllah.. you have to come here =D

The thing about Oman, is that its too big and you cant see it all in one day and everything is all over the place.. So you need at least a week so you can cover the places that is a MUST to see =)

I like the idea of preparing a tour for my jealous blogger friends loool as quoted from Reema.. So I asked Mery (the driver and the guide who is my bestfrined) and she goes like “I will agree on if it is 10Rials per hour” =S .. Speak about having expensive friend!!!

Anywhoooooo… whoever comes to Oman and wants a tour don’t hesitate to contact me and I shall try my best to make it worth your while and maybe quit my job and become a tour guide or wazirat wizarat el siya7a fi 3oman =D

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Visit From UAE

Monday, December 6, 2010 7
Last Wednesday I get a call from my dear blogger friend karamilah who tells me that she is coming to Oman on Thursday.. It was a very refreshing call and I knew I would have a extraordinarily weekend and indeed it was..

Couldn’t meet her on Thursday coz I had a wedding to attend and she was busy sightseeing with her family.. Nevertheless she fell in love with my country =)

I met her and her sister on Friday and we had a blast, we laughed we toured. I asked my best friend Mery to be our guide and she did an amazing job in giving us a tour.. One thing I learned is that I am not utilizing what I have in hand. Oman has lots of places and yet I have no idea about., This tour/trip was an eye opener, it was a tour for me too.. I learned stuff and as an Omani I should have KNOWN them loool..

Karamilah, thank you for visiting Oman and being the amazing person that you are.. I had a blast and I really cant wait for you to come again.. This time, it will be fully planned and more of a party than a trip..

Say hi to your sis for me and tell her thank you for making me talk Arabic ;)
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