Saturday, June 27, 2009

Embarrassing Conversation

Saturday, June 27, 2009 16
We girls have no breaks when we talk.. I was going through my old mails.. trying to delete unwanted emails and I came a across this conversation that I had with 4 of my friends.. this happened on Sun 29/4/2007.. Yes two years back.. and yet it keeps on getting funnier and funnier as time passes..

We usually chat by emails during working hours.. So one of our many chats took a REALLY wrong turn.. here is the full chat session.. Exactly as it is.. Enjoy reading..

Standy: Morning sluts

Mc Evil: mornin

Mean B: How are you doing Mc Evil

Mc Evil: doing fine thank you very much my dear how about u? I can't seem to stop thinking about horse back riding and my future hubby to be Fulan.

Standy: Is he cute? Is he single? Is he mine?

Mean B: he is single

Mc Evil:no heard he has a girlfriend.

Standy: SOOOOOOOO?!?!


Ex-Friend: must say I don’t agree on that, you still have the chance

Mc Evil: how?

Ex-Friend: Maybe he will be better way with ya

Mc Evil: ? he doesnt know me dear plus i am sure he loves his girl.

Ex-Friend: He will love you as well when he gets to know you

lets just forget about it.

Mean B: Ok so are you going to make your move this Friday? You know when you trying to get down from the horse while he is holding the horse make your self like you want to fall and fall on him =)


Mean B: What?? It’s a good idea she will go like:
Ohh sorry wile his arms around her and she is close to him and looking at each other eye to eye

Mc Evil: u know he almost grabbed my ass the last time coz I couldn't get on so then he just pushed me up a little.

That was a hint that he likes you . wanting to grab ur ass

Mc Evil: looooooooooooool.....he was trying to help me coz my fat ass couldn't make it up the horse that's all.........he didn't even give me the time of day..........he kept precise you my love he was soooo expressed by u.

Mean B: Expressed??
I really did not understand you sentence

Mc Evil: sorry I was typing too fast I typed something weird he was praising you meaning u were doing very well so he was proud of u and excited that you got it before me or Mr. T.

Ex-Friend: Can I join this Friday

Mean B: I don’t think so.
He only takes 4 in each class. And we already 4. why don’t I give you his e mail check with him if its ok and what other timing he can take you. Oh and its not for free . you need to pay 25RO and here is his email

Standy: Do you know that you copied him in the email?

Mean B: Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

Needless to say, when Mc Evil went to the horse riding, Fulan appointed her a new instructor. Later that week a guy from her office approached her and asked her who is Standy? And whats up with the email.. She explained that it was just girls fooling around..

Another note to keep in mind.. All of us were chatting using our work email address.. ya3ni all our information was there and we were so easy to find!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Story of Majeeda and Mooza

Monday, June 22, 2009 19

Majeeda and Mooza are convinced that calorie count is a myth and food is all about the quantity and NOT quality..

Majeeda is a full of life, chocolate and ice cream kinda gal.. Just give her a bar and a scoop and let the sugar do the magic.. Nothing can stand in her way when it comes to getting her fix.. At one point of her life, Majeeda was so huge.. Um Majeeda decided to take drastic measures and made Majeeda go on a one year strict diet where it did pay off and Majeeda became semi normal..

Lets move on to Mooza.. Mooza on the other hand is in love with potato chips, sweets and anything carby.. If you ever want sweets information or faced with a mysterious chippie bag.. Just give it to Mooza and its unwrapped.. Um Mooza made sure that Mooza goes on a diet and looses the fat that she has. It worked for sometime but now things are not working so well..

You see after all the 7erman and stuff, Um Majeeda and Um Mooza kinda got soft. Now they are always giving Majeeda and Mooza excuses on their eating habits.
Mara masakeen they are pmsing..
Mara they’re having a bad day..
Mara its been a while since I treated them for something nice..
Mara 7aram they are bored..
Mara this is the last time before we make them diet..
Mara and mara and mara and too many excuse..

Of course Um Majeeda and Um Mooza tried to make Majeeda and Mooza join several diets and workouts but sub7anak ya rab, when there is a will, there is a way.. Somehow they always managed to get out of it.. BUT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH..

Um Majeeda and Um Mooza are trying NOW to eliminate Majeeda and Mooza from their lives..

Allah yesalmkum Majeeda tkoon Kirshat Ms.D and Mooza heya Kirshat Standy aka ME


So, I already went Hitler on Ms.D and now mashallah she is being a good girl and started eating healthy and working out of course I am also doing that.. MMMAIIITTHHHAAAA we are with you and we are doing this… we are NOT ‘3shashat!!


Sooon they will be KILLED by DIET


Now Wish us luck!!

Death to M&M =p

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back to WORK!

Sunday, June 21, 2009 12
I was on a short break.. I took off from work coz I was tired of waking up in the morning doing the same thing, going to the same place, and seeing the same faces EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

Last week was heaven.. I slept like a cat, ate like a cow and was as lazy as a hippo.. a55 and today I HAD TO WAKE UP AT 6:30 AM.. where I used to wake up at 11am or 10am then sleep again at 1pm.. I miss my lazy days…

I swear as I was waking up today I felt like pretending that I am sick or something just to avoid going to work.. the whole time, whenever my alarm rings and I snooze it I go like
“this is not happening”
“this is just a bad dream”
“I am still on holiday”
“I am dreaming that I have to work” --> more alike a nightmare than a dream!!!

Wallah I felt like I was floating and I was trying to resist but this other power was taking over and before I know it I was already showering and getting dressed and by the time I got my will back I had no choice but to drive the damn car and go to work!!!

I’ve been here since 7:30AM and till now I didn’t do ANY WORK.. I kept on checking my email and chatting to people and eating this and that and now I am actually going out for LUNCH loool..

I hope the afternoon will be better than my morning..
Wish me luck..
Over and out!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Friday, June 19, 2009 14
Today I am so proud of my self.. Knowing that i can performdo it yourself” things makes me so happy =D

Mom bought a table from madri where =p and asked me if I can put it together.. I said sure, let me take a look.. so it was all about screws and actually linking things together.. so I said sure why not!! AND I DID IT!!!

Here are the pieces that need to be put together…

Here are the tools and the paper instruction that I used..

And TA DA!! Here is the outcome =D

If anyone of you need to have something fixed or done, all you have to do is call “Handy-Standy and I will be at your service =p

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Funny Conversation

Saturday, June 13, 2009 26
I went to a girls gathering in on of my friends house.. Blue (one of my closest friends) was wearing a perfume that smelled really nice.. So I was talking to her and the conversation went on something like this..

Me: Blue, I like your perfume, where is it from?

Blue: Its from Amouage..

Me: very nice

Blue *with all the confidence in the world said*: Tara is homosexual.

Me *looking at blue with a shocked face repeats slowly*: ho-mo-sex-ual.

Blue *still VERY confident*: Yes..

I drift in the world of imagination and smile starts creeping up my face and thoughts like (wow homosexual people has their own scent now) (so after all I guess it is possible to smell them now lool) Of course by now I know what Blue is trying to say.. But I play along and I don’t correct her.. I look at her again and I go like "Homosexual" and I give her a look..

Blue realizes that the word is not homosexual and to save face she corrects her self..

If I said she was confident before, this time please multiply it by 10,000.. Her confident this time was REALLY.. I mean REALLY over the top..

Blue *with all the confidence in the world* Sorry I meant to say BISEXUAL

3ad ana hena I couldn’t help it, I started laughing so hard.. Too many jokes and comments came to mind but I was too busy laughing that I couldn’t say them.. All this time Blue was looking at me suspiciously.. so I go and tell her : Don’t you mean “Unisex”? While giving her adare to say I am wrong lookand still laughing my ass off..

Blue realizing her mistake and the words she used, she joined my laugh and finally said “Yeah that is what I meant.. Unisex”

I couldn’t help but pull a joey (from friends) on her and I go and say : "You and I, Sex?" LOOOOL!! Omg the look on her face was priceless.. And that was me adding a cherry on top of the cream.. She laughed so hard after that.. And whenever I see a perfume I go like, "blue, what kind of perfume is this" and I get a very unpleasant look from her or sometimes a very rude comment… loool..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Day Yesterday!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 11
Yesterday I had a BLAST… it was my cousin nusy’s birthday and we SURPRISED HER.. well FINE I wont take the credit for it.. it was Mean B’s idea.. All I had to do is make sure she is home.. so I called her up and told her I will be there at 7pm to have a mini hotdog party with her, so she called up her cousins fofo and Ina not knowing they are already part of the plan hehehe.. Actually the scenario played out perfect but her surprise face SUCKS.. we didn’t know If she suspected or not although she said she didn’t suspect anything.. Her son freaked out and started crying for the next 15 min and of course being girls we started blaming each other for that LOOL!! ANYHOW.. over all it was GREAT!! We managed to get 8 girls together in 2 days.. that is pretty impressive, coz sometimes we plan things for weeks and nothing happens..

The cake was AMAZING!! It was a baked cheese cake.. omg its been awhile since I ate a cheese cake the I really liked!! The day was just gorgeous, its been awhile since all her friends met up together… It was a crazy day..

Funny Facts About Yesterday:
1- Mean B organized the whole thing and emailed all the girls and on the day of the surprise she texts me and asks ME. “so who is coming?” “keef confirm at 7” lool.. I text back and tell yes 7pm today and to please inform the girls and she replied “I don’t have their numbers” LOL!! OMG how can you organize things without having their numbers.. Luckily I had them all so I text them and al7amdulliah things went great!

2- There were kids in the gathering, ages between 1-3.. Being around grown ups is never a good idea.. so being the girls that they are, the “F” word, the “B” word and the “S” word were thrown in the air very casually and we kept reminding each other that they are kids in the room with us.. the funny thing is I GOT THE BLAME.. Fofo looked at me (since her daughter is almost 3 and she repeats everything she hears) so she told me “If I hear my daughter saying the B word tomorrow I will kill you” WTH!! WHAT DID I DO.. I was just excited that I heard the B word for the first time and I was just repeating it.. why blame me for it!!!

Oh I met my fiancé Namrata again for the second time.. I saw her last year on nusy’s birthday and it was love on the first sight, so we got engaged.. and yesterday we stole nusy’s thunder and we got married lool.. Honey, if you are reading this, next year when we meet agian you better have a kid already looooool….

Omg I cant wait for my working day to end for 2 reasons:
2. Bint Al Wazeer is coming over my place to watch the movie The Unborn.. finally I will be watching that movie, i do hope its worth it..

Wishing you all a great weekend!!
Over and out

Monday, June 8, 2009


Monday, June 8, 2009 13
You are on the bus when you suddenly realize...
You need to fart.
The music is really loud, so you time your farts with the beat.
After a couple of songs, you start to feel better as you approach your stop.
As you are leaving the bus, people are really staring you down, and that's when you remember:
you've been listening to your ipod.

LOOL!!! yala people confess.. who has ever done that or ALMOST done it?? its human nature you know lool..

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Popular or Plain Social?

Saturday, June 6, 2009 15
My friends at work accuse me on being popular.. They say, that whenever we go out for lunch, I have to greet people.. I never noticed that till they pointed it out!!

I don’t think I am popular.. Knowing a lot of people doesn’t make you popular, yes I might be social but not popular.. I think being popular means that a lot of people know you and being social means that you know and talk to a lot of people.. lool.. Does that make any sense??!!

Anyhow.. I decided to test this theory.. To see if it is true, do I really say hi to a lot of people or not.. So last Wednesday, 2 of my cousins and me went to this 1001 comedy show in crown plaza.. The place was packed and full.. The comedians were amazing and I couldn’t stop laughing at their jokes.. Ok this is beside the point.. By end of the show, as I was counting, between me and my cousins, I ended up greeting around 12 people, while my cousins only greeted say not more than 5 people!!!

Now the question is, how do you know if you are popular or just plain social?

apparently she wanted to stay off the spot light loool..
she told me she saw like 8 people she knows but ignored!
and then she calls her self a peoples person loooool..
*end of update*

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

8 Things Tag

Wednesday, June 3, 2009 9
The Lovely His Sweetheart has tagged me with this 8 things tag..
So i need to write 8 things in 6 categories which means i have to come up with *does calculation in my head: 8x6=???* who am i kidding!!! *uses the calculator* UHH 48 things.. hmm , that is half of DesertPalms tag of the 100 truth..

ANYHOW!!! on to the tag!!

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
- My Graduation (if they ever invite me lool)
- Travelling for the summer or just travelling
- My Birthday Party
- 1001 Laughs Comedy Show
- Having the horror movie day with bint el wazir
- Getting my man and be married by 09-09-09 (as how Mean B predicted)
- Getting nice smooth lovely shiny alive hair after i finish this oil hair treatment that i am doing
- Getting my 13th Salary

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
- Work abroad
- Fly for free
- Open my own business
- Sponsor an orphan
- Save the world
- Have more passion for my work
- Pimp my car
- Be a professional football player

8 Things I Love
- My Family
- My Friends
- My Country
- Food
- Picnics

- Friends Gathering
- Movie Days
- Me and My Friends Doing Crazy Stuff

8 Things I Did Yesterday
- Went to work
- Had lunch with the full WIMBAA shila
- Read blogs
- Played football

- Started my hair oil treatment
- Talked to my mom
- Talked to my grandma
- Agreed to be pimped by my bestfriend lool

8 Shows I Watch
- Deseperate Housewives
- Ugly Betty
- Grey's Anatomy
- Lost
- Heroes
- Nip/ Tuck
- Family Guy
- Prison Break

8 Bloggers I Tag
- Errant (welcome back =D this is your welcoming tag)
- Cerrent
- Roon
- Maitha*
- Candy
- Eshda3wa
- Coookies
- Dooonniii ( i know you are busy with exams, bas you can do it when you are done =D)

Monday, June 1, 2009


Monday, June 1, 2009 12




*Does my retarded happy dance*

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