Friday, June 19, 2009


Friday, June 19, 2009
Today I am so proud of my self.. Knowing that i can performdo it yourself” things makes me so happy =D

Mom bought a table from madri where =p and asked me if I can put it together.. I said sure, let me take a look.. so it was all about screws and actually linking things together.. so I said sure why not!! AND I DID IT!!!

Here are the pieces that need to be put together…

Here are the tools and the paper instruction that I used..

And TA DA!! Here is the outcome =D

If anyone of you need to have something fixed or done, all you have to do is call “Handy-Standy and I will be at your service =p

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Fastidious Babe

LOL! wow good girl! i really cant wrap my mind around hal ashya :P


Mashallah, me clapping for u
U remind me of my own self, sometimes I would do it alone
But since I'm weak, I end up asking my sister to help me tighten the screws in. Lol.

A Journal Entry

i LOVE putting stuff together.. all those ikea stuff i do it by myself as well.. wasanasah!


*clapping for master handy-standy*
U are really soo good in such stuff, i remember my mom bought something similar like this table,i've tried tene arakeb el pieces,but noooo i screwed up everything <_< o chan etgoole;

wa5ree 3an el table yale mob fal7a eb shay =S


Aww I'm so proud of you! LOL @ Handy Standy. I like!
Ana they call me "kahrabjeya" at home ;p I fix their laptops, TVs, phones, etc etc.


LooL NICE one babe !! really good job see a woman can do better;) oh yea I do have problem with one of my furniture,would you fix it?:P


lol i remember shlon ana rakabt kel ge63a eb dari
i loved it :p


its my favouriteee thing to do as well! =D it hahaha im the DIY person of the house

it feels so goood after the manuaal..(or in my case..deciding to do it myself then doing it wrong then having to start all over again WITH the instructions this time :P)..and then finally you see your creation =D ahhh!

well done standy andyyyy! im prrrrrooouuuuud of youuuuuuuuu =D
( i like how u changed it into handy standy ;) nice one!)


allahh! i love building things too!

sory, but ur typo cracked me up... "..i can perFUME.." hahahah ;p


esh3laaaich;p, i love "do it urself" thing tooo


lol mashalla! I'd never be able to do that!


Fastidious Babe: i cant either bas this was easy =D

Karamilah: YAY FOR ME!!
hey as long as you can do something right, even if you get help =D

A Journal Entry: same here.. a very nice feeeling you get afterwards =)

Candy: LOOOOOL!! omg your mom is funny lool.. so i guess it will be like you spoil and i fix =p

Hind ♥: looool.. well i guess if med doesnt work for you, you know what is the next best thing for you to take =p

Another-Penelope: LOOL!! hey as long as you pay me i am at your service ;)

Gee: wow.. i am amazed and that is really cool!!

desertpalms: YAY!! me proud of me too!!
LOOL AHAM SHAY you do it yourself, mess it up and then do it agian the right way LOOOL!!

atoona: =D
i guess us bloggers can open up a "will do it for you shop" mashallah with all you guys mal DIY here..

e7im *whispers* i changed it already =p

Q: how can someone perfume?? LOOOOL! omg that is funny!!!

moi: i am glad that there are so many of us out there =D

M afaaaa.. we can teach you.. so many peopel to pick from =p
its easy not that hard!


oh great i thought its free:/ :P


Need sum help with the cupboard my hubby's got ..
It's been a week and it's still laying around..

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