Wednesday, June 3, 2009

8 Things Tag

Wednesday, June 3, 2009
The Lovely His Sweetheart has tagged me with this 8 things tag..
So i need to write 8 things in 6 categories which means i have to come up with *does calculation in my head: 8x6=???* who am i kidding!!! *uses the calculator* UHH 48 things.. hmm , that is half of DesertPalms tag of the 100 truth..

ANYHOW!!! on to the tag!!

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
- My Graduation (if they ever invite me lool)
- Travelling for the summer or just travelling
- My Birthday Party
- 1001 Laughs Comedy Show
- Having the horror movie day with bint el wazir
- Getting my man and be married by 09-09-09 (as how Mean B predicted)
- Getting nice smooth lovely shiny alive hair after i finish this oil hair treatment that i am doing
- Getting my 13th Salary

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
- Work abroad
- Fly for free
- Open my own business
- Sponsor an orphan
- Save the world
- Have more passion for my work
- Pimp my car
- Be a professional football player

8 Things I Love
- My Family
- My Friends
- My Country
- Food
- Picnics

- Friends Gathering
- Movie Days
- Me and My Friends Doing Crazy Stuff

8 Things I Did Yesterday
- Went to work
- Had lunch with the full WIMBAA shila
- Read blogs
- Played football

- Started my hair oil treatment
- Talked to my mom
- Talked to my grandma
- Agreed to be pimped by my bestfriend lool

8 Shows I Watch
- Deseperate Housewives
- Ugly Betty
- Grey's Anatomy
- Lost
- Heroes
- Nip/ Tuck
- Family Guy
- Prison Break

8 Bloggers I Tag
- Errant (welcome back =D this is your welcoming tag)
- Cerrent
- Roon
- Maitha*
- Candy
- Eshda3wa
- Coookies
- Dooonniii ( i know you are busy with exams, bas you can do it when you are done =D)

9 Voices:

Mean B

you love your country and you still want to work outside ..hmm

His Sweetheart

1001 Laughs Comedy Show.

Me wanna see it! What is it?!

Football girl, unexpected at all!!

You gooooo girl :D

P.S. I hate football but I am sure I will love it if the teams are girls :D


hahaha Mean B comment lol


that's a good tag after all .. phew !!

football player? interesting .. ur my kinda girl .. not all girly girly .. lol

No Indentity...

Agreed to be pimped by my bestfriend lool
Hehehe ... I am soooooo waiting for that .... :D



lovely <3 list..
and a lovely tag,inshallah when am free i'll do it..
09/09/09 nice taree5 hope u will be a bride at that day ^^



*Still laughing..

i liked the 9-9-9 one..

hope u find the right person > <

will do the tag once i get the time..

=) thanks.. > <


eemmm fly for free ??

i guess u should have pocket money givien to u with it :P


ill tey to do it asap


Mean B: stop twisting what i post.. well, i would like to work outside my country, gain experince and money and then come back and share it with my country =)

His Sweetheart: 1001 laughs comedy show, came here to Oman, its part of the axes of evil comdey central show.. it was AMAZING.. thoes standup comidians are very funny,,i really had a great time..

Yupe!football girl =D
Hey no bashing football here,, i bet if you see me play you will like the game =p

by the way, suadi arabia already has a national girls team supported by the fifa!!

Errant: LOOL!! she is always MEAN!!!
Yeah i am not so girly girly,, i have my moments =D and i like me this way =D

No Indentity: LOOOL!! omg, you should totally hear the story.. remind me to tell you or post it..

LOOL!! AMEEN,, i have 3 more months to go.. man haunting is S0o0o hard these days =p


Crescent: YES fly for free.. like get a life time worth of ticket to go anywhere in the world anytime unlimited.. the pocket money will come from my business looool

eshda3wa: Inshallah =D

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