Monday, June 22, 2009

The Story of Majeeda and Mooza

Monday, June 22, 2009

Majeeda and Mooza are convinced that calorie count is a myth and food is all about the quantity and NOT quality..

Majeeda is a full of life, chocolate and ice cream kinda gal.. Just give her a bar and a scoop and let the sugar do the magic.. Nothing can stand in her way when it comes to getting her fix.. At one point of her life, Majeeda was so huge.. Um Majeeda decided to take drastic measures and made Majeeda go on a one year strict diet where it did pay off and Majeeda became semi normal..

Lets move on to Mooza.. Mooza on the other hand is in love with potato chips, sweets and anything carby.. If you ever want sweets information or faced with a mysterious chippie bag.. Just give it to Mooza and its unwrapped.. Um Mooza made sure that Mooza goes on a diet and looses the fat that she has. It worked for sometime but now things are not working so well..

You see after all the 7erman and stuff, Um Majeeda and Um Mooza kinda got soft. Now they are always giving Majeeda and Mooza excuses on their eating habits.
Mara masakeen they are pmsing..
Mara they’re having a bad day..
Mara its been a while since I treated them for something nice..
Mara 7aram they are bored..
Mara this is the last time before we make them diet..
Mara and mara and mara and too many excuse..

Of course Um Majeeda and Um Mooza tried to make Majeeda and Mooza join several diets and workouts but sub7anak ya rab, when there is a will, there is a way.. Somehow they always managed to get out of it.. BUT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH..

Um Majeeda and Um Mooza are trying NOW to eliminate Majeeda and Mooza from their lives..

Allah yesalmkum Majeeda tkoon Kirshat Ms.D and Mooza heya Kirshat Standy aka ME


So, I already went Hitler on Ms.D and now mashallah she is being a good girl and started eating healthy and working out of course I am also doing that.. MMMAIIITTHHHAAAA we are with you and we are doing this… we are NOT ‘3shashat!!


Sooon they will be KILLED by DIET


Now Wish us luck!!

Death to M&M =p

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You know, I started to get depressed! because I thought you two were bailing out on me! and I kinda shouted at Ms D. yesterday *sorry* because I told her you both are full of excuses!

I'm happy you're both FINALLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY are back on track.. Im proud of you:D


lol i am laughing my head of :) i have the same problem with my little baby cutie pie she never stops craving sweets :(

but u have inspired me to get back on my path to become healthy and get rid of my fatty friends who have been vacationing in body for years but i have news for them the holidays have come to an end :)

lol but i must say i am going to miss them :(

good luck on ur mission and wish me luck too

and may the force be with us all

Ruby Woo

is there room for mofeeda? aka karshiti?


wallah u always make me laugh ;)

xD good luck with ur diet..

we're all in this together my friend =)


oy, you're on a mission!!! i feel sorry for m&m!!


Maitha*: MAIATHA!! no giving up on us!! we are on a roll and on a mission =D
one for all and all for one =p
p.s Ms.D deserved to be shouted at =p

CuteandCuddly: if you keep calling your little baby a cutie pie she will never leave,, detach yourself now before it is too late =p and please you better now miss them when they are gone!!!

GOOD!! so now you join our club now and start working out =D
All the best =D

Ruby Woo: EEE fi room 7ag mofeeeda!! DEATH TO MOFEEDA!!
DEATH TO M&M&M lool!!

kaif el diet??

Roon: lool.. glad my measiry amuses you =p
Thank you for your wishes!!
now since we are all in this togther, you need to also join the club!!!

Namrata: LOL!! they NEED to be ELIMINATED,, they need to go.. dont feel sorry for them..


looooool! good luck girls! =D





Awww sweetie leish?! Why you wanna torture yourself =P LOOOL girls and never ending diet stories.

I'm so over with diet long time ago! Whatever I eat I will be FAT, I just eat normally and what I want =)


loool =D
al7amdulelah ana merta7a,no diets no mo3anah

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good luck with the elimination :D

maybe I should start eliminating my M as well ;p


desertpalms: thankx =D and you are so0o0o not helping by drolling over M&Ms,,,

C: LOOOL!! tell me about it!! this is called "7arakaat" =p
i might join your club in winter!!

Candy: LOOOL!! wallah good for you!!

Aurous: ee finish your exams and join the M club.. so far we have mooza, majeeda and mofeeeda, so what is yours?? =p

Sexy LiPS

bal bal bal!!


I'll name her m7asen ;p

daddies little cuttie

uff men el diets :P lesh alla 5elagna fat and thin :|lesh i wasnt born in the thin catogery :P h3 bas im satisfied of how i look

Mean B



Aurous: LOOL!! nice one!! we have 2 new memebers now.. m7asen and mofeeda lol.. once you finish your exam we will have time to kill her!!

daddies little cuttie: LOOOL!! so true, i wish if i wasnt expandable!!!
aham shay you are satisfied!!

p.s will check the link.. thankx =)

Mean B: Hi right back at ya ;)

Ms. D

death to majeeeeeeeeeeedaaaaaaa


did you ever notice that diet is DIE+ T heheeh u kill urself for no reason.. i hate diets i like to just have a healthy lifestyle and thats it! bring on the brownies!

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