Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Will You Marry Me?!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 35


Monday, December 28, 2009

Why Can’t Standy Loose Weight?

Monday, December 28, 2009 14
I was wondering why i cant loose weight and now i know why..
They say a picture is worth a 1000 words!!
Here are 200,000,000 Million words worth of pictures loool..

2009 has been the year of "Feed Standy Sweets and Chocolate"

This was given to me by woody..

Indian Christmas celebration at work

Woody and Sexy lips, when they came back from Malaysia they gave me this..

This is from my doctor when i went to Kuwait (there where also chocolates but i ate them all before i took a pic loool)

This is from Simsim, he got it for me when he went to Malaysia..

This is from Hamda, she got is for me as part of my birthday wish list gifts =D

This is from my cousin Ina, whenever she goes to Dubai she gets me this!

This is from Sexy Lips, kunt mutwa7ma rahas o maqa9aret 7abibty.. She got me a whole box..

This is my desk at work =) (anyone wants to work next to me?)

This was a celebration ice cream with my Original and American sister =).. fun days do pass fast =)

a gift from Sexy Lips bimunasabat el 3id =)

Kunt atwa7am chocolate so Sexy Lips got it for me :* (7abibty Sexy Lips)

Another month at my desk =)

A Caramel Date cake from Cafe G, which is a must have whenever me and Blue go there..

When Mom and Dad went to Australia, this is what they got..

Chocolates from Sexy Lips (now i know who makes me fat!!!)

A Double Chocolate cake aslo from Cafe G, a must have =)

Hehehe, do i dare say from Sexy Lips? lool..

Chocolates from Switzerland.. One of my football friends =)

Lunch invitation from Woody =p

My birthday cake which was made by my cousin Mimi =D

Baqlawa from Lebanon given by Maraw and mentos From Malaysia given by Max =)

This is what i am suppose to be eating right now (fresh fruits and yoghurt)

In this end, this is all that i can say!!!!
(ironically, this is also given by Sexy Lips loool)

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Saturday, December 26, 2009 16
I am in a meeting and faja2 my lense 6ash from my eyes.. like it played jumbaz and landed on my abbaya.. now i was like blinking million alf mara thinking its playing hide and seek inside my eyes, atary el 3adasa tawha minsad7a 3ala my abbya 7a'9rit-ha jalsa titshamas o tinkimish!! ya3eeeni 3al 3adasaaaa.. ya 7alat-ha o heya mutamarida!!!

i am actually typing this with only one function eye!!!!!

and the meeting was so BAAAAAAAD.. i got attacked left right and centre and today i really feel worthless!!!

Going home to wear another pair of lence!!
Over and out!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cupcakes From Bahrain =D

Thursday, December 24, 2009 12
Since Nosa starting her cupcakes business, i've been drooling over all her cuppies pics.. So i said to myself why not order them =D

So here i am, i made an Order and they reached in one piece and they were
and 3alay bil 3aaaafiya =p

Thank you Nosa for the cupcakes and it was really great doing business with you ;)

p.s for a clear pic of the cupcakes, visit Nosa's blog =)


Nusy and No Identity are already ALL OVER "MY" Cupcakes!!!
Nosa Can you make me some more please ??!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

And life goes on..

Monday, December 21, 2009 13
She: “If am everything that you desire and want.. Why don’t you come to me?”
He: “Its not that easy.. Be careful of what you wish for..”
She: “How is that possible when you literally breathe me?”
He: “That is the challenge.. If I get you, what is there left to do?”
She: “If your happiness lies with me, isn’t that enough?”
He: “When is enough ever enough!”
She: “Can’t I be your ultimate sacrifice?”
He: “There will be nothing else to fight for anymore..”
She: “Does it feel right to just give up and leave?”
He: “Feelings are overrated”
She: “Does it hurt where it bleeds?”
He: “Ignorance is a bliss..”
She: “With you gone, I have will have no one..”
He: “Our memories will vividly live with you..”
She: “Do you believe in forever?”
He: “Do dreams come true?”
She: “You will leave a scar..”
He: “A reminder of once upon a time..”
She: “I will wait for you.. Will you ever come back to me?”
He: “I plead the fifth..”
She: “What is there more to say?”
He: “Life goes on..”
She: “look me in the eye, lie to me and tell me that you love me”
He: “I love you..”

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Wednesday, December 16, 2009 16
I WON!!!


So, in the previous post.. I said situation 2 is ahwan than 1 and 5 people agreed with me, 3 said 1 was better to be in and 1 person didn’t care coz she’s been in both looool…


And yesterday.. We had an away day with my department at work.. We went to the ferry called “Hurmoz” and it took us around the coast of Muscat… Somewhere from Bar Al Jisa to Qurum bay.. It was amazing.. I saw el shatti and crowne palaza and the normal places I go to from the other side.. It was a nice break..

Now what happened in the trip?
Lool.. Am I lucky or lucky hehehe..

How did Standy win??

1. I won coz I sang the Indonesian National Anthem looool.. Yeah mafi wa6aniya =p.. There was this game where each nationality goes and sings something from their language.. We had 5 groups that should sing; British, Dutch, Omani, Indian and Indonesia. Each group should consists of 3 members and the head of our department would choose who will win this singing contest lool.., So Kan bas fi wa7da Indonesian in our department.. So I gave her moral support and went to sing with her.. Of course I didn’t know the words.. All I did was say INDONESIA in a loud voice LOOOOL!! AND I WON lool.. I think they pitted us and they just gave us the prize mal kithaka =p

2. My number got picked up in a lucky draw.. Every time a number was picked up I would say “57” à that was my number.. 7 is a lucky one I tell you ;)So the last number was like “57” I WAS LIKE WHAT WHAT I WON I WON.. And literary jumped like a small kid.. e7im… I bet the leaders were shocked lol..

Here is a picture of one of the many views that we took when we were on the ferry..

And here are the pictures of my gifts =D

Wishing you ALL a nice LONG weekend =D
We are having Saturday off and that is just the best news EVER!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Which one is better?

Monday, December 14, 2009 14
Scenario One:
A lady goes to the bathroom, takes off her shaal --> (the thing you wrap around your neck), Does her thing and all that.. Takes her shaal back and wears it only to notice that water is dripping from it on her head… She calims to know what is the water source but she is not 100% sure of and but in her defence its not PEE and the water did smell good =p

Scenario Two:
A lady walks down the street from building to building and her skirt catches water.. Continues walking but knows 100% what is the source of the water.. *updated* IT MIGHT HAVE BEEEN CAT PEEEE but we are not sure of it!!


PEOPLE you NEED to answer, silent readers, loud reader, one time readers.. I NEED AS MUCH RESPONDS as possible.. I might win a ticket to KUWAIT if you answer like me hehehe…

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Malaysian Version =p) Pt.2

Friday, December 11, 2009 14
So to continue with the Malaysian Experience story…

I got to the ministry of higher education finally ba3ad kul el laf o eldawaran.. So I enter the office smiley and all friendly “HIIII how are you all doing today =)” there were 2 ladies sitting in a desk in front of me..

Me: “I am here to stamp my certificates and my papers”
Lady #1: “do you have your passport”
Me: “um no I forgot it”
Lady #1 and #2 : “OHHH BIG PROBLEM”
Lady #1: “where you from?”
Me: “Oman”

Now I forgot the passport coz I was in a hurry in the morning and I don’t recall when my friend did it for me last time she wanted the passport.. I guess she had my copy by then =p

Me: “Ok, it’s too far to come back here again, is there any other way I can do this? I have my I.D?”
Lady #2: “No cannot do I.D, must have passport, let me see your papers”
I gave her my papers, she wanted to make sure that I got it certified from the my college and when she saw I did that, she looked at me and said “you want you can fax your passport”
Me: “Ok great, I can ask my dad to fax it from the hotel”
I take out my phone to search for dads number so that I can call him
Me: “Can I have a phone to call”
*both ignoring me*
Me: “Do you guys have a phone that I can use”
Lady #2: “Don’t have” --> really, who lives in this world today and doesn’t have a cell phone?? A 5 years old nowadays already has a phone and a LINE! ba3ad!
Lady #1 totally ignoring me
Lady #2 pointing at my phone : “you have la, you call”
Me: "This is not a local number and I can’t call from it" (somehow my phone I couldn’t call with)Lady #2 looking me, then ignoring and looking at the screen
Me: “ok, can I use the office phone”
Lady #2 without even looking at me: “official use only”
*I just look at both of them ignoring me for like 5 seconds and then I ask for the fax and I say I will be right back and I leave*

I pass the security desk, there were 2 securities there, I ask them if I can borrow a their phone to make a quick phone call, they say DON’T HAVE lol, and AGAIN point at my phone.. I roll my eyes and I tell them I will PAY for the credits, and they go like “ohh, ok la” but somehow they didn’t have credits so I didn’t get a phone.. So who saves the day,,, yes the CAB driver!!! I went to him and I asked to borrow his phone and maskeen he gave it to me without hesitating.. So I ask him to join me inside since I don’t think I will finish soon enough.. So I call my dad and I tell him to fax me the passport copy.. Now I go back to the office..

Lady #2 looks at me
Me: “I just asked them to fax it, it will reach in awhile”
Lady #2: “sit down there”
the moment I sat down
Lady #1: “No fax reach, where is fax”
I looked at her in disbelief`, woman, I JUST CALLED THEM
Me: “yes It will reach in awhile, they will fax it now”

I heard lady #2 calling my college and asks for the international student center
Me: “oh you are calling the college”
Lady #2 stares at me for 2 seconds and goes like “YYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS” --> you know the annoying long yes mal sarcastic way kinda thing!
Me : “ok, ask for someone called Elaine coz I was with her today morning, she will know my case”
Lady #2 stares at me for 2 seconds again and goes like: “Don’t teach me my job”
*me having a blank look and actually blinking twice per millisecond*
Me: “I am not teaching your job, I was just"
Lady #2 : “I know what I am doing.. don’t teach me my job” then she goes on and talks in Malay with the lady on the phone and next thing you know,
Lady #2 : “the college wants to talk to you”

Me : “Hello”
Phone lady : “Hello Ms Standy, this is - donno her name - , so tell me what program you were in, blah blah blah”
She wanted information about my course and what and which department I studied in and all that.. Then out of the blue..
Phone Lady: “Ms Standy.. You have to apologize to officials.. Don’t be rude to them”
Me: “I wasn’t”
Phone Lady: “They are threatening you that they will take you to jail coz you are there without passport and no sort of identification”
Me: "…" --> in my head I’m like WTF!!
Phone Lady: “now we can’t do anything coz you don’t have your passport”
Me: “But I told them I will fax it to them now”
Phone Lady: “oh if that is the case then ok”
I give back the phone to Lady #2 ela Lady #1 attacks me

Lady #1: “ It’s your problem that you didn’t bring your passport.. Your mistake you didn’t bring your passport.. Don’t blame us.. Your mistake”

I looked at her and ignored and went back to sit down, me bored, takes my iPod and plays with it till dad calls..Taqreeban 10 min later, dad calls in the cab drivers phone and he says he sent but somehow it’s not reaching.. So I go to them and I tell them check if it reached she said it didn’t.

Lady #1: “You send right fax number aahh” --> they talk like that!!
Me: “Yeah, 44441234”
Lady #1: “NOOOO, its double 4, double 8, 1234”
Me looking at the paper that they wrote the fax number on : “well I have here 4444”
Lady #1: “Double 44, Double 8”
I handed her the paper for her to see by herself, then she talks to lady #2 and tells her that she wrote the fax wrong to me, lady #2 goes like oh really let me see then giggles and goes back to her PC and never bothers to say sorry or apologize for the mistake that she did..

Elmohim on and off and all that, in the end they didn’t stamp it for me coz the program is not listed in the “ministry university and college list” like whatever!! My friend stamped it and we got the same shahada.. The cab driver asked me “why didn’t you offer her money so that she stamps it for you” LOL!! Funny that my Indian Malay friend told me the same thing.. it’s enough that they were threatening me to take me to jail now if I offer a bribe it’s like I am paving the way for them to take me to jail LOOL!!

One of the good things that happened in this trip is that I met C the blogger.. It was a very nice experience.. She is a wonderful person and amazing.. She and B invited me to a Lebanese restaurant which was a high class one where I was VERY uncomfortable with the environment lool.. Bas over all I had so much fun and it felt like I knew her since forever.. She actually wrote about this in her blog, click here to read the post and see the food that we ate lool =p
And look what C and B got me =D

This is from them =D

The bunny is from C and the mask is from B.. He had to make the bunny look evil! Typical men =p

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Malaysian Version =p)

Monday, December 7, 2009 9
For Mimi..
“Malaysia, what can I say about Malaysia.. It’s a country whenever you go you will always remember it.. If you see the streets so dirty and crowded 24/7, smile you are in Malaysia… If you walk down the streets and see a sign that actually says “beware of snatchers”, smile you are in Malaysia.. If you get into a cab and it smells funky and they ask you for an incredible amount of money and refuse to take you coz you have oil in your country, smile you are in Malaysia.. If it’s a sunny day and you are walking peacefully and suddenly it starts raining heavily just to stop after 5 min and the sun would come out like nothing happened, smile you are in Malaysia.. If you walk down the streets smelling the rain and suddenly the smell of garbage hits you, smile you are in Malaysia.. I HATE MALAYSIA”

Nothing more I can say about Malaysia.. 9ar feeeni 7alat tashabu3 from Malaysia..

ok ok, first of all the shopping was not THAT great.. I think its overrated already.. like seriously.. There are no sizes for the clothes.. the XL is size 8 UK like WTH!!! The only thing that you get there is DVDs, Bags and Shoes.. The rest, a7san you shop in your own country or go to America lol..

Second thing.. The people are SO RUDE.. Wallah I studied there for 4 years and I don’t have a Malaysian friend… That must tell you something =)
No, it doesn’t say that I am NOT FRIENDLY AND A FREAK!! *rolling my eyes*.. I actually have an Indian Malay friend =) yes one is enough!!!! MOVING ON!!

Third thing.. The diversity in the country is unbelievably INSANE.. I swear its beyond the point of ridicules already.. They have 3 races, Malay Malay, Malay Chinese and Malay Indian and each has like their territory and places that you don’t want to cross lool..

Now, let me tell you what happened TO ME and why I really hate the MALAY over there!!

I got my certificate, went to my college to get it certified and stamped to verify that it is the original copy and its authentic.. Now I get into a cab and go to a deserted area which is like 30 min DRIVING away from KL.. Somehow its suppose to be the places where the ministries are all in.. I needed to go the ministry of higher education and the ministry of foreign affairs..
So I get to the first building, they tell me drive down the road to the other block, I get to the second building, it was 1:45pm, they tell me come back at 2pm.. so I go back to the cab, solif shwaya with him.. At 2pm I go back, they let me into the building, I go search for the people and mafi 7ad, I swear ka2ano shirikat abooy ra7ya adoor feeh.. elmohim after 20 being lost and asked to wait and taken here and there I was told
“OOHHH you graduated from a private college, you have to go to this other place down the road madri what” THE OTHER PLACE IS 10 MIN AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!

I was just in disbelief.. wallah luckily I told the cab to wait for me till I finish all my mashaweer otherwise I would have beeeen ******!!!!

So I go back and tell the cab driver that we need to go to this other place and there is where the stupid ministry of higher education is.. So we get there.. (the worse thing is that they don’t write anything in English.. kolo malay.. and excuse me I DON’T KNOW HOW TO READ IT!!) al mohim.. I go down there, the securities don’t even speak English and don’t know what I want.. All I say is stamp stamp lool.. Anyway here and there I finally reach the place where I discovered that you cant reason with Malaysians..

Are you guys with me or did you guys fall asleep already???
To Be Continued..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm Back.. I'm Tired.. and I'm FAT ='(

Wednesday, December 2, 2009 12

It feels so great to be back home.. The streets, the cars, the people, the air, the life, the everything.. There is no place like home..

So lets see, i graduated which was nice =)

i ate alot which wasn’t nice =(

I shopped like there was no tomorrow which was hehehe a nice way for money to disappear without questioning HOW!

I owe alot of people emails to be replied to, i apologies for that..

I owe friends phone calls..

I owe some people some things --> i sounded like a drug dealer LOL!

I have alot to do and alot in mind..

I owe you guys my action stories that happened in Malaysia..


aaahhhh i feel so good now that is out of my system!!!

I need to tell you guys about (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly) of Malaysia

To Be Continued..

da3aya for el 7alqa el jaya

*dramatic background music*

what do you think will happen? who will win and who will take it all? the drama that you NEVER wanna miss.. the action of a life time.. do not miss it!!

*end of the music and da3aya*

*da3ayat nana*--> i dont like this da3aya.. Its very , hmm, what the word for it,, its just degrading a7is.. ya3ni as if ma3enda salfa 5air our periods.. and all da3aya about WOMEN hygiene.. especially the stupid deodorant da3aya mal that it stinks like garbage.. whatever!!

Gone to have lunch!!

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