Friday, December 11, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Malaysian Version =p) Pt.2

Friday, December 11, 2009
So to continue with the Malaysian Experience story…

I got to the ministry of higher education finally ba3ad kul el laf o eldawaran.. So I enter the office smiley and all friendly “HIIII how are you all doing today =)” there were 2 ladies sitting in a desk in front of me..

Me: “I am here to stamp my certificates and my papers”
Lady #1: “do you have your passport”
Me: “um no I forgot it”
Lady #1 and #2 : “OHHH BIG PROBLEM”
Lady #1: “where you from?”
Me: “Oman”

Now I forgot the passport coz I was in a hurry in the morning and I don’t recall when my friend did it for me last time she wanted the passport.. I guess she had my copy by then =p

Me: “Ok, it’s too far to come back here again, is there any other way I can do this? I have my I.D?”
Lady #2: “No cannot do I.D, must have passport, let me see your papers”
I gave her my papers, she wanted to make sure that I got it certified from the my college and when she saw I did that, she looked at me and said “you want you can fax your passport”
Me: “Ok great, I can ask my dad to fax it from the hotel”
I take out my phone to search for dads number so that I can call him
Me: “Can I have a phone to call”
*both ignoring me*
Me: “Do you guys have a phone that I can use”
Lady #2: “Don’t have” --> really, who lives in this world today and doesn’t have a cell phone?? A 5 years old nowadays already has a phone and a LINE! ba3ad!
Lady #1 totally ignoring me
Lady #2 pointing at my phone : “you have la, you call”
Me: "This is not a local number and I can’t call from it" (somehow my phone I couldn’t call with)Lady #2 looking me, then ignoring and looking at the screen
Me: “ok, can I use the office phone”
Lady #2 without even looking at me: “official use only”
*I just look at both of them ignoring me for like 5 seconds and then I ask for the fax and I say I will be right back and I leave*

I pass the security desk, there were 2 securities there, I ask them if I can borrow a their phone to make a quick phone call, they say DON’T HAVE lol, and AGAIN point at my phone.. I roll my eyes and I tell them I will PAY for the credits, and they go like “ohh, ok la” but somehow they didn’t have credits so I didn’t get a phone.. So who saves the day,,, yes the CAB driver!!! I went to him and I asked to borrow his phone and maskeen he gave it to me without hesitating.. So I ask him to join me inside since I don’t think I will finish soon enough.. So I call my dad and I tell him to fax me the passport copy.. Now I go back to the office..

Lady #2 looks at me
Me: “I just asked them to fax it, it will reach in awhile”
Lady #2: “sit down there”
the moment I sat down
Lady #1: “No fax reach, where is fax”
I looked at her in disbelief`, woman, I JUST CALLED THEM
Me: “yes It will reach in awhile, they will fax it now”

I heard lady #2 calling my college and asks for the international student center
Me: “oh you are calling the college”
Lady #2 stares at me for 2 seconds and goes like “YYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS” --> you know the annoying long yes mal sarcastic way kinda thing!
Me : “ok, ask for someone called Elaine coz I was with her today morning, she will know my case”
Lady #2 stares at me for 2 seconds again and goes like: “Don’t teach me my job”
*me having a blank look and actually blinking twice per millisecond*
Me: “I am not teaching your job, I was just"
Lady #2 : “I know what I am doing.. don’t teach me my job” then she goes on and talks in Malay with the lady on the phone and next thing you know,
Lady #2 : “the college wants to talk to you”

Me : “Hello”
Phone lady : “Hello Ms Standy, this is - donno her name - , so tell me what program you were in, blah blah blah”
She wanted information about my course and what and which department I studied in and all that.. Then out of the blue..
Phone Lady: “Ms Standy.. You have to apologize to officials.. Don’t be rude to them”
Me: “I wasn’t”
Phone Lady: “They are threatening you that they will take you to jail coz you are there without passport and no sort of identification”
Me: "…" --> in my head I’m like WTF!!
Phone Lady: “now we can’t do anything coz you don’t have your passport”
Me: “But I told them I will fax it to them now”
Phone Lady: “oh if that is the case then ok”
I give back the phone to Lady #2 ela Lady #1 attacks me

Lady #1: “ It’s your problem that you didn’t bring your passport.. Your mistake you didn’t bring your passport.. Don’t blame us.. Your mistake”

I looked at her and ignored and went back to sit down, me bored, takes my iPod and plays with it till dad calls..Taqreeban 10 min later, dad calls in the cab drivers phone and he says he sent but somehow it’s not reaching.. So I go to them and I tell them check if it reached she said it didn’t.

Lady #1: “You send right fax number aahh” --> they talk like that!!
Me: “Yeah, 44441234”
Lady #1: “NOOOO, its double 4, double 8, 1234”
Me looking at the paper that they wrote the fax number on : “well I have here 4444”
Lady #1: “Double 44, Double 8”
I handed her the paper for her to see by herself, then she talks to lady #2 and tells her that she wrote the fax wrong to me, lady #2 goes like oh really let me see then giggles and goes back to her PC and never bothers to say sorry or apologize for the mistake that she did..

Elmohim on and off and all that, in the end they didn’t stamp it for me coz the program is not listed in the “ministry university and college list” like whatever!! My friend stamped it and we got the same shahada.. The cab driver asked me “why didn’t you offer her money so that she stamps it for you” LOL!! Funny that my Indian Malay friend told me the same thing.. it’s enough that they were threatening me to take me to jail now if I offer a bribe it’s like I am paving the way for them to take me to jail LOOL!!

One of the good things that happened in this trip is that I met C the blogger.. It was a very nice experience.. She is a wonderful person and amazing.. She and B invited me to a Lebanese restaurant which was a high class one where I was VERY uncomfortable with the environment lool.. Bas over all I had so much fun and it felt like I knew her since forever.. She actually wrote about this in her blog, click here to read the post and see the food that we ate lool =p
And look what C and B got me =D

This is from them =D

The bunny is from C and the mask is from B.. He had to make the bunny look evil! Typical men =p

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kil hal 3athab w a5er shay no stamp?? qahar

No identity..

Belll ... who told you to study in malay... if i was you, i would regret the moment i only thought to study there.. oh my god... i dont remember having to do all this stamp issues from UK... GooD that was sooo BAD...


Awwww you are most welcome babe! This is the stupid cheap ass Malays! I hate Malays, marraaa marrraa kakka o 7yawanat! I hate it when they said "lah" and don't even know how to speak proper English and their giggles is bitchy! Arghhh can't wait to break free from here :D!I despised it when they speak Malay with me and I was like WHAT? I don't speak Malay! I'm not Malay! Sometimes I came across some barbaric Malays and they will scream at me and told me like hey you go back to China! I was like WTF! LOOOOL :D I'm very rude to them too, I will give them the look!

Mean B



Imagine now you send us a mail from JAIL telling us girls i have to stay 2 more month here. loooool

Smart CoOKie



I just kept imagining your face while reading the entire story LOOOL you must have felt like “who should I punch first” I mean you were going to jail anyways ;D

A Journal Entry

omg it's like 6ash ma 6ash!!


beeep beeep beeepp beeeeeeeeeeeep *swearingggg*
and... awww u got pretty stuffffffff... how sweeeeeet!!!


Karamilah: IMAGINE!! now i dont know what to do =(

No identity: LOL!! what to do.. this is life!! sigh...

C: i feel sorry for you coz you are still stuck THERE!!! yala hanet.. not much is left =D

Mean B: LOOOOOOOOOL!! imagine!! loool.. My work place would have something to talk about!! on the bright side, i would get paid for actually sitting in jail =p

Smart CoOKie: LOOOOOOL!! they are just so rude and beyond reason!!

Faith: LOOOL!! if you were there with me we would have done a double team that would have been fun =D and being in jail with you would be AWESOME =p


H: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! arent you cute!!! LOOOOOOOOOOL i will request my doctor to repaire that veeiin for you =p

yeah 5ala9 i am NEVER EVER going to go to Malaysia EVER again!!!



I hope that's not enough reason to hate me, malays, malaysia. For the dirty roads - even in Saudi I see dirty roads - phlegm on the roads even with H1N1 risks. But I still love the place so much! Life has challenges. It's like that.

& I'm sure it's not all bad. A saudi guy said "Malaysia Habibi" when I walk past by. I hope you get your "Oman Habibi". Well I'd say it to you, God Bless.

And not all malays, malaysians are rude etc. And it's not a racist thing. I, as a malay malaysian myself have been treated with rudeness. Like has challenges. You meet good people, bad people. Anyway I'm sorry if you had a bad time. I wish you've met someone nicer, insha Allah.

Anyway, hate me if you want. I try my best to make you happier. Salam. (^v^)


Nisa Thankx for stopping by and read this... Life is full of experements and experinces.. i am not a hater here, and no offence intended towards your counrty.. i studied there and i haev liek 3 friends =p

For one, i dont hate you, i believe not all the people are the same..

I guess Malaysia is just not for me =)
i can name you so many countires who are Arab and SO RUDE to people!!

Its always that handfull of people make the experince bad to others that we tend to generalize =)

I also wished if i met a nicer person =)

Please pass by again and thank you for your comment =)

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This comment has been removed by the author.


I wish you meet someone good like a colleague of mine. She has only one eye but she's very friendly & ppl love her. She's an inspiration on how to be friendly to others.

I think her family hosted Japanese students. & if I'm not mistaken, the nice japanese really took the initiative to learn malay. One lookup the dictionary during eating to converse in malay.

My other friend hosted 2 students - male & female. They gained a lot of attention, being blonds. I walked with the female, passing the class - the students cheers her or something. I wonder if you girls get that, coz I hear one of you admits being so pretty. (^v^)

My mom & sis is learning arabic. & I can understand some arabic. We have arab roots. So even if I'm angry, I can't really hurt the arabs (^v^) - it's my ancestors. Foremostly being muslim, I can't hurt another so all & all I'm sorry.

I hope you have a safe return to Oman & at last be truly happy. & this is not "GO BACK TO BEIJING!!!!!!!!!!!" thing ha ha ha. If you feel unhappy here, well I hope not, but I hope things work out the best for you. (^v^)


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