Saturday, December 26, 2009


Saturday, December 26, 2009
I am in a meeting and faja2 my lense 6ash from my eyes.. like it played jumbaz and landed on my abbaya.. now i was like blinking million alf mara thinking its playing hide and seek inside my eyes, atary el 3adasa tawha minsad7a 3ala my abbya 7a'9rit-ha jalsa titshamas o tinkimish!! ya3eeeni 3al 3adasaaaa.. ya 7alat-ha o heya mutamarida!!!

i am actually typing this with only one function eye!!!!!

and the meeting was so BAAAAAAAD.. i got attacked left right and centre and today i really feel worthless!!!

Going home to wear another pair of lence!!
Over and out!!!!

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Aww poor thing! Get a rewet drops with you coz it seems that your eyes are dry :)


Weeh not good at all !

yela kel 6rag eb ta3loma ;Pp


Sorry sweets for the bad “real” meeting :(
And sorry cuz I cracked up over the cute lens which was tetashmas LOL they totally should make an animation out of it ;D
e7m! so when are you getting Laziec


awww mskeenah!!

3aadii 3aadi hapens with every1 that wears lenses!
that day me n my friend spend 1 whole hour looking 4 her lense that fell on a white marbel floor! hhaha imagin y3ni :P
coz she just opened tha pack n it was for a month:P fa she was like IM GETTing it y3ni in GEtting it :P LOOL

n its ok.. 1 bad meeting.. 3 good ones will come *hugs*


that used to happen to me al the time!

until i got LASIK!! =D

best decision i ever made in my life =D


LooL that actually happened to my friend while we were playing soccer against another school. Kanat mqamthaa 3ain oo tshof eb the other one... It was hilarious

No identity..

LoooL .... 7elow titshamas o tinkimish ... but really sorry for the bad meeting... its ok life goes on ;)


Mad Art

Bad lense, Bad !


sounds funny :P bs sheno feeh chm kelmaa mo fahmaa, sheno y3ni 6aash? y3ni fell out?


thats why whenever i wear lenses

i always carry my glasses

oo salamat ur eyes!


C: inshallah =)

[MaDry-Shakw~]: LOOOOOOOOOOOL!! thankx, i feel much better now =p

Faith: LOOOL!! i can totally picture the drawing looool.. hmm that is an idea.. the adventure of the rebalias 3adasa =p LOL

nosa: LOOOOOOL!! if it was the monthly ones i would have also done the same thing!!!

mrayty: that is so in my 2010 plan!!! getting myself a Lasik!!

Captivated: LOOOOL poor her.. i cant imagnie playing soccer like that!! loool, bas i guess lil'9aroora a7kaam =p

No identity: lool.. wallah you should have seen it.. oh well the show must go on rigt? =)

Mad Art: LOOOL!! i guess hathi nehayat el dala3 =p

Another-Penelope: 6ash ya3ni fell out =D

eshda3wa: mushkila i cant wear glasses when i am out!!

allah yesalamik =)

A Journal Entry

i wish i could get rid of them without going thru lasik.. can't i magically wake up having my 6/6 eye sight back?! =/


A Journal Entry: =(
i wish if that was possible!!! it would have sapred me lots of mawaqif and drama!

Mean B

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL its like one eye poped out like that pirate in



i knoooow the feeeeling!!! those DAMN LENSESSSS!!! its worse when they fall while driving O.O

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