Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How To Tell If You Need To Pray At Work..

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 12

I need to do major praying..

Monday, June 28, 2010

Working Syndrome..

Monday, June 28, 2010 9
1. No mood to go to work.
2. Having a holiday yet you miss work.
3. Having work but you are bored and no mood to work.
4. Feeling like working when you have no work.
5. Getting depressed the minute you get out of bed knowing you have to work.
6. Wishing someone would die bas 3ashan you get a holiday.
7. Cursing the boss with all the foreign words that you know.
8. Feeling that time never passes quickly, 15min feels like 1 and a half hours.
9. Searching for every excuse to get out of the office.
10. Complain about your work every chance you get.

When you are missing out in everything coz work is taking most of your time and you realizes that you have no social life and you are no longer invited to weddings or gatherings coz they know that you wont be able to make it and your so called “friends” does not exceed the count of your right hand fingers and the only gathering that you are having along with the word “social” is when you team at work is invited to an open day or a brainstorming session in a fancy hotel conference room where you exchange the KPI’s between the different departments and discuss the ways to move forward work wise!!!

Under Development!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Officially Married

Sunday, June 27, 2010 13

It took us 5 months to get legal...
I did enjoy calling him "Boyfriend" now '3a9ib I’m stuck with "Husband"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Royal Standy

Sunday, June 20, 2010 7

Here by I declare that Standy has been crowned and from now on should be called “Sir Standy” lool =p

Ok ok, I am WAY over my head with this!! It’s nice to dream though =D
Plus it feels so real…

I’ve been crowned with the “Sultani Crown” by the lovely Zabo0o6a =)
Thank you your highness for the amazing crown..

Here is the deal.. I have to list down 6 secrets that no one would notice or know upon meeting me for the first time…

1. I am a very shy person.. When you first meet me, you won’t get that impression about me as you will see me all over the place, but I am a shy person =)

2. I am still obsessed with getting 1000 Omani Rails.. I mean come on! Its been almost year already.. Can someone just hand me the money?? Please *sad puppy eyes*

3. I am racist and adopted ;)
(Not true but this is what my friends and mom says about me)

4. I have cucu syndromes and at times I am very slow to understand although I am smart lol

5. Most people get shocked when they know that I know how to cook considering I am not the most feminine/girly person ever (Sexy lips, I owe you prawns and Inshallah will get it for you before your fetus is born =p)

6. I am a sucker for cartoons.. I am so childish when is comes to that, and I can watch them for hours without getting bored =)

I know they only asked for 6 but since I don’t like the No.6 and I am a fan of No.7, so I decided to add one more secret..

7. I pushed Humpty Dumpty =D

Now i have to tag 6 bloggers and I tag:
Tiny Kitchen

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Tuesday, June 15, 2010 10
I am so confused.. Somehow I am behind a day from the rest for the world.. I thought yesterday was the day before yesterday and today is yesterday and tomorrow is today? Lool. Confused much??

I woke up today thinking its Monday, and making Monday plans and actually counting the 2 more days till the weekend only to discover that today is TUESDAY and tomorrow is Wednesday and its one day to the weekend!

Now to make the matters worse, apparently its not only me who has cucu syndromes, somehow my phone has it to.. Not sure if it felt sorry for me or if it is actually as cucu as I am, but my phone date setting was also a day behind..

I go more confused coz my PC at work showed the date that I thought it was which is 14 but its actually 15.. Not sure if my eyes is also part of the cucu conspiracy and the master mind behind “the one day behind” scheme or is it actually following my cucu brain and allowing me to see what I want to see…

I knew I shouldn’t have stopped taking my pills!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Simple Gesture Goes A Long Way

Saturday, June 12, 2010 8
Its always the little things that matters.. I order to live a happy life and have good karma I realized that its always the small things that leads to a better day..

When was the last time that you said “Thank You”, “Please” or shared a “smile” with a total stranger or your maids at home?

When was the last time you called or smsed an old friend and just said “hi” without expecting a reply or wanting a favour from them?

These things might seem like nothing but in reality it is a great deal. In my office, I always greet the cleaning guy with a smile and a good morning and sometimes if I have a sweet or a chocolate on my desk I do ask him to take some.. I never knew it meant a lot till I realized that I was the almost the only one in my department who actually takes the times to actually acknowledge the existence of this cleaning guy, therefore when he cleans my desk, its always cleaned nicely, and when he sees me from a far approaching the office he’d always hold the door for me..

Now I always say “please” and “thank you” with a smile to people.. Believe me, it does make a difference, and if someone is not smiling back, you are not loosing anything and that doesn’t make you less of a person.. And i realized that it feels good.. In away it give you some sense of "i did a good deed today"..

This is just something that I was thinking about and I wanted to share it with you guys.. “Thank You”, “Please” or shared a “smile” with a total stranger or your maids at home?

On a very different note.. World cup is here.. Who are you guys supporting???
(just coz the guys are HOT =p)

Finally, I am wishing Dr.Cullen, Doona and My Dumb Twin Fiath all the best in their exams and modules and all the clinicals tests.. Bil tawfeeq and Inshallah you guys will ace it all and pass with flying colours =)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And Then They Called Her A….

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 11
1 message received..
“To think that i did something really REALLY wrong somewhere in the past 3 weeks its unspeakable of.. To feel that i will be doing something else in the coming weeks, something that i might regret doing or i might not its really none of your concern”

Reem couldn’t believe what she read… Shaking her head she replies back
“I can’t believe that I once called you a friend”

Message sent.. To think of it.. This friend really had nothing to lose in life and she choose to do it and face the consequences, whatever they are.. She was always the daring and wild one at work.. She was a co-worker who worked her way up to be a good friend of hers..

Maryam laughed at the message and mocked it, she instantly replied back
“Until when should I be holding back and not experiencing life???? This was just something that I had to do.. Judge me all you want, if I could, I’d still choose to do it all over again!!!”

Stunned by the stinging words of once upon a time my friend, Reem threw her phone on the wall..

Indescribable anger hitting her hard..

A year ago she was happy.. She had just started a new life.. She got married to this wonderful man..

2 days ago..
She discovered that he married her friend and she was invited to the wedding..

Ignorant enough she didn’t bother to know who Maryam was getting married to..

Ignorant enough to trust her husband when he said I am off to another country for a business meeting..

Ignorant enough to not see the signs that were laying infront of her eyes begging to be noticed..

Ignorant enough to be so caught up in life..

And then they announce the groom is coming in.. Only to see her husband waking directly to her friend flabbergast with lose of;

Feeling she was in a bad dream.. Suddenly she was fighting for what is hers and cursing the groom and bride.. Only to be held and let out side the hall..

And then they called her a…


1. For ruining the wedding
2. For not understanding
3. For being too close minded
4. For not being able to keep what was hers
5. For ruining her life with her own hands
6. For introducing her friend to her husband
7. For having trust in both of them

Most of all..

They called her a BITCH, for defending what was hers….

p.s Due to all the phone calls and messages i've been getting, i would like to say that this story is PURELY FICTION!!!
p.p.s This is a short story and there will not be any other additional chapters!!

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