Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And Then They Called Her A….

Tuesday, June 8, 2010
1 message received..
“To think that i did something really REALLY wrong somewhere in the past 3 weeks its unspeakable of.. To feel that i will be doing something else in the coming weeks, something that i might regret doing or i might not its really none of your concern”

Reem couldn’t believe what she read… Shaking her head she replies back
“I can’t believe that I once called you a friend”

Message sent.. To think of it.. This friend really had nothing to lose in life and she choose to do it and face the consequences, whatever they are.. She was always the daring and wild one at work.. She was a co-worker who worked her way up to be a good friend of hers..

Maryam laughed at the message and mocked it, she instantly replied back
“Until when should I be holding back and not experiencing life???? This was just something that I had to do.. Judge me all you want, if I could, I’d still choose to do it all over again!!!”

Stunned by the stinging words of once upon a time my friend, Reem threw her phone on the wall..

Indescribable anger hitting her hard..

A year ago she was happy.. She had just started a new life.. She got married to this wonderful man..

2 days ago..
She discovered that he married her friend and she was invited to the wedding..

Ignorant enough she didn’t bother to know who Maryam was getting married to..

Ignorant enough to trust her husband when he said I am off to another country for a business meeting..

Ignorant enough to not see the signs that were laying infront of her eyes begging to be noticed..

Ignorant enough to be so caught up in life..

And then they announce the groom is coming in.. Only to see her husband waking directly to her friend flabbergast with lose of;

Feeling she was in a bad dream.. Suddenly she was fighting for what is hers and cursing the groom and bride.. Only to be held and let out side the hall..

And then they called her a…


1. For ruining the wedding
2. For not understanding
3. For being too close minded
4. For not being able to keep what was hers
5. For ruining her life with her own hands
6. For introducing her friend to her husband
7. For having trust in both of them

Most of all..

They called her a BITCH, for defending what was hers….

p.s Due to all the phone calls and messages i've been getting, i would like to say that this story is PURELY FICTION!!!
p.p.s This is a short story and there will not be any other additional chapters!!

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Mean B


welcome back

The Sister!



I don't get it Baby let me read all over again


Oh god that's not really cool !


Let me tell you something aweful. I know a girl who is trying to do this to her best friend right now! I swear the evil that walks this earth. i dont even know.



You're backkkkkkkkkkkk! :)


Hey, good to have you back.. but couldn't u have written something nicer than this..LOL.. The reaction of people seems twisted, even if this is fiction..


fabulously written, standy! and so glad you're back to blogging, i've missed you!!


Mean B: yupe yupe =)
Thank you =)

The Sister!: No its not!

Another-Penelope: lool.. tell me about it!

Anya: OMG, that is totally wrong and damn! what has the world come to!!
You should send her bestfrined this story, maybe it will give her a hint!!

Faith: YAAAAAY!!! =D
wallah it feels good to be back =)

Anonymous: Hehe.. thankx =)
loool.. inshallah next time it will be better!

Namrata: Thank you Wifey =D I've missed you too!!

p.s Today our baby is suppose to be born ;)

your doctor

i know a real story like that .. :)


that is just sad!

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