Monday, June 28, 2010

Working Syndrome..

Monday, June 28, 2010
1. No mood to go to work.
2. Having a holiday yet you miss work.
3. Having work but you are bored and no mood to work.
4. Feeling like working when you have no work.
5. Getting depressed the minute you get out of bed knowing you have to work.
6. Wishing someone would die bas 3ashan you get a holiday.
7. Cursing the boss with all the foreign words that you know.
8. Feeling that time never passes quickly, 15min feels like 1 and a half hours.
9. Searching for every excuse to get out of the office.
10. Complain about your work every chance you get.

When you are missing out in everything coz work is taking most of your time and you realizes that you have no social life and you are no longer invited to weddings or gatherings coz they know that you wont be able to make it and your so called “friends” does not exceed the count of your right hand fingers and the only gathering that you are having along with the word “social” is when you team at work is invited to an open day or a brainstorming session in a fancy hotel conference room where you exchange the KPI’s between the different departments and discuss the ways to move forward work wise!!!

Under Development!

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I suffer the same solution plzz

Your voice of wisdom!!

My dear Standy.. how very true ur working syndromes are. Pity you havent found a cure yet.. but I have temp relief.. vacation.. ha..ha..(evil grin)



i dont knowabout that...l2any 3a6ela 3an el3amal ;p


LOOOOOL :P I'm gonna face that real soon :(


jeesh you make me feel wanna stay more at Uni


Nice find standy....
It happends sometimes....


TaZmaNiA: i am still working on the solution!!

My voice of wisdom!!: the voices that goes quit, comes back louder.. i hope you enjoy your short break.. Cant wait for you to come back again =)

DanDan: oohh one more year and you will feel me... then we'll talk =p

C: LOOL!! let me know when you do =p

Another-Penelope: LOL!! sorry, but that is reality lool..

Jos: yupe it does.. more often than we want..


Oh crap! I have all they symptoms!!

Nice blog, keep it up ;)


You must be soo religious for all the prayings you do at work :)

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