Sunday, June 27, 2010

Officially Married

Sunday, June 27, 2010

It took us 5 months to get legal...
I did enjoy calling him "Boyfriend" now '3a9ib I’m stuck with "Husband"

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Sexy Lips

Ya 3eeeeeeeeeeeeeny mabrooooooooook :)

lool u enjoyed calling him Boy friend for almost 6 months haaa ;)

3aad ana what shall i say ... we are still boy/girl friends for 7 months now laa w b3d expecting ;) ashkraa -- english style... when they say lets try and c if we are happy together or not then think of marriage loooooooool --- " astgfer allah " laa 7mdullah amam Allah , and shaar3 we are husband and wife abooy :P but officially " qanoonian" we aint :P aaaaaaaa i think we need to make a move on this ASAP b4 end of Oct. ;)


LooooL why five months?

Is it normal to take five months wella intaw malkom kholg itro7oon!!!

e7na it takes maybe a day!?

Alf alf mabrook il zawaj again :p

Your voice of wisdom

Hey.. mabroookkk.. now I hope ur husband / ex-boyfriend starts treating u like a wife, become demanding, bosses u around and expect u to have babies every year!!LOLLLLLLLZ


Congratulations ;**


Wohooo !
Mabrooooook! :P

unforgivable sinner

oh well.. guess there's no room for pretending lol

Journal Entries

it sure is a long process ha?

3ayal mabrooook officially ;p


YAY! Congrats!

Maybe you can call him husband-friend? :P wait nvm. that sounds really cheesy.


Mabrook kloooshklooosh :D


Sexy Lips:: LOOOL!! it was our thing lool..

enty qi9a 3ad!! agool, you better move your e7im other wise fetus wont have shahadat melaaad =p

Danderma: 5 month coz we didnt follow up, we were lazy, but the whole process took a day, but gathering signatures took like a week!!

dont give him idea's please!

H: thankx 7abibty :*

Zabo0o6a: =D
Thank you =D

unforgivable sinner: LOOOL!! tell me about it!!!

Journal Entries: Not really, but we were just ignorning it for a long time hehe..

thank you officailly =p

Faith: Hey, there is an idea!! hmm i like that lool..

Another-Penelope: LOOL!! thank you...




Mean B

mabrook. it took you 5 months. it took me 2 weeks before my first child was born. so that made me bfgf for 1 year and 10months


doona: lool.. thank you =p

Mean B: loool.. so your child is concived illigally but born legal looooool

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