Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Simple Gesture Goes A Long Way

Saturday, June 12, 2010
Its always the little things that matters.. I order to live a happy life and have good karma I realized that its always the small things that leads to a better day..

When was the last time that you said “Thank You”, “Please” or shared a “smile” with a total stranger or your maids at home?

When was the last time you called or smsed an old friend and just said “hi” without expecting a reply or wanting a favour from them?

These things might seem like nothing but in reality it is a great deal. In my office, I always greet the cleaning guy with a smile and a good morning and sometimes if I have a sweet or a chocolate on my desk I do ask him to take some.. I never knew it meant a lot till I realized that I was the almost the only one in my department who actually takes the times to actually acknowledge the existence of this cleaning guy, therefore when he cleans my desk, its always cleaned nicely, and when he sees me from a far approaching the office he’d always hold the door for me..

Now I always say “please” and “thank you” with a smile to people.. Believe me, it does make a difference, and if someone is not smiling back, you are not loosing anything and that doesn’t make you less of a person.. And i realized that it feels good.. In away it give you some sense of "i did a good deed today"..

This is just something that I was thinking about and I wanted to share it with you guys.. “Thank You”, “Please” or shared a “smile” with a total stranger or your maids at home?

On a very different note.. World cup is here.. Who are you guys supporting???
(just coz the guys are HOT =p)

Finally, I am wishing Dr.Cullen, Doona and My Dumb Twin Fiath all the best in their exams and modules and all the clinicals tests.. Bil tawfeeq and Inshallah you guys will ace it all and pass with flying colours =)

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I always hi and greet and smile at any one especially at the security , now whenever he sees me he wave his hand wit a big smile and i do the same too , it's feels sooo much great :D good for you ^_^


ohh yeah..even me..i always make sure to smile.. thats how i get free drinks ;). no0w u can do the same.....and get free drinks too.


I like it best when you smile at a stranger and they don't expect it and give u that "you're smiling at me?" look haha.


always smileeee

Delicately Realistic

I say please and thank you so many times a day a7is ilnas ymilon ... its the Brit in me ;)


i love that you called me on thursday, totally made my day wifey :)


Another-Penelope: hehe.. same here =)

Anonymous: LOOOL!!! Note taken ;)

Faith: LOOL!! that is the best.. I like how confused they look but then you see them smiling back with joy =)

Anya: ;) always remember to smile!

Delicately Realistic: Which means you are extra polit which is a very good thing.. Poeple lack that these days!

Namrata: AWWW *hugs* anything for you ;)


NOT ITALY!!! WHY??? They are my LEAST favorite team!!

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