Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Tuesday, June 15, 2010
I am so confused.. Somehow I am behind a day from the rest for the world.. I thought yesterday was the day before yesterday and today is yesterday and tomorrow is today? Lool. Confused much??

I woke up today thinking its Monday, and making Monday plans and actually counting the 2 more days till the weekend only to discover that today is TUESDAY and tomorrow is Wednesday and its one day to the weekend!

Now to make the matters worse, apparently its not only me who has cucu syndromes, somehow my phone has it to.. Not sure if it felt sorry for me or if it is actually as cucu as I am, but my phone date setting was also a day behind..

I go more confused coz my PC at work showed the date that I thought it was which is 14 but its actually 15.. Not sure if my eyes is also part of the cucu conspiracy and the master mind behind “the one day behind” scheme or is it actually following my cucu brain and allowing me to see what I want to see…

I knew I shouldn’t have stopped taking my pills!!

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its ok maykhalif... a7san ma ykon 3balich it's Thursday o weekend o y6l3 inich still on Tuesday :p happened before!

tra il 7ar ham lah door... madry cham il 7rara 3ndohom in masqa6 bs 3ndena 3adi 51 52 in ma wa9elat 60 zain b3d...

Welcome Back Sweetheart :*


Hehehe :D! Me too going cucu lately! Feeling like wanna forget everything in this whole damn world!


YOU'VE beeen tagged, check my blog !




im confused too :Pp ha shay 6bee3i ^_^


hahah maybe someone its trying to make you go crazy? :P
like someone messed with your phone and all? :P


thats because of the summer vacation :p

that happens to me all the time when the vacation starts



Danderma: lool.. that opposite happened to me, i woke up and actually went to shower only to discover that it was a weekend lool..

Dont even get me started on the heat! but here its around 34-36 but it feels like 45.. I really cant imagine how you guys are feeling with 55-60C standing over your heads!!!!

C: LOOL!! join my club but bring your own pills =p

Zabo0o6a: Thnak you =D

Comatose: =)

Another-Penelope: lol.. nice to know i am not alone ;)

Coconut: lool.. *whispers to you* shhh they are listeing.. dont give them more idea's!

H:i think its coz i am working in the summer and i amnot on vication.. I need a break!! i really need a break!

Mean B

loooooooooooooooool you are cucu and everything that conects with you is cucu. why wats so special about monday ?


Mean B: lool.. i agree.. plus i am not sure what was so specail about monday!!!

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