Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sick =(

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 12
i had a fever all night long yesterday.. woke up today feeling so light and with a very nice headache and a dry cough.. Decided not to go to work so i can rest.. i woke up since 6:30am and till now i cant sleep.. so much for resting at home.. i've been watching gilmore girls for the past 3 hours hoping that i will get my sleep back but it didnt.. i am more awake than ever.. so restless.. somehow its ironic when you want to sleep and you have the chance to you just cant lool..


I've always said i wanna stay home and not work and just get paid for it but i guess i am so changing my mind.. i'd rather work than stay at home... Its so0o boring and there is nothing to do.. I hate being sick.. and i do need to get better by today.. Tomorrow there is this womens sport open day and i so wanna go and join and play and win =p

On a funny note.. Mean B sent me a message today which cracked me up, she wrote "Salamat dear, all this because you had lunch with umkisha" LOOOL!! cracked me up wallah.. yeah i guess um kisha does have a bad effect on me loool...

I've been in my pjs since i woke up.. i think i will go have a shower and refresh my self.. maybe i will feel better... Alrighty than...
Over and out..
Standy =p

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

un wanted company :s

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 6
How do I manage to put my self in these situations I will never know!! Its either me or people are playing dumb and just doesn’t want to get the point..

let me give you an introduction shways.. Um Kisha, hathi wa7da ma3ay fil dawam, she is Indonesian and teh most annoying person ever.. very snobby and lets say is one of the many reasons BBB doesn’t believe in my and one of the many reasons my promotion wasn’t going through and one of the many reasons that my name in the company is worthless.. I don’t like her attitude and I don’t like the way she thinks and I just plain don’t like how she thinks she is the best.. Now as a person to talk to, she has her moments, in her work she is great but she doesn’t know how to deal with people.. she is just plain RUDE!

Anyway, she came over at my desk and saw a C-Class Mercedes Benz booklet and she was like ohhh my dream car blah blah blah and started chatting away… So now standy goes and makes a big mistake.. I ask her “what are you doing for lunch” she really never got around to answer me this question, when she went back to her office, she sends me an email saying “where did you want to go at lunch time?” .. now I am mentally kicking myself.. so I walk to her office and the conversation goes something like this:
Standy: I was going to get a take away from this café and I remembered you liked it so I was just wondering if you wanted me to get you something on my way back
Um Kisha: No its ok, I will come with you…
Standy: *no no no that is not what I had in mind* I have some errnds to run, I will just get a take away
Um Kisha: yeah no problem I will join
Standy: I will take long, I have to go to the bank than al fair and so on
Um Kisha: yeah no problem, I also want to go to al fair
Standy: *blank look*
Um Kisha: plus I want to see how you are driving with your new wheels
Standy: LOOL!! I changed my wheels like million years ago (and its not like you never rode my car after I changed my wheels)
Um Kisha: yeah I wanna see your driving skills…
Standy: *fake smile* and leaves her office…
5 min later..
Um Kisha come at my desk: so when are we leaving?
Standy: 11:30am..
Um Kisha: ok good..
And goes away

WHY LORD.. wasn’t I OBVIOUS enough that I DON’T WANT COMPANY??? *sigh*
This will be a looong lunch break!!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

5-2 For Man U

Saturday, April 25, 2009 6

OMG the second half was BLOODY amazing!!!
YES YES YES YES.. the goals were amazing.. the come back was AMAZING!!!

Congratulations to MAN U.. MY TEAM... MY PEOPLE..

Back to life..
*sigh* tomorrow is my first day to diet AGAIN.. YES me and Doni decided its time to start the diet.. (she better diets min el qalb).. check this blog if you are interested to join.. It is never late to start dieting =p everyone is welcomed =D
anyways wish me luck!! i really need to loose.. and you know, i will diet till i loose the last of the 10kg.. The moment i reach 60kg i will stop.. so this is going to be a loooooong road..

I started working out regularly.. Today i jogged for almost 3.5Km.. it wasnt as hard as i thought.. it took me 30minutes.. not bad.. i am actually proud of myself coz i didnt complain and ask to stop and take a break.. and i wasnt as tired as i always become once i finished the jog...

i have a presentation to do on Monday.. it was suppose to be on tuesday but somehow they changed it and made it on monday.. the funny thing is that i am not panicking.. i am not ready.. my presentation is almost done, and i only have tomorrow to finish it, yet no panic.. i am actually panicking that i am not panicking lool.. (does it even make sense=p).. I am kinda confident about it but not really.. oh well.. lets see how sunday will pass then i will know.. A promise is a promise.. i promised to ace this presentation and do my best and show BBB who is the BOSS!!!

*yawns* me sleepy... till we meet again.. sweet dreams all of you...
*drifts to sleep in the land of the REDS*

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Dr.Cullen

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 12
Dear Dr.Cullen,
Many Happy Returns of the day and wishing you a Happy 24th birthday ya a7l princess o inshallah doom yedooom el 9adaqa o el ma7aba... 5asara i am not there with you.. I Hope you are having an amazing time and enjoying yourself.. Take a break from your studies and dance and enjoy like there is no tomorrow..

Here i am signing for you with my very nice voice loool


i <3 Dr.Cullen
I love you and i miss you girl..

Monday, April 20, 2009

Get The Point?

Monday, April 20, 2009 9
“OMG I JUST GOT IT” somehow 3 days LATE… How is it that I never see the obvious and I manage to wrap and analyse things the way I want in my head!!!! It makes perfect sense when it’s said but after 5 min, I get confused and I go into the mode of “Noo they don’t mean it” and 3 days later BAAAM reality hits… And the ways that it hits me.. Sometimes in the middle of my sleep I will just wake up and go like “OMG HOW BLIND WAS I NOT TO SEE THE SIGNS”. Sometimes in the middle of work or a meeting or training.. *sigh*

I learned
It is not all about me!!!
I can’t fix everything and make everyone better!!
Sometimes it’s best if I leave the person alone!!

The sad thing is, I always realize it VERY late..
And the pathetic thing is, I regret everything I say and do before it hits me..
The worst thing is, my intentions are always misinterpreted as a sign of weakness and trying too hard to fit in..
The unbelievable thing is that I never learn… la I do learn but I don’t seem to grasp it well to not do it again..

I need to see, observe, and then take action instead of taking the action, observing the out come of my doings and THEN thinking!!

Am I that bad of a person? I mean I do put their interest in mind.. *sigh*.. How come in whatever I do I never see the negative side or how will it affect the person.. all i want is for them to know is that i care and i am there when they need me or IF they need me..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Discovered (No.4)

Saturday, April 18, 2009 16
(sorry it took awhile to post this bas i was just making sure of the facts that i gathered)
This discovery shocked me to the core.. Of course most of you believe ino fi jin o swalif bait maskooon and things disappearing and voices and all that.. (this is not just in Oman, just leave out the part of we are famous of these things.. really not helping the case here lool).. Anyways,, I was casually talking to one of my colleagues, he has been in my company for over 20 years.. I can’t really remember what brought up the subject but we were where talking and the conversation went on something like this:

Him: Yeah I stay late sometimes up to 10 or 11 at night..
Me: Maskeeen.. all this 3ashan work
(7elo.. till now he is just a workaholic)
(Then this piece of information comes)
Him: "Do you know that this office maskoon” -->haunted..
Me: *looking at him shocked* Na3am????
Him: Whenever I work late I start hearing voices and sounds.. Like water in the bathroom running and when I check it there is nothing..
Me: *mental note to self, never work past working hours*
Another colleague was standing next to us listen to this and he confirmed that is it true, coz sometimes he also stays in the office late and he does encounter these things too..
As if that information wasn’t enough he goes and says:

Him: "Do you know that this land used to be a graveyard??”
Once he said that I almost spit the tea that I was drinking..
Me: *looking at him very shocked* na3man?? What the hell? Graveyard??
Him: Yes,, and ask anyone of the old guys around Oman and they will tell you.. A large part of this land is actually a graveyard.. Then coz of the location I think, they decided to built offices here and the rest is history..
Me: Wow I never knew that..
Him: Actually lands in Athiba are being distributed to people while they know it was a grave yard before.. Recently a Friend of mine got a land and as he was digging for foundation, bodies started to appear!!!

ME VERY SHOCKED WITH THIS FACT.. ya3ni I donno how the government thinks.. The othere colleague also confirmed about the graveyard thing and started naming area’s where they built houses or road on them and appeartnly it is known but its in a hush hush mode...

My office is built on a graveyard..
Part of Al Nahdha road is built on a graveyard..
Part of 7amriya is built on a graveyard..
Part of Muscat is built on a graveyard..
Part of Mattra7 is built on a graveyard..
Part of Ruwi is built on a grave yard..
Athiaba is build on a grave yard..
Part of Qurum is built on a graveyard..
Shatti Al Qurum is built on a graveyard..
Al Saroooj is built on a graveyard..
Part of Al-Khwair is built on a graveyard..

No wonder houses around that area are maskooneen and freaky creepy things happen.. “Ashwa” (as my fellow kuwaites would say) my house is not built on a graveyard..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Voices Within..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 16
It feels like a knife goes through me every time I breath..
The pain is like nothing I have experienced before..
Never thought I would ever be in this situation..
Although, I have always anticipated a day like this but never this soon..
Sometimes I wonder, why wasn’t I prepared..
The voices within knew it all.. and all I had to do was listen..
The game is over and the players are dead..
God, it feels so wired to win when you are actually loosing it all..
I guess there in nothing left to do but breath it all and just endure the pain..
Next time I should just listen to the voices within…


P.s (this is just something i wrote long time back and i felt like sharing)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Discoveries

Saturday, April 11, 2009 14
Last week has been very very very eventful and I made some interesting discoveries… So as you all know it was my mom’s birthday… Mom had a party for it on Wednesday, it started 8pm and ended 3:30am loool.. it was SUPER FUN!! After midnight, my aunties became hilarious.. I slept after athan al fajir and I hibernated the whole Thursday LOOL!! I was asleep most of the time…

Now with all the gifts that mom got, I got more confused on what to get her!! So I decided, I will just invite both mom and dad to dinner in a restaurant they have never been to, - this weekend-, get them a card and will see about the gifts later.. or maybe dinner could be their gift =)

On To My Discoveries
I discovered! (No.1)
I get more and more nervous when I talk to my supervisor and he asks me to explain something.. its not about not knowing it, I know it all but I find it hard.. I keep on mixing Arabic and English together which is NOT GOOD considering this is a presentation that I need to give twice in one day for an audience of say 50-100 if not more!!! ME NO LIKEY!!
I really need to get over this.. it needs to be perfect so my boss changes her views on me.. You see BBB doesn’t believe in my and thinks I am just full of it for nothing and I don’t have the capabilities to pull this off!! In case you are wondering, she is British…

I discovered! (No.2)
I thought that I was lovable and people actually e7u6ooni eb 3ain el e3tibar.. Well I just got my reality check on Wednesday.. Office people are so munafiqeeen.. allahuma ma9ali7.. anyways I wont get into that.. Lets just say, I learned my lesson.. I am not angry, I am just shocked, coz if it was me, I would have asked about you… It was all about miscommunication and how the word travels.. Somehow we never bother to validate what is said to us if it is not from the source it self… 6af..

I discovered (No.3)
I can actually lead a team!! The couch wasn’t here for a week and I was asked to train the girls for football (3ashan deze hates it when I say soccer).. I would say I was 80% successful and I managed to get their respect. The only thing I failed in, was to let them know that I am more of a coach than a friend during the training session.. Lesson learned.. but I am happy of the outcome and the girls made me proud by obeying =)

I discovered (No.4)
Hint: Office Location!!
(this really needs a post by it self)

Lets see, my trainer aka Marwa had to leave the county in a hurry but she will be back in a week time.. last week, I kinda ate healthy and I am proud of myself, for my commitment towards football, jogging and tennis. I worked out 4 out of 3 days, and that is good!!

This week Allah ya3lam what will I be doing.. I am getting lazy all over again =(

Just checked my weight it said 70 like WTF???? Blood sugar is 5.3 and the blood pressure is 128/81 and the joke is aween the height is 158? and in my other records 161 and in another 159, like seriously STICK TO ONE!!
OK this is my second reality check.... *Dial's my diet supervisor number*

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Fairy Tale That Girls Should Have Read

Wednesday, April 8, 2009 20

Monday, April 6, 2009


Monday, April 6, 2009 27
I need as many suggestions as I can gather from you guys… My dad’s birthday was last month and poor daddy I didn’t get him a gift.. I am used to getting him something every year, but this year coz of my sisters wedding I went beyond broke.. Now that I got my salary, I wanna buy him something.. Here is where *insert bloggers* come.. I need help in choosing a gift for him, but please no perfumes or watches.. He has enough of that..

And also, my mom’s birthday is coming up in 2 days time.. I donno what to get her.. so a suggestion for dearest mommy’s gift is also appreciated….

P.s Dear sister, if you are reading this, the only gift I can give you now is LOVE.. if that changes next year, than I might get you something =D

Thank you so much guys..
You are the best


Friday, April 3, 2009

Read My Finjan!!

Friday, April 3, 2009 20
Who can read the finjan??? i really dont believe in it, but people do actually see things.. anyways, here is my finjan after i drank the coffee.. i was turning the finjan around while talking next thing you know, creative picture appeared..

It looks cool.. i showed my mom and she said, you can actually see names and Arabic sayings.. well that freaked me out!!
So who can read??
I will tell you what i see, i see ALOT of empty spaces in my life loool XD
Lots of alternative routes that leads to dead ends..
hmm... what else??
You tell me =)
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