Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sick =(

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
i had a fever all night long yesterday.. woke up today feeling so light and with a very nice headache and a dry cough.. Decided not to go to work so i can rest.. i woke up since 6:30am and till now i cant sleep.. so much for resting at home.. i've been watching gilmore girls for the past 3 hours hoping that i will get my sleep back but it didnt.. i am more awake than ever.. so restless.. somehow its ironic when you want to sleep and you have the chance to you just cant lool..


I've always said i wanna stay home and not work and just get paid for it but i guess i am so changing my mind.. i'd rather work than stay at home... Its so0o boring and there is nothing to do.. I hate being sick.. and i do need to get better by today.. Tomorrow there is this womens sport open day and i so wanna go and join and play and win =p

On a funny note.. Mean B sent me a message today which cracked me up, she wrote "Salamat dear, all this because you had lunch with umkisha" LOOOL!! cracked me up wallah.. yeah i guess um kisha does have a bad effect on me loool...

I've been in my pjs since i woke up.. i think i will go have a shower and refresh my self.. maybe i will feel better... Alrighty than...
Over and out..
Standy =p

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i dont think you should diet today since your sick...

and since youre not dieting, i dont think i should diet today to offer moral support for you...


Gilmore Girls is like coffee to me..

tho its reallllly boring, it keeps me up & numb for a period of 24 hrs after i watch it...

neva found a pill that affective ;)


hope u get better soon..

trust me, ur not alone in is...


=) consider ur self a lucky one :P

=) hope u enjoyed ur bath..


Salamaaaaaaaaaaat matshooofeeeen shaaaaaaaaaaaaar :* have soup!! good for health good for you diet :p

NO NO NO no breaking the diet for you!!!!!


awwh dear salamat, matshofen shar
and yeah no working out today ur on an official leave, dandoon, that goes for u too, lol


slamaaaat ma chofeeeen shaaaar :O
naaah working better than being homesick:P i know 7dda boring mo:P yalla na3eeeman;)


ĐǻñĎõøðñ: believe me, diet is out the window!!
eee i need moral support.. you are off too.. we are in this together, for better or worse =p

Roon: sub7an allah, i thought it will make me sleep but it didnt..
LOOOL!! now i know what to do when i want to stay up..

i feel much better after the bath.. yeah i am lucky.. well it was an excue to skip work.. thankx girl and welcome to my blog =)

Maitha*: Allah yesalamik.. i did drink soup.. bas no diet.. actually mom is making me stop the diet!

LOOOOOL maskeeena doni.. 7araam.. me and her are in this together, we deserve the break =p

Karamilah: thank you 7abibty... allah yesalamik.. ee today is off from everything.. see doni.. its all working out fine =p

Another-Penelope: allah yesalamik 7abibty.. allah yen3am 3aleeki.. yeah working out is better but not for today.. today i am off..


standy said okaaaaaaay standy said okaaaaaaay!! =D

His Sweetheart

salamtek 7beebty


Salamat babes :*



i hope u feel better babe!


am back -.-
hala standy,
babes!! matshoffen shar feene wala feech 7abeeby intee ;**

"Salamat dear, all this because you had lunch with umkisha"



ĐǻñĎõøðñ: LOOOOOOOOOL!! and with me saying ok i see it all went down the drain with you...

His Sweetheart, Zabo0o6a, eshda3wa and Candy: Allah esalamikum all.. thank you.. al7amdulliah i am feeling much better now... Candy welcome back =D

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