Monday, April 20, 2009

Get The Point?

Monday, April 20, 2009
“OMG I JUST GOT IT” somehow 3 days LATE… How is it that I never see the obvious and I manage to wrap and analyse things the way I want in my head!!!! It makes perfect sense when it’s said but after 5 min, I get confused and I go into the mode of “Noo they don’t mean it” and 3 days later BAAAM reality hits… And the ways that it hits me.. Sometimes in the middle of my sleep I will just wake up and go like “OMG HOW BLIND WAS I NOT TO SEE THE SIGNS”. Sometimes in the middle of work or a meeting or training.. *sigh*

I learned
It is not all about me!!!
I can’t fix everything and make everyone better!!
Sometimes it’s best if I leave the person alone!!

The sad thing is, I always realize it VERY late..
And the pathetic thing is, I regret everything I say and do before it hits me..
The worst thing is, my intentions are always misinterpreted as a sign of weakness and trying too hard to fit in..
The unbelievable thing is that I never learn… la I do learn but I don’t seem to grasp it well to not do it again..

I need to see, observe, and then take action instead of taking the action, observing the out come of my doings and THEN thinking!!

Am I that bad of a person? I mean I do put their interest in mind.. *sigh*.. How come in whatever I do I never see the negative side or how will it affect the person.. all i want is for them to know is that i care and i am there when they need me or IF they need me..

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Maqsood Qureshi

Growing pains. Teething trouble.
You're perfect. :-)


me too,some times i think why i didn't do that instead of that!
'a very-annoying feeling'

Um Qusay

i totally understand what u r saying.. i feel u... *hugs u tightly*

hang on in there love.. People will realize how worthy you are one day


believe me they know..
you dont have to explain or express urself to them .. believe me they know everything.. you need to take a break and relax.. not to think about affect of OTHERS on your life.. or how to please others..
ull end up regreting u did.. coz u cant please all ppl in ur life esp the one you love so much!!


ba3ad galby ;**

misunderstandings happen all the time...dont beat yourself up over it 7beeby ;**


it doesnt matter that u realized it very late

elmohim ina u did :)

Mean B


ex-SExY LiPs


OMG i totally understand you especially here!!

i mean i go through the same...
i think everyone does...

unfortunately we tend to get the point when the thing is over and we tend to fall in the same mistakes 100000 of times and we say la inshallah next time will be careful and avoid what happened earlier but :S :S
" w 3aadaat reeemaaa l 3aadt ha al qadeemaa :( "

salfet el Misinterpretation dear is normal!! " kulun yara elnaas b3ayn 6abhe"!!!



Maqsood Qureshi: LOOOL!! that is a very nice way to put it.. thank you.. i did feel better after reading this.. lool

Candy: i hate that annoyig feeling.. oh well.. life is still good =D

Um Qusay: *hugs you back* thank you doll =*

Anonymous: =) thank you.. you are the greatest =*

Thankx 7abibty =*

eshda3wa: LOOL!! 9idqish, el mohim i got it =D

Mean B: lool.. what is new.. i will call you to explain to you..

ex-SExY LiPs: =) thank you sweety... i will be easy on my self..

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