Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Discovered (No.4)

Saturday, April 18, 2009
(sorry it took awhile to post this bas i was just making sure of the facts that i gathered)
This discovery shocked me to the core.. Of course most of you believe ino fi jin o swalif bait maskooon and things disappearing and voices and all that.. (this is not just in Oman, just leave out the part of we are famous of these things.. really not helping the case here lool).. Anyways,, I was casually talking to one of my colleagues, he has been in my company for over 20 years.. I can’t really remember what brought up the subject but we were where talking and the conversation went on something like this:

Him: Yeah I stay late sometimes up to 10 or 11 at night..
Me: Maskeeen.. all this 3ashan work
(7elo.. till now he is just a workaholic)
(Then this piece of information comes)
Him: "Do you know that this office maskoon” -->haunted..
Me: *looking at him shocked* Na3am????
Him: Whenever I work late I start hearing voices and sounds.. Like water in the bathroom running and when I check it there is nothing..
Me: *mental note to self, never work past working hours*
Another colleague was standing next to us listen to this and he confirmed that is it true, coz sometimes he also stays in the office late and he does encounter these things too..
As if that information wasn’t enough he goes and says:

Him: "Do you know that this land used to be a graveyard??”
Once he said that I almost spit the tea that I was drinking..
Me: *looking at him very shocked* na3man?? What the hell? Graveyard??
Him: Yes,, and ask anyone of the old guys around Oman and they will tell you.. A large part of this land is actually a graveyard.. Then coz of the location I think, they decided to built offices here and the rest is history..
Me: Wow I never knew that..
Him: Actually lands in Athiba are being distributed to people while they know it was a grave yard before.. Recently a Friend of mine got a land and as he was digging for foundation, bodies started to appear!!!

ME VERY SHOCKED WITH THIS FACT.. ya3ni I donno how the government thinks.. The othere colleague also confirmed about the graveyard thing and started naming area’s where they built houses or road on them and appeartnly it is known but its in a hush hush mode...

My office is built on a graveyard..
Part of Al Nahdha road is built on a graveyard..
Part of 7amriya is built on a graveyard..
Part of Muscat is built on a graveyard..
Part of Mattra7 is built on a graveyard..
Part of Ruwi is built on a grave yard..
Athiaba is build on a grave yard..
Part of Qurum is built on a graveyard..
Shatti Al Qurum is built on a graveyard..
Al Saroooj is built on a graveyard..
Part of Al-Khwair is built on a graveyard..

No wonder houses around that area are maskooneen and freaky creepy things happen.. “Ashwa” (as my fellow kuwaites would say) my house is not built on a graveyard..

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omg!! kait chee kelah graveyards :S
ok,standy does anything happened 2 u while u were working in the company??? @@! did u hear things??
bas i'll tell ya this;some ppl doesn't believe in 'sawalif el yen o el ghosts even they r muslims'

i remeber once my dad told me this salfa about a guy 3endah bel dawam; this UAE-ian dude travelled 2 Oman bel ejaza,he bought ketab
se7er from there when he came back to UAE, gam eyjareb if it works or not,he read the book in a loud voice like c'amon i don't believe in ghosts,faja he started hearing things like water in the kitchen,the curtains moves in a freakin way,..and many crappy things happened coz of that book.
poor dude,ma7ad galah ejareb T.T

its written in the quran stupid ppl


creaaaaaaaaapyyyyyyy =s

Maqsood Qureshi

Literally lived with a Jinn (Female) for three plus years! :-)

Ms. D

the question is...

hal inty maskona eb fat jenny that just doesnt wanna lose weight? :O

cuz if thats the case khalass ur off the hook!

*angel face*

*runs far away*

No identity..

lool ana a7eb hal sawlef ;)agool.. ma 5aliti makan all on grave.. I live in athiba but i am sure about my house.. I am not sure of this discovery ;) lool 7elowa ya mr d .. Hehehe



scary! ;Pp



BRING THAT GHOST TO ME..IL BEAT ITS ASS UPP!! =D widdy i take out my anger on someone..haa waja say?

Mean B

bohoo. first there is nothing called ghost in this life. thats only wazongo thingi.

regarding gin as you said its mention already in the quran so you will find that all over the world. i think it depends with the person if he starts putting this things in his head he wll start hearing and seeing and all that crap.

the hall world is full of grave yards that we dont know about.

even your place standy so suck it up


Candy: la al7amdulliah nothing happened to me.. now speaking about it, no wonder my sweets disappear from my desk :s

LOOOOOOL @ your dads friend,, 9ara7a yestahil! no one told him to mess with the fire =p

Maitha*: Tell me about it!! i am so not working past working hours,,,

Maqsood Qureshi: wow.. you have a strong heart man!!!

Ms. D: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! OMG THAT CRACKE ME UP!! you know i think that is the best explaination anyone has ever told me.. loooool

No identity..:LOOL!! wallah that is what they told me.. Wallah athiba i heard part of it, beach side 3ad ween i donno,,,

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: Yupe, yet adventury =D

desertpalms: LOOOOL
*throws the ghost deze's way*

Show me what you got =p

Mean B: LOOOOL!! ok, you dont have to believe to see it, if it is there you will just see it...
agool, old alkhwair has it, not the new one... by the way, YOUR building is built on a graveyard =D


looool Ms. D

off ashwa nothing mentioned about Ansab :P



libero anima

dude ! by 7emriya u mean in oman or fe dubai :S

Ms. D

a7la shy lama n3alig aghla6na shama3a 3la gherna ;p

Mean B

Libro anima.. we mean by DUBAI LOL
Standy; wooooooh khara3tenee :P just keep convincing your self that the new al khuwair no grave yard if it helps you sleep at night :)


libero anima: 0_o are you ok in the head?? me talking 3an 3oman waish da5al dubai.. shaklo your studies mara athar feesh...


Mean B: LOOL!! HEY STOP TELLING LIES TO LIBERO.. ya flying bird i mean 3oman..

I am sure where i stay no graveyard and yes it does make me sleep VERY GOOD at night =p

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