Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Discoveries

Saturday, April 11, 2009
Last week has been very very very eventful and I made some interesting discoveries… So as you all know it was my mom’s birthday… Mom had a party for it on Wednesday, it started 8pm and ended 3:30am loool.. it was SUPER FUN!! After midnight, my aunties became hilarious.. I slept after athan al fajir and I hibernated the whole Thursday LOOL!! I was asleep most of the time…

Now with all the gifts that mom got, I got more confused on what to get her!! So I decided, I will just invite both mom and dad to dinner in a restaurant they have never been to, - this weekend-, get them a card and will see about the gifts later.. or maybe dinner could be their gift =)

On To My Discoveries
I discovered! (No.1)
I get more and more nervous when I talk to my supervisor and he asks me to explain something.. its not about not knowing it, I know it all but I find it hard.. I keep on mixing Arabic and English together which is NOT GOOD considering this is a presentation that I need to give twice in one day for an audience of say 50-100 if not more!!! ME NO LIKEY!!
I really need to get over this.. it needs to be perfect so my boss changes her views on me.. You see BBB doesn’t believe in my and thinks I am just full of it for nothing and I don’t have the capabilities to pull this off!! In case you are wondering, she is British…

I discovered! (No.2)
I thought that I was lovable and people actually e7u6ooni eb 3ain el e3tibar.. Well I just got my reality check on Wednesday.. Office people are so munafiqeeen.. allahuma ma9ali7.. anyways I wont get into that.. Lets just say, I learned my lesson.. I am not angry, I am just shocked, coz if it was me, I would have asked about you… It was all about miscommunication and how the word travels.. Somehow we never bother to validate what is said to us if it is not from the source it self… 6af..

I discovered (No.3)
I can actually lead a team!! The couch wasn’t here for a week and I was asked to train the girls for football (3ashan deze hates it when I say soccer).. I would say I was 80% successful and I managed to get their respect. The only thing I failed in, was to let them know that I am more of a coach than a friend during the training session.. Lesson learned.. but I am happy of the outcome and the girls made me proud by obeying =)

I discovered (No.4)
Hint: Office Location!!
(this really needs a post by it self)

Lets see, my trainer aka Marwa had to leave the county in a hurry but she will be back in a week time.. last week, I kinda ate healthy and I am proud of myself, for my commitment towards football, jogging and tennis. I worked out 4 out of 3 days, and that is good!!

This week Allah ya3lam what will I be doing.. I am getting lazy all over again =(

Just checked my weight it said 70 like WTF???? Blood sugar is 5.3 and the blood pressure is 128/81 and the joke is aween the height is 158? and in my other records 161 and in another 159, like seriously STICK TO ONE!!
OK this is my second reality check.... *Dial's my diet supervisor number*

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hehehe mwafiga :P

Mean B

so did you get pimped by any chance on teh party?

i didnt understand your discovery no2 i think you should call me and tell me more about it.

you can LAING TO UR SELF. but girl you GAINED


halaa standy,
et9ad8een mashakel el work ma
t5ale9 =$ that's what i knew from my dad, doom there is envy o jealous,that's life i guess! bas u seem strong standy don't let the to get u,am so curious abt discovery no. 4 =DD



happy birthday to ur mama babe!


great idea about ur parents gifts!

wow tough girl playing soccer to me its the hardest sport hehehe keep it up lady, and goodluck with your hardworking


i want to discover things!

you and i need to diet ;Pp

you know, amongst other things like gaining some sanity and what not ;Pp


oh we share the same height then :P (158) bs I weigh like 59 or something .. I desperately need to lose weight and work out more often! ..

waiting for discovery #3 xP ..
love your blog


happy bday to ur mom

No identity..

#1: I see that interesting, its a life time chance and u either scroo it or impress them ... *hints and tips* be confident on the topic and be sure you know what r u talking about … from bottom to top from in to out... and imagine all this audience don't know any think ... some time to imagine there's no one and u r talking to the walls helps in presentation ... good luck you can do it ...

#2 ... ooooooooooh it happens to me at work all the time.. workplace is the place you can trust no one, keep boundaries ... there's a life time competition ... I am always the topic of gossip ... from my outfit to everything you can imagine... I guess i am soo good that y.. and i will start to worry when they stop ;P *old friend advice*

waiting for #4.. :)


ur diet supervisor is always here to advise you:D

are you ready? are you up for it?
when shall we start?
im waiting for you to tell me;)


Diablo: =) welcome to my blog and thankx =D

Mean B: LOOOL! no, no pimping, mom was too busy being a star =D

Called you and glad you understood =p


Candy: Wallah your dad is so right.. inshallah 5air.. i think i will survive =)
thankx doll *hugs*

eshda3wa: Thankx doll =D

Another-Penelope: =D so no need to buy anything else =D

Thankx babe for your wishies =)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: finish your exams and we will discover the joy of loosing wieght looool..

tara i am waiting for you..

mosha: e7im i would really like to believe that i am taller lool =p
YOU ARE 59 =( me no like you.. so what is your secert??? BA3AD LOOSE MORE YA 7A'9II =( you dont need to loose more.. you are perfect the way you are!!

aw you love my blog =D thank you *hugs*

Karamilah: Thankx babe =D

No identity..: I am trying my best wallahl.. just wish me luck and inshallah 5air! i should imagine all the people are not there.. that will work..

work people have no working ethics.. anywyas i learned my lesson.. i am so taking your friends advice!!

Anonymous: OMG OMG MY DIET SUPERVISOR REPLIED loool.. ok ok,,, e7im.. i am ready,, i am up for it.. lets start when you tell me its time to start =D


OMG the part was a blast.. but damn everytime sth like this happens i have to be at work the day after.. WHY :(

U looked sexy, 6oz fil naas that say u gained...

Offices always have those group of ppl who have nothing to do but put a knife on ur back.. IGNORE THEM

U can do it, show ur BOSS who's the BOSS :)


=/ i commented here..WHY ISNT MY COMMENT THERE???!!



Queen: Wallah honestly you missed the party, when you left, the 7amas started..

aww thankx doll :$
you looked HOT too..

Oh yeah i am going to show BB who is the BOSS!!!


*goes mental on my blog*

5ala9 this will never happen again.. no comment of yours will be deleted again!!

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