Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I *heart* My Doctor

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 5
إلى دكتورتي العزيزة الرزينة
(suppose razeena ya3ni)
كل عام و انتي بخير … و عقبال ال ١٠٠ سنة
“hehe, I sound like the first grade =p”

Mashalllah.. shoofi how time passed..
Yesterday you were in diapers and today you are already a full grown doctor kind of woman

So, you are a year older and hopefully a year wiser

I do hope this year will be your year and Inshallah it will be so good to you.. With your new discoveries and change of attitude you shall shine and rise..

I am wishing you a wonderful day today
(i hope you are not on call)

It’s a shame I am not there to celebrate it with you, bas Inshallah one day I will be there for your birthday.. I have hope =)

So enjoy your birthday and many happy returns of the day..

p.s i still didnt find the perfect gift, once i do i will send it to you =)


p.s i know you have 3azza and your grandma just passed away, i am just trying to send you a smile..
i love you

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I *heart* My American Sister =D

Sunday, March 28, 2010 7
Dear Emily..

You have no idea how happy I was when my brother called me telling me that i have a package from the US.. I was over the moon flying =D my hubby was like what are you so happy? I told him my American sister sent me something.. A wedding gift =D.. Of course he was confused till I explained to him how is it that you are my sister hehe..

Moving on.. I had trouble getting it coz it was in my name and my brother is the one who went to get it and they wouldn’t give it to him so I had to give him my I.D so he can go and get it and long story short I GOT IT =D

Of course as usual, the had to open the box since it comes from the US to the middle east, I guess they wanted to make sure no bombs were in there lool.. I really don’t get why you have to open it?? I mean you can bloody see it from the scan.. Anyways.. MOVING ON!!

So I get out of work and straight I go to my mom’s house practically jumping over the cars to reach home fast lool..

And the gift was this =D

A gorgeous crystal plate.. I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE IT!!!

p.s the whole box was filled with newspaper I forgot to take a pic of that, it was so funny,, I had to dig in to get the plate out lool..

Thank you so much for the wedding gift.. it means a lot to me.. It’s sad you couldn’t make it but don’t worry I will so photoshop your face in my wedding album =p

Hopefully I will be able to see you sometime VERY soon.. And you still owe me the road trip and you are not off the hook =p

I love you dearly and I miss you heaps..
Your Sister Standy

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Movies anyone?

Saturday, March 20, 2010 13
I had the worst movie experience EVER last Thursday!!

Like seriously I vow to NEVER EVER go and watch a late night show EVER again in Bahja Cinema..

Let me tell you the story..

Me and 7amani at 10pm we decided to just go out, have dinner and hit the movies.. So we buy the tickets for “Bad Lieutenant” and we went to have dinner by the time we came back it was almost time for the movies

11:45 we walk into the cinema which was like suq samak and filled with badooz (Bedouin)

11:50 we are waiting outside the door that is yet to be open.. Me and hubby and 1000 guys around us.. it was awkward.. We stood for like 10 min then I told 7amani lets just walk outside and come back in after 10 min or so when the doors open..

The movie is suppose to start at 11:55 and till 12:05 the doors where still closed..

When the entrance was quite we entered the movie and I wished if I stayed home and just rented something to watch rather than being here in the movies with a punch or air heads..

I pay my money and I expect to enjoy it right?


The men in the theatre were just ridicules, every other scene they clap or they whistle or they throw rude remarks in the air.. It’s like it’s their living room and I am invading their space!!

Don’t even ask me how the movie was coz I really did not enjoy it one bit! And hubby set next to a guy that smelled like oil and vics lol.. I could smell it, it was just horrible..

So never again I will go to a late night show in Bahja… I do want to try Shatti Cinema, I heard the people there are more civilized than the hoosh that was in Bahja..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When did I become such a girl?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 18
Like seriously, what the hell is happening to me? I don’t recognize ME anymore lol..

1. I go out with a handbag
@@ SINCE WHEN???!!! i used to carry a wallet, my phone and the car keys.. now the least thing to take with me when I am out is a handbag lool..

2. Least thing to do before going out is powdering/foundationing my face, eyeliner and a lipstick/lipgloss!
OMG is this even me???? what the hell happened to natural beauty =p

3. My hangbad has all the necessary girly stuff from sanitizer, to hand cream to a perfume!LOOOL!! Funny how before my handbag consisted only of my wallet and a bunch of ATM receipts lool..

This was mentioned to me yesterday when I went out with friends of mine who haven’t seen me for quite sometime, of course they had a laugh on my expenses as they never thought they would EVER see this day where Standy is acting all girly…

To all the girly girls out there “WE ROCK” hehehe

Even my football girls are surprised lool..
Actually I am more surprised than anyone else..

But to be honest, I am “secretly” liking this =)
It feels good to be a girly girl sometime =p

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I hate Saturdays

Saturday, March 13, 2010 6
Dear God,
Thank you for making my wish come true by making the dreadful morning meetings stop although it might not be in my best working interest but nevertheless my health and state of mind if more important and valuable than the ladder or success..

So now that the morning meets is out of the picture I still cant help hating Saturdays.. Its just there, waiting for you after a blissful Friday it appears and loads you with all the pending work and things that you need to do and you don’t have the energy for!

I wish if I could take 3 days off and 4 days working.. I don’t mind starting my day on a Sunday.. Sundays are usually lazy but fun..

I just hate today.. I have to prepare a presentation for the team leader to be presented tomorrow and the guy that was suppose to help me with it is missing in action and than I have an excel sheet that needs update so I can raise the issues that I am facing to the contractors that I will be meeting tomorrow but till now I donno how I didn’t/cant/don’t feel like doing it.. And I also have the usually tacking that I need to monitor and update to see how many jobs were done during the weekend and inform the engineers about them and yes I am still behind in that..

My morning has past hatefully and very slow/fast (cant figure out which it is). The only happiest 30min today was when I talked to my doctor and the next happiest hour would be lunch time when I meet my girls =)

Sigh.. Its 11am and life is still going when I am stuck in how/what/where I should do/take/make my first step in =)

Happy Saturday Ya’ll

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To Someone Special

Tuesday, March 9, 2010 7
Dear You Know Who You Are,
I remember when I first met you how you instantly disliked me coz I was loud and all over the place. How we became real good friends is still a mystery to me. We are totally the opposite of each other. I am daring you are not, I am loud you are quite, I am goofy and you are a very serious person!! They say opposites attract and I guess its true..

I remember when you first invited me for a coffee in your office lol, you just said come and have coffee out of karam and respect and nothing more.. The idiotic me knew that but I was like “why not” I guess I was wondering how did you fit in with the shella lol.. And how awkward was us sitting and looking at each other with nothing to say.. But then, sub7an Allah, it became our habit.. And how I miss having coffee with you now that you have moved..

I just want to tell the world what an amazing friend and person you are.. You are strong where you cant even see it.. You are always there whenever anyone of your friends needs help.. Not once I have seen you not being there for them.. You are always a bigger person..

You know a lot the people envy you.. For one, I envy you on how thin you are.. You can eat a cow and still it wouldn’t show.. If I eat the tail, you’d think I ate the whole cow lool.. I envy you for how dedicated you, to your work, to your friends, to your studies.. I donno how you do it.. I envy the strength and the kind loving heart that you carry with you around..

You are simply one of the most fascinating characters that I have ever met.. You are just a bit different yet very unique.. You appear tough but for the record you are not heartless, just coz you didn’t see the whole point of “my name is khan” doesn’t make you less human than all of us =p

All I want to say is that, taking me in as a friend was a change in your life.. Was a break of a routine.. Even if it was as
FORCED as you said it was but still you did manage to stick through it and didn’t give up.. And if you would have failed to make friends with me, it would have meant you added a new type of person that you can never be friends with =)

Sometimes all you need is a hand.. Therefore, I am offering you mine =)

You are meant to do great things and you will.. All you have to do is believe in that and just do it..

I am here for you always..
Love you always

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weight Issues

Sunday, March 7, 2010 16
I AM GAINING LIKE CRAZY.. So I’ve been married for a month, and each day I gain a KILO, the question is, do you know how many kilos I did gain over all??

Sigh.. Wallah it’s depressing.. Today morning I was searching for clothes to wear for work and each and everything was tight on me.. I swear I was this close to wear an abbaya only to remember the ones I have are the ones I don’t really fancy and the one that I can wear need ironing and honestly I couldn’t be bother and I am tried and I am FAT and I hate this =’(

I BLAME MY HUSBAND FOR THIS.. It’s HIS fault.. Why is he over feeding me? i am pretty sure i have gained from 5-7 kilos already..

Ok there was a plan that I start jogging or at least exercising but the fact that I wake up at 5am and come back home after 7pm isn’t helping AT ALL.. I feel tired and exhausted and all I wanna do by then is SLEEEEP!!

So I decided that I will have a light dinner everyday *cough* as if *cough*.. I am not regular at eating breakfast, and something grilled should be for lunch =D sounds perfect.. Now implanting that will be a pain.. But hey, al least I tried =p

My Doctor is dieting =) I suppose to join but it’s hard and depressing that diet that she is doing so I will pass..

Alright then.. I need a plan, where I can diet and eat yet loose =D

Dr.Cullen aka my diet supervisor saw my wedding picture and even before telling me that I looked pretty she was like “YOU ARE FAT” lol.. Ok FINE not exactly like that but she did tell me that I gained weight =(

I am not happy =(
I wanna loose

Why are we woman never satisfied? Wait, its not that I am not satisfied with how I look, it’s just that I can’t be bothered to shop for new clothes looool.. Therefore I need to loose =p
Anyone with me?

P.s I am someone’s favorite bride =D

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Did you know?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 15
Did you know what I am back to work and I don’t like it?
Did you know that now I have to wake up at 5am and leave home by 6:15am just to reach work by 7am?
Did you know that I am NOT a morning person?
Did you know that I HATE waking up to go to work?
Did you know that I wake up before athan el fajir?
Do you know how depressing that is?
Did you know that I wish if My Doctor was here?
Did you know that today I made Sexy Lips smile min awal el 9ub7?
Did you know that I love my husband?
Did you know that I don’t feel like working?
Did you know that today only I finished reading the 500 pending posts that I had?
Did you know that the blogosphere is dead?
Did you know that many blogs has already closed?
Did you know that I don’t like them much when they disappear?
Did you know that ma 3endi salfa abadan!!!!!
Did you know that the “bring a baby” talk has already started?
Did you know that I don’t like to be called “3aroosa”?
Did you know that I miss My Doctor so much?
Did you know that 7amani got me a PS3 for Valentines? (So cute)
Did you know that now he doesn’t like the PS3 much coz I neglect him and I get so much into the games? (lool, maskeen)
Did you know that I hate being my own Cinderella? (Meaning cleaning and washing and doing all the stuff Cinderella does)
Did you know that I didn’t know that you did know what I did know but you didn’t know that I didn’t know that you didn’t know that I did know?
Did you know that I have no idea what I am writing so far?
Did you know that that was suppose to be my last sentence?
Did you know that I can’t stop typing?
Did you know that I have cucu syndrome?
Did you know that I need to get back to work?
Did you know that I love you all?
Did you know that My Doctor makes me happy? (No, not with pills =p)
Did you know that I really miss my best friend Mery?
Did you know that My Doctor just sent me an sms? (She thinks I am amazing hehe)
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