Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weight Issues

Sunday, March 7, 2010
I AM GAINING LIKE CRAZY.. So I’ve been married for a month, and each day I gain a KILO, the question is, do you know how many kilos I did gain over all??

Sigh.. Wallah it’s depressing.. Today morning I was searching for clothes to wear for work and each and everything was tight on me.. I swear I was this close to wear an abbaya only to remember the ones I have are the ones I don’t really fancy and the one that I can wear need ironing and honestly I couldn’t be bother and I am tried and I am FAT and I hate this =’(

I BLAME MY HUSBAND FOR THIS.. It’s HIS fault.. Why is he over feeding me? i am pretty sure i have gained from 5-7 kilos already..

Ok there was a plan that I start jogging or at least exercising but the fact that I wake up at 5am and come back home after 7pm isn’t helping AT ALL.. I feel tired and exhausted and all I wanna do by then is SLEEEEP!!

So I decided that I will have a light dinner everyday *cough* as if *cough*.. I am not regular at eating breakfast, and something grilled should be for lunch =D sounds perfect.. Now implanting that will be a pain.. But hey, al least I tried =p

My Doctor is dieting =) I suppose to join but it’s hard and depressing that diet that she is doing so I will pass..

Alright then.. I need a plan, where I can diet and eat yet loose =D

Dr.Cullen aka my diet supervisor saw my wedding picture and even before telling me that I looked pretty she was like “YOU ARE FAT” lol.. Ok FINE not exactly like that but she did tell me that I gained weight =(

I am not happy =(
I wanna loose

Why are we woman never satisfied? Wait, its not that I am not satisfied with how I look, it’s just that I can’t be bothered to shop for new clothes looool.. Therefore I need to loose =p
Anyone with me?

P.s I am someone’s favorite bride =D

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skinny girls want to gain weight and fat ones wants to lose..

m77ad merta7 T_T"

Miss Dreamer

You hit a nerve;P

I want to lose wight, but I don't want to go on a diet! I do jogg at times but I never make a habit of it!

I can't tell you what to do bacuse I want someone to tell me how to be satisfied when it comes to weight issues;D

Great post


not u didn't

Smart CoOKie

I have gained a kilo and I want to lose it before they become a 2. But food just looks so yummier to me :S


i told you


Hey, i've been gaining and losing this 1 Kilo for 3 months! it bugs me :\
Just don't over eat. And don't eat when you want, eat when you need.


Girl listen babe, from my experience I do sometimes diet and exercise alot at the same time, walking, push up and running, and if you think exercise kinda giving tiring and boredom bs trust me try to wear your ipod on, it's awesome, listen to some songs while doing exercise, nowadays I try to eat breakfast just an apple around 7am, it gives me energy and stay full until 5 or 6 hours then at 1:00 I start to have a nice normal lunch but try to avoid the oily thingy, until then I stay full until at 8 i try to eat fruits for example, kiwi and pineapple is good for burning the dhoon really, bs remember try to eat before 9 cause it will burn food that fast, and try not to eat then straight to bed after it! when it's weekend try to do exercise atleast 3 times a day for 30 mins or an hour ^_^ I used to weigh 49 now 45 :) my exactly goal of weight, goodluck.


oh yeah when you're done from eating, after 5 mins relaxing then try to walk alittle to burn some calories atleast.


Welcome to the club! I'm officially FAT!!

Mean B

how many you gained since you got married that will be 30 KGS and above.

i feel you are ok.

yah welcome to the club of bleaming every thing to the Husband :P

why the hell are you back home at 7 wil you leave work at 330???!!!

tell me about it i also dont feel like purchasing new cloth. althoug i really need from head to bottom.


Candy: skinny girls should not comment on this post =p
Man you are lucky you are skinny!!

Miss Dreamer: LOOL! i guess me and you are on the same page =)

Nusy: LOL!! thank you for that =D

Smart CoOKie: LOOL.. food always looks yummy =( the problem is that i cant resist it!

Anonymous: =) ok.. and you would be??

Madness: i cant see 3aroosa writen on the reply so that is good =p

try gaining and not loosing AT ALL!! unfortunatily the word OVER EAT doesnt exsist in my dictionary!!
i always at when i want =D
cant relay on when i need only =p

Another-Penelope: the thing is n0w that i am married, i dont have time.. and i cant do that coz i need to feed my husband! plus my time is VERY limited!!
bas thank you for the advice, i will try my best =)

C: *shakes your hands and gives you the FAT club manual*

Mean B: wallah i think i gained between 5-7kg..

i leave work at 3:45-4 and then we go our mashaweer and visit people then we head home =)

You need a MAJOR clothes make over =D

Texan in UAE

A tiny bit of advice. I've been married almost 10 years masha'a'Allah. When I first married, Abu Azooz our first dinner together! I was shocked! how he told me, he won't eat anymore if I don't finish off the rice. :| I told him, I don't eat to much! and I was very healthy and I worked out!!! Sis, I've gained weight since being married! and I totally regret! it.. It's cute at the time! But, being I'm not used to the Rice and rice and rice! even me being Mexican (mexican's eat a lot of rice) But, I didn't. I should of told him! Bass! stop stop! But, you know, Arabs have this about them, even when I go to my in laws! they feed feed feed me.. :| masha'a'Allah! but, you need to put a stop to it and FAST!!!!!!! start eating 6 meals a day and small ones.. I do that and it works! diets are only propaganda!!! and don't work!!! trust me!!! I think my blog post will be about this... LOL

Texan in UAE

try this.. I Promise it will work! trust me..

breakfast - a high fiber cereal with fruit cut up in it or alone.. big talll glass of water..

2 hours later you will be hungry... means your metabolism is going fast..

snack- something at 100 calories.. a handful of almonds or something else.. fruit or yogurt...

two hours later or sooner...

lunch - small portions! it's all about small portions!!!

snack - something like the above...

dinner - same as lunch! but, small portions.. i don't eat after 7 pm cause we go to bed early. if your hungry at night, a apple will do..

alll my love! and I pray that you loose that un wanted weight! catch yourself NOW! you'll regret it later on...


Texan in UAE: in working days i can commit to the breakfast, lunch to be protine and a light dinner and not stuff myself, the problem woudl be the weekends or when we are invited..

i will try to do as you say,, lets just hope it does pay off.. and i really need to stop eating junk chips and chocolates =p

Texan in UAE

Standy habibti, It will work honey. I promise. Me dieting all my life and it never worked! Cause I always gained it back.. ufff. Yes, start little by little sweetie. Cut out the junk and then smaller portions. You can eat junk! But, only a tiny bit. Cause if you stop in full hault! you will binge on it! later. you don't want that.. I will pray for you honey! catch it now! I have faith in you! you can do it! think of being healthy! hayaty!


Texan in UAE: thank you so much for your adive, i really appriciate it =)

inshallah i will try my best to do so, and now iam also trying to have regular workouts in during the week,, this should really help me =)


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