Saturday, March 20, 2010

Movies anyone?

Saturday, March 20, 2010
I had the worst movie experience EVER last Thursday!!

Like seriously I vow to NEVER EVER go and watch a late night show EVER again in Bahja Cinema..

Let me tell you the story..

Me and 7amani at 10pm we decided to just go out, have dinner and hit the movies.. So we buy the tickets for “Bad Lieutenant” and we went to have dinner by the time we came back it was almost time for the movies

11:45 we walk into the cinema which was like suq samak and filled with badooz (Bedouin)

11:50 we are waiting outside the door that is yet to be open.. Me and hubby and 1000 guys around us.. it was awkward.. We stood for like 10 min then I told 7amani lets just walk outside and come back in after 10 min or so when the doors open..

The movie is suppose to start at 11:55 and till 12:05 the doors where still closed..

When the entrance was quite we entered the movie and I wished if I stayed home and just rented something to watch rather than being here in the movies with a punch or air heads..

I pay my money and I expect to enjoy it right?


The men in the theatre were just ridicules, every other scene they clap or they whistle or they throw rude remarks in the air.. It’s like it’s their living room and I am invading their space!!

Don’t even ask me how the movie was coz I really did not enjoy it one bit! And hubby set next to a guy that smelled like oil and vics lol.. I could smell it, it was just horrible..

So never again I will go to a late night show in Bahja… I do want to try Shatti Cinema, I heard the people there are more civilized than the hoosh that was in Bahja..

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Mean B

honey, this days it doesnt make diffrent wither its bahja or shatti those are the type of people that you meet this days when you go to the cinema. thats why i have stoped to go lately. if i want to go i prefere the very early shows and weekdays is better then weekends. its even better to go to that indian cinema in RUWI then the ones in town. beside i have that movie at home in my Hard D. i dindt find it worth to be watched in Cinema.

C Me

Go to Shattiii Babe...sad you dint enjoy it....
Better luck next time...


LOOOL,phsyco people waaain
3aysheen,ashoof ma5theen ra7athum bezyada xD


aby aro7 cinema :(
aby aro7 avatar :(


Hahahaha isn't it fun seeing people whistling and clapping and commenting :Pp sorry about what happend there :(


can't guarantee they'll be more civilized in shatti cinema, standy... i once went for an afternoon show of harry potter and people were whistling and clapping and throwing comments! was horrible!

but definitely any day better than bahja :)


Hi عروسة :p !
Ew :\ I hate watching a movie while someone's throwing comments or jokes over every scenes! Unless they're funny ;p
where's that cinema ?


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New Bride

good luck next time , it happens sometimes here in q8 , then hubby will get mad then we will fight ...........

so the best thing to do is to rent a movie & arrange for a movie night @home



Maqsood Qureshi

Poor you.


hahahahaha I say stick to your own TV and dvd player


I was trying to get the WORD "Hoosh", it took me few min to realize it is not an english word :)

Funny :D

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