Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To Someone Special

Tuesday, March 9, 2010
Dear You Know Who You Are,
I remember when I first met you how you instantly disliked me coz I was loud and all over the place. How we became real good friends is still a mystery to me. We are totally the opposite of each other. I am daring you are not, I am loud you are quite, I am goofy and you are a very serious person!! They say opposites attract and I guess its true..

I remember when you first invited me for a coffee in your office lol, you just said come and have coffee out of karam and respect and nothing more.. The idiotic me knew that but I was like “why not” I guess I was wondering how did you fit in with the shella lol.. And how awkward was us sitting and looking at each other with nothing to say.. But then, sub7an Allah, it became our habit.. And how I miss having coffee with you now that you have moved..

I just want to tell the world what an amazing friend and person you are.. You are strong where you cant even see it.. You are always there whenever anyone of your friends needs help.. Not once I have seen you not being there for them.. You are always a bigger person..

You know a lot the people envy you.. For one, I envy you on how thin you are.. You can eat a cow and still it wouldn’t show.. If I eat the tail, you’d think I ate the whole cow lool.. I envy you for how dedicated you, to your work, to your friends, to your studies.. I donno how you do it.. I envy the strength and the kind loving heart that you carry with you around..

You are simply one of the most fascinating characters that I have ever met.. You are just a bit different yet very unique.. You appear tough but for the record you are not heartless, just coz you didn’t see the whole point of “my name is khan” doesn’t make you less human than all of us =p

All I want to say is that, taking me in as a friend was a change in your life.. Was a break of a routine.. Even if it was as
FORCED as you said it was but still you did manage to stick through it and didn’t give up.. And if you would have failed to make friends with me, it would have meant you added a new type of person that you can never be friends with =)

Sometimes all you need is a hand.. Therefore, I am offering you mine =)

You are meant to do great things and you will.. All you have to do is believe in that and just do it..

I am here for you always..
Love you always

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Miss Dreamer


That is so nice really. Allah y5alikum 7ag b3ath. I agree that opposites attract;P


Miss Dreamer: Thank you =)
ameen inshallah..
hehe i guess they do coz i never thought that we could ever be friends!

Sexy Lips

she is one luck friend..... :)

Sexy Lips

sorry i meant she is one Lucky Friend... :)

and may allah bless this friendship and it should last 4ever and ever inshallah :)


Oh cute mashalla if i was that person i would be crying :)

thats so sweet !!!!!!!

missed you too !!!!


Dear Standy,
Thanks a lot for your supportive msg, it really touched me and made me realize how blessed I am to have you in my life…

Till now I can’t really recall how I invited you for a coffee!! I mean I always tend to avoid those who I don’t feel comfortable with!! I guess I felt that I was harsh on you and just wanted to pretend that I am nice!! Surprisingly those who I faced hard time in accepting them turned to be my best friends and sexy lips is one of the cases :) for many people it is love from first sight but for my case it is always hate from first sight!!

Btw you were not the first one who called me “heartless” so don’t feel guilty about it :P

“my name is khan” is a good movie, I liked it but it didn’t impress me…everyone was telling me how wow the movie is, I guess my problem was that I had big expectations as I always do in life and then get disappointed when I don’t achieve them…I really appreciate your advice of stepping out of my comfort zone and break my routine..i am still thinking of what I should do but I hope it wont take long…

Love you and thank you for everything :)


Are you talking about me? LoL We seem similar ;Pp JK Walla im about to cry feeling like u writing to me lool << in ur dreams, wow its so touching Standy I bet she'll smile every seconds when reads it and glad to have you as a friend :)

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