Saturday, March 13, 2010

I hate Saturdays

Saturday, March 13, 2010
Dear God,
Thank you for making my wish come true by making the dreadful morning meetings stop although it might not be in my best working interest but nevertheless my health and state of mind if more important and valuable than the ladder or success..

So now that the morning meets is out of the picture I still cant help hating Saturdays.. Its just there, waiting for you after a blissful Friday it appears and loads you with all the pending work and things that you need to do and you don’t have the energy for!

I wish if I could take 3 days off and 4 days working.. I don’t mind starting my day on a Sunday.. Sundays are usually lazy but fun..

I just hate today.. I have to prepare a presentation for the team leader to be presented tomorrow and the guy that was suppose to help me with it is missing in action and than I have an excel sheet that needs update so I can raise the issues that I am facing to the contractors that I will be meeting tomorrow but till now I donno how I didn’t/cant/don’t feel like doing it.. And I also have the usually tacking that I need to monitor and update to see how many jobs were done during the weekend and inform the engineers about them and yes I am still behind in that..

My morning has past hatefully and very slow/fast (cant figure out which it is). The only happiest 30min today was when I talked to my doctor and the next happiest hour would be lunch time when I meet my girls =)

Sigh.. Its 11am and life is still going when I am stuck in how/what/where I should do/take/make my first step in =)

Happy Saturday Ya’ll

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Mean B

even if we started on sunday it wil still be i hate sundays since its the first working day after holiday.

what makes me look forward for Saturdays is lunch time cause i get the chance to meet the girls but this days it seems its been alot of disapointmets not only saturday lunch even weekends. i think standy you should write about it. how distance the group has becoeme this days

Miss Dreamer

Heeeey Standy,

Let me tell you my secret; I hate Saturdays because what follows is Sunday, which is the first working day of the week! OMG!! Hate it... Hate it!!


I used to hate Fridays, but now I hate Saturdays!!

Happy Saturday and everyday sweetie


crappy crappy Saturday ;(


I have the flu, so i was stuck in bed!

Depressing saturday!


how can u hate saturday? it is my favorite day of the week!


Mean B: No sundays are different.. rememeber when we got saturday off and we started on sunday? it was something else =)

see today is sunday and its just laazzzyyyy =)

i should totally write about that!

Miss Dreamer: looool.. i hate it coz my week starts with it!

i still cant bring myself to hate friday lol.. but i dislike it a little =p

SKITTLES: i totally agree =(

Bliss: here *hands you a chicken soup* hope it makes you feel better..
as for saturday, sorry cant help with that.. its really depressing!

Sh7afana: because its just there, i donno, i just dont like saturdays, plus my week starts at saturday =(

why are you so inlove with saturday?

Candy: loool.. inshallah doom you have happy saturdays =)

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