Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When did I become such a girl?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Like seriously, what the hell is happening to me? I don’t recognize ME anymore lol..

1. I go out with a handbag
@@ SINCE WHEN???!!! i used to carry a wallet, my phone and the car keys.. now the least thing to take with me when I am out is a handbag lool..

2. Least thing to do before going out is powdering/foundationing my face, eyeliner and a lipstick/lipgloss!
OMG is this even me???? what the hell happened to natural beauty =p

3. My hangbad has all the necessary girly stuff from sanitizer, to hand cream to a perfume!LOOOL!! Funny how before my handbag consisted only of my wallet and a bunch of ATM receipts lool..

This was mentioned to me yesterday when I went out with friends of mine who haven’t seen me for quite sometime, of course they had a laugh on my expenses as they never thought they would EVER see this day where Standy is acting all girly…

To all the girly girls out there “WE ROCK” hehehe

Even my football girls are surprised lool..
Actually I am more surprised than anyone else..

But to be honest, I am “secretly” liking this =)
It feels good to be a girly girl sometime =p

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hehehehe well congrats :p
i have a hang bag only coz i have to put my camera in it :p
then now.. i have a small makeup kit in it ( which consists of a dozen eye lines and lip gloss only) i use nothing else..
and a cream, n perfume..
ohhh well i guess i am a girly girl too ;p

n i dont mind it at all :D


yuuup we rock <3
laish what you were b4? i mean not a girly girl? :S

Sexy LiPS

Looool…. Good it seems we all have noticed these dramatic changes after being Mrs. Standy lool

Well but honestly they are nice changes  I mean to the better.. ^-^

1- Regarding the handbag we were all like what!! Coz u taught me and woodi to go out with a wallet only :P
2- Regarding the basics of the beautiy  so true u never ever even had k7l zaamaan when u were single 3aad al7eeen ;) mashallah all this coz of sii sayeed ;)

3- Your handbag… ya 3eeny 3laa el gurly gurly Allah yer7am the days when I was tiding up ur wallet which was filled with receipts w bills w 5araabeee6 

Aaaaaaaaaaa over all  am so happy for the new you… but I am glad it didn’t change the inner u :P its just shakliaat ;) but Spongy is still Spongy ;)

Love u sugar ;)


LooL i totally believe you girl

esp when you pronounce your handbag as hangbad in point #3 :p shows how you hate the thing

i used to be like that... i am totally not a handbag person at all and would only go out with my blackberry with some cash stuffed behind it if i don't have to drive :D

Smart CoOKie

LOL Welcome to the club girly girl =]

mean B

looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool thanks standy you made my day :)

thats why i was staring alot at your lips yesterday since there are stuff shining alot this days on your face. i agry with sexy lips lazim all this for se sayeed :P

Miss Dreamer

Hey Standy,

Congratulations on loving being girly;P

Well, the things I put in my handbag are a purse, my mobile, perfume, hand cream, car keys, Pollo, tissue

I never carry a makeup kit!:P
Don't use it! It is enough for me to out some gloss and eyeliner at home and that is it!

Nice post sweetie


loool welcome to the club babes... enjoy it... totally trying to imagine that!


LoL Mo a7la sh3ooor, I was like you which was lo3a bs now feeling all great of being girly :D mbroook :Pp


nosa: loool.. welcome to the girly girl club =p

Candy: i wasnt a girly girl at all.. 7adi difsha and 3al mashee lool..

Sexy LiPS: I know,i remeebr how shocked you were when you saw me with a handbag lool.. Wallah i remember when you were tiding my handbag which was all papers and ssweets =p, you should totally tidy my handbag now..

danderma: LOOOL!!! omg i didnt notice, well at least it proves a point so let it be, i wont correct it =p

Same here, at time i go back to my old self and leave the damn thing at home..

Smart CoOKie: lool.. thank you, but i miss my old club also =(

mean B: LOOOOL *hugs* i am glad that i did =)

I was wondering why were you staring at me, atary you were looking at the shiny things on my face loooool

Miss Dreamer: thank you =D do i get a cookie?

I love it to an extend but i do miss the old me =)

Nusy: LOOOOL!! thank you.. give me 5 years and i will master it =p

Another-Penelope: lool.. allah yebarik,, to be honest, both of them are nice,, being girly is nice adn not so girly is also nice =) i just miss the feeling of "whatever" when i wasnt so girly..


LOL I always thought you were a girly girl, with all the bright colours on your blog ;)

It's good to be girly, I suppose marriage has done wonders to you eh?



LOL, so cute!

Would you say it is because you got married? :P


LOL I'm becoming a guy.. not so cool ;D


It feels REALLY good to be a girl!!!
Be proud of yourself, it's not that bad :)


Stimulus: lool.. you were so wrong in thinking that,, i am so not a girly girl lool.. my blog layout is deceiving =p (focus on the content =p)

indeed, marriage did abu el wonders to me lool

Faith: lool. yes its all because i got married..

Faith: LOOOOL!! enty saaaalfaaaa.. i guess i should make you my project and start working on getting your femmeninty back lool =p

Bliss: It does feel good, not much complains there its just maintaing the image is hard and i dont feel VERY comfortable..

i am proud of how far i've come =D


seriously awesome blog!!


MiMi & JuJu:
seriously awesome blog!!


i'm reading .. n lol ! i hv yet to figure out how to carry a handbag forget alone the things that go in it... u rock girl !

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