Friday, April 3, 2009

Read My Finjan!!

Friday, April 3, 2009
Who can read the finjan??? i really dont believe in it, but people do actually see things.. anyways, here is my finjan after i drank the coffee.. i was turning the finjan around while talking next thing you know, creative picture appeared..

It looks cool.. i showed my mom and she said, you can actually see names and Arabic sayings.. well that freaked me out!!
So who can read??
I will tell you what i see, i see ALOT of empty spaces in my life loool XD
Lots of alternative routes that leads to dead ends..
hmm... what else??
You tell me =)

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I dont believe in it 2 !
Ammmm ..
I think I can see " ماما " :D


i think i see the mama too ;Pp

but what i definetly can see is UNDRANK COFFEE!! =@

shame on you leaving coffee in the cup like that! it should be licked off ;Pp


do you really believe in such things.

Fastidious Babe

lol it looks very artsy xD

i cant read this and i dont blv in fortune telling as a rule.. but there's this lady who read mine once at the 9alon lol the stuff she said was spot on! it was freaky..

yeah well.. i still dont blv in it xD

Maqsood Qureshi

...How interesting! :-)


Well, some people say they are able to read the Fenjaan and others just bluff at weak souls (daefi Alemaan), some people are too into it, that they go to such people on weekly bases to read their cups.

Daddy's Girl

Tra ur mom is right!!!

I have never seen a fenjan like urs before...

for years and years my mom and aunt would have exchanged their fajaneen o tried to come up with explanasions to what they see... it is funny actually if u do not believe it...

though there is a syrian lady married to someone related to them who once read their fejnans o her readings were really scary!!!

Intaw mo 3ndkom wayed magicians in Oman ? akeed some one can read ur fenjan for u... the bottom line is do not take what they say for granted


50sh walla !

well LooL I honestly don't have any idea though im thinking but nothing comes up btw loved the picture


i dont belive in those things at all, bs shakla 7lo :p


dema: I also dont believe in this... hmm now that you mentioned the word mama i think i can see it too :s

Welcome to my blog =)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: LOOOOL!!! well.. e7im,, let me explain.. what i hear mom calling me.. brb..

Karamilah: i dont believe and i dont think it will look like my cup above.. that is one wired shape..

Fastidious Babe: Yeah, looks so funky =)

I dont even think i want anyone to read what my cup says..

Maqsood Qureshi: LOL!! bas intersting? you couldnt see anyting =p?

welcome to my blog =)


Shula-B: Yeah some poeple are obssesed.. i dont like it coz i am not so keen to know plus as you said, it might all be bluff and honestly i just dont believe in it at all!!! no matter how accurate they can get!

welcome to my blog =)

Daddy's Girl: LOOL!! My finjan tu7fa lool.. a9lan i dont think it comes in this shape,, i dont even know how mine turned out to be this way!

LOOOOOL!! my mom sometimes looks at her tea cup and tries to explain what she sees loool..

LOOOOOOOOOL!!! omg aish jab el si7ir :s
NO THANK YOU.. i dont want anyone to read my finjan!

Another-Penelope: LOL!! its ok,, i loved how artistic the cup turned out to be!

Gee: =D same here.. i dont believe it, but my cup looks funkay =P

Mean B

ur cup says that you Sh* color is brown and will always be brown :)


Mean B: LOOOOOOOOOL!!! good.. that means i am healty =p


halaaa standy,
very-interesting post...
i don't know how 2 read el fenian bas how it look in the picture is amazing!! and u know how 2 read el fenian????


WOOOOOOOOW! It says so many things dear.. do you wana know?? looool

i will print it and will give it to my friend to read it ... :)

well, i can keep it for my self if you dont want to know as you say.. looool

Maqsood Qureshi

Hmm Egyptian Hieroglyphs!

Maqsood Qureshi

And, labyrinth.

A Journal Entry

i actually like the pattern on that cup,, alot!


Candy: =D i dont know hot to read, bas my friend suggested that i look REALLY hard and long at my finjan and i will see something :s

Muffin: wallah it says many things,, you think??? LOOL!! omg you want to see what is in my life?? hmm.. i think i will contact you to know what does it say!!

Maqsood Qureshi: LOOOOOOOOOL!! i can only imagine =p

A Journal Entry: it looks amazing, my friend called me up and told me that they actually mean somehting...


why not:)

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