Tuesday, April 28, 2009

un wanted company :s

Tuesday, April 28, 2009
How do I manage to put my self in these situations I will never know!! Its either me or people are playing dumb and just doesn’t want to get the point..

let me give you an introduction shways.. Um Kisha, hathi wa7da ma3ay fil dawam, she is Indonesian and teh most annoying person ever.. very snobby and lets say is one of the many reasons BBB doesn’t believe in my and one of the many reasons my promotion wasn’t going through and one of the many reasons that my name in the company is worthless.. I don’t like her attitude and I don’t like the way she thinks and I just plain don’t like how she thinks she is the best.. Now as a person to talk to, she has her moments, in her work she is great but she doesn’t know how to deal with people.. she is just plain RUDE!

Anyway, she came over at my desk and saw a C-Class Mercedes Benz booklet and she was like ohhh my dream car blah blah blah and started chatting away… So now standy goes and makes a big mistake.. I ask her “what are you doing for lunch” she really never got around to answer me this question, when she went back to her office, she sends me an email saying “where did you want to go at lunch time?” .. now I am mentally kicking myself.. so I walk to her office and the conversation goes something like this:
Standy: I was going to get a take away from this café and I remembered you liked it so I was just wondering if you wanted me to get you something on my way back
Um Kisha: No its ok, I will come with you…
Standy: *no no no that is not what I had in mind* I have some errnds to run, I will just get a take away
Um Kisha: yeah no problem I will join
Standy: I will take long, I have to go to the bank than al fair and so on
Um Kisha: yeah no problem, I also want to go to al fair
Standy: *blank look*
Um Kisha: plus I want to see how you are driving with your new wheels
Standy: LOOL!! I changed my wheels like million years ago (and its not like you never rode my car after I changed my wheels)
Um Kisha: yeah I wanna see your driving skills…
Standy: *fake smile* and leaves her office…
5 min later..
Um Kisha come at my desk: so when are we leaving?
Standy: 11:30am..
Um Kisha: ok good..
And goes away

WHY LORD.. wasn’t I OBVIOUS enough that I DON’T WANT COMPANY??? *sigh*
This will be a looong lunch break!!!!

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Daddy's Girl

Standy hon?

im sorry but...

u already told her what r u doing for lunch... then u went to her office to talk about it...

if you put a drum on her head and bang it saying i do not want u to come she won't belive u

the damage is done! Next time do not talk o bs....

No identity..

LooL ... agree with Daddy's Girl... you did two mistakes... after your first (WRONG question) you should try and correct it NOT by going to her office ... ya dembo ente ...;P

Yalla tell us how was the lunch ;)


Well I have one word to say “tstaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahli” ;)


LOOOOL everyones being mean to youu! hehehe

i think i shud join in :P imagine she starts doing this evry lunch and it becomes a daily habit !!Muahahahhahah >=)

hehe laa hopefully it didnt go too bad..and umkisha now gets the point !

Mean B

i am hungry and nefsee fee g cafe


Daddy's Girl: wallah i was just trying to make converstation and i donno,, sigh,, i am being too nice!!! believe me, i have already learned my lesson..

No identity..: LOOOL!! abu el wrong quesion loool.. lesson learned my dear,, lesson learned!!
Lunch was not bad,,, she thought i was dining it while i told her it was take away..

woody: LOOOOOOOOOL... wallah 7aram.. but i managed to do my mashaweeer.. so i guess all is good and i learned a very good lesson on top of it lool.. e7im, when you called me i was with her =p

desertpalms: LOOOOL!! AFAAAA and i thought my twin would be more on my side.. oh well that was a wishful thinkning!!!

OMG NO NO NO.. la it cant be an everyday thing PLEASE GOD NO!!!!

wallah it wasnt bad, and believe me she is the type that will NEVER get the point!!!

Mean B: Lets do that next saturday inshallah!!

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