Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Hate May

Sunday, May 3, 2009
I don’t like May.. May is suppose to be a very nice and wonderful month.. May so far I’m not liking.. Yes its been only 3 days and its just not on its best behaviour with me.. May has gone almighty on me.. May is washing me with negativity.. Too many things May is making me suffer through..

- I’m lost at work..
- I don’t know what I want..
- I don’t feel like dieting..
- I don’t feel like playing football..
- I don’t feel like training..
- I don’t feel like talking to people..
- I don’t feel like doing anything..
- Nothing I do goes according to plan..
- I don’t get what I want or need..
- Real Madrid lost to Barcelona 2-6 OUCH!! I cant believe they lost that much in yesterdays match!!!
- My financial plan is not working..

I’m not depressed,, I am perfectly fine, its just the mood madri aish feeh.. I want to travel, but I donno where should I go.. I feel like going to a beachy place and just chill, read a book, or ride a boat or I donno what.. I feel like being so lazy.. I hate May..

Let go to the positive side:
- I feel that I lost weight and I am feeling so good about my body..
- I miss Muffin..
- I miss Tomeh..
- I miss Merry..
- I miss Dr.Cullen..
- Not sure why missing someone is on the positive side..
- Some of my friends proved their friendship to me which made me so happy..

May May Be So Kind To Me And Prove My May Hating Wrong...

Fascinating fact: My company has 40,000 employees where only 5,000 are actually hired and belongs to the company while the rest are all contractors!!!

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Mean B

i think some one is PMSing

as for me i hate college i am worried that i wont be able to do it this semester.

i hate my body i feel like doing a make over.

i am thinking of getting pregnant again. then i can do my plastic surgery after that.

i dont feel like working i always feel like taking a long vecation but i wont be able to go any were.

will i am not planning to stay here if i take leave.


i feel the same way about May - lakin this year is passing by very fast so inshallah 5air

btw r u getting my new posts on ur dashboard feed - laneh pple are telling me that they arent seeing anything


Mean B: LOOL!! wallah i donno if i am,, but i am eating alot so maybe its a sign..

La inshallah you will finish college on time and you will do it this semester..

You dont need a body makeover,, you look great!!

Yes, your baby needs a sibling.. there is a nice plan for you to occupay your time...

Who feels like working,, i told you lets go to maldives you said no...

3anooda: Yeah its passing fast, one can only hope and i am HOPING BIG TIME!!

Yes i am getting your update.. last one was 1st of May..


give it a chance... enshallah things will get better :)


i HATE may 2 the max,


Maitha hugs standyyyy <3

Don't hate May, everything will be fine:)



i cant be all wize here, I hate may too..

no wait, i hated april, march, feb, jan, n wts the month before that?

who cares? concept is; as my beloved murphy once said

Smile, tomorrow will be much worse!Don't u just love this guy?

so take things easily, n noe that there are those who are getting beaten up by "karma" for no good raeson..

Allah has blessed u, thank him for that

and hang in there, May Just Started! -> Loong way to go..





what is this defeatist attitude!!


Take some time it an evening where you clear away all your work or the weekend..and just have funn...laze about at home watching movies, go to a spa and get pampered, get a massage/mani/pedi..and take care of your sexyyy selfff..then go ouutt to a restoo and have fun with ur girllyyys


Now fix upp! and Think positive!



babyyyyyy ;**

3ady galby it happens every now and then...but i dont think youll hate may, i think you just hate the first week of it! =)

cheer up galby!

ps: will stop dieting till you start with not going down broo7y ya hear? ;Pp

Mean B

i think i will take desert palm advice and go to a spa treatement wohoo Frog the saving i am doing.

Standy i thought we were planning to go to six senses zigy bay ??!!


hey darling cheer up its a new month !! you betta try to do something new ya know! :D how about shopping? %_%


Aurous: Wallah iam trying but so far it keeps on sucking more and more as the day passes...

Candy: Thank you for joining my club,, here *hands you a t-shirt that says 'i hate may'*

Maitha*: *Hugs Maitha back* inshallah 7abooba... i really hope so...

Roon: HEY a new member to the 'i hate may club', here *hands you a t-shirt too*

LOOL.. 3ad you hate the other months, if i do that i will end up hating the whole year loool...
LOOOOL.. OMG I LOVE THIS SAYING LOOOOOOOL.. wallah so ture!!! so i guess i just need to make use of the bad day and prepare for the worse =)

desertpalms: DEZE.. you keep on giving me new nicknames everyday lol.. mara standandyndy or whatever that was,, today you give me ANDY lool ;p allah yester baker what will it be...

weee me not like deze so sirouse.. YES MA'AM.. sigh wallah i try to do the new stuff but again nothing goes according to plan. it all sucks, no matter how i want to change the change becomes a disappointment..


ĐǻñĎõøðñ: i will take your word for it Doni.. lets see when this week finishes what will happen!!!! wallah May is suppose to be nice =(

LOOL!! when did we stop dieting?? =S or when did 'I' Stop dieting lool.. oh yeah, we are in this together!!

Mean B: Oh yeah,, i am still saving.. so far i have 100 Dollors.. another 1900 to go.. once i get the money we will go...

Another-Penelope: LOOL!! shopping? me? lool.. i dont do shopping =p
but i tried to do new stuff bas lil2saf nothing is going my way!!


i miss you even more standy!!!
i miss our long talk.. but am realy sorry.. it has been a very busy month with so much of things to do.. but we will meet soon inshalah.. :))

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