Monday, May 25, 2009

25th May

Monday, May 25, 2009
25th of May 08 is the day where my life changed and took a different turn that led to where I am today.. No words can describe how truly I am lucky to have you in my life..

All I can say is ‘Thank You’.. Thank you for being a friend, a guide and the light of my happy path..

A year has passed eventful and blissful..
To more years of togetherness and amazing friendship..

Love you always

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intee sahrana @@?
wuts the time diff between UAE and Oman :S

inshallah doom together ^___^

The Sister!

Who on earth are you talking about??!!!!!!


Allah la ye7remkum men ba3ath ya rab.. Inshallah the friendship will go well and well in the coming years... :) and wish you all the best.


Candy: lool.. ana wala inti eli sahrana???!!!

we share the same time =D 0 hours 0 min and 0 sec difference =p

inshalalh always togetehr!

The Sister!: someone dear to my heart =D

Muffin: Inshallah ameeen..
Thank you =)


ya3nee u don't wanna tell? =D
ya ur right ana ele sahrana hehe
i'll google it lool

daddies little cuttie

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww me like this post :D 3asakom dom happy

**ted3a fe 5a6er ha 3afan alla meta 7ad be7ess fene as a friend ow bektebble shay che 7eloo ** ha3 in my dreams meth kenaa




Candy: lool.. i am telling you.. we have the same timing =D

daddies little cuttie: =D inshalalh doom all of us happy...

*prays with you fi 5a6ri* AMEEEEEEEEN!!!

Maitha*: =D

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