Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Fav Tag

Tuesday, May 26, 2009
A Tag from the sweet delicious "Anony" (your pic makes me crave for sweets)
I have to post a picture of my favourite thing..
I thought hard and long and i discovered that i dont have one fav thing.. Anyhow, since i cant decided on what my fav one thing is, i will post 4 pics of my fav things..

1. I have 2 rings and bracelets that i always wear, so i guess that is my fav thing..

2. This is my life... MY CAR.. without it i am lost.. so i guess its also my fav thing..

3. MY PHONE THAT I ABSOLUTELY ADORE!! yes, also my fav thing..

4. Last fav thing is THIS =D (without it my life is cashless lool)

As a conclusion, i discovered that all my fav things are the things that i paid for myself.. except for the one ring and one bracelet that i got as a gift =D

So i gotta tag 4 bloggers, so i choose to TAG *drum rolls*

Ms.D (shoofi, i dont care if you dont do tags, this one you will do or 9adaqtna entahat and blogoshpear shahid 3ala kalamii =p)

Karamila (since she likes to take photos this should be easy for her)

Queen Nusy (You know why!! next time laugh at me)

Bahrain Fashion (Would really be interesting to see what is your fav thing =p)

6 Voices:

Ms. D

oh my!!

khalas.. ill post ill post ;p


yaaay! ur fav. things r awesome and they r the most importatant things =D
and i liked the bracelets and rings
i've never imagined that would be ur style :O cool..


Ms. D: MWAHAHAHAHAHA *evil laugh* LOOL...

I LOOVVEEE YA MS.D.. wallah 7uban feeeesshhh i gave you the tag =D

Candy: LOL!! yes they are the most important things =D

Thank you =D
hmm.. what did you think my style is??
Ya candy you really have a wrong imagie 3ani. lool..



coool :D

hahahahahaha4 :P elmafroth 1 ana 7a6a 2 o entay 4 looool zain etsaweeen :P


wow cool tag and yea also my fave is credit card:P


Anony: LOOL!! and that is how we do the calculations..
ya3ni Ms.D has to post 8 of her fav things loool

Another-Penelope: lool.. that is the girls next best thing to use..

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