Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Wanna Cook Prawns

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I feel like cooking prawns.. I don’t like prawns and I don’t eat prawns,, but somehow I have this craving to cook it just for the sake of cooking it.. Since I am no expert in sea food, I tried to search online and get recipes but I got lost.. too many things out there.. I kinda like the lemon or garlic or chili flavour kinda thing.. I am not a prawns lover so I wouldn’t know how it tastes.. Anyone who loves prawns can give me an idea on which is the best flavour.. anyone ever cooked prawns?? Any recipe suggestions??

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anything goes well with prawns...but there's this recipe where you stir-fry it with crushed ginger-garlic,coriander and raw mango, and then squeeze lemon over the whole thing....mmmmmmm yummy.

or a classic bengali way of having it is with ground mustard seeds and green chillies...okay my mouth is watering


Namrata: Hey girl.. man its been so long since we last talked.. great to see your name here..

Yummy Yummy.. lool.. i dont like prwans but the way you descriped it made it so yummy.. so tell me, where can i get the full recipe and how to cook it? and the classic bengali way recipe would also be nice to have =D

Pretty Smile

Yummy i loooooooooooooooove prawns.. Yo Nmarata i was reciepe too PLZ :D

ok the way i do it, in a bowl i mix lemon juice ginger garlic salt pepper chilli corriander.. pour the mixture on the prawns then grill it :D

Bahrain Fashion

Any prawn recipe that includes lemon is good for me XD


you need to marinate the prawns for a few hours or overnight then on a grill cook its for 1.5 minutes per side then your done :)


Maitha*: Really? as easy as that?? hmm.. whats in the marinate thingy??


i don't like cooking or even the sea food @@!


Candy: i also dont like sea food but i donno i have this craving for cooking prawns :s


Prawns stew is good,
slices of onion, tomato, garlic and spices, if you want to add bell peppers then that's ur option

No identity..

You know what... once you cooke it ill do the test part ;P

I love the them chaines way, sweet and sower... hmmmm yammmi and once i have beriyani prowns .... it was the best ever beryani i ever had.... in short anything gose with them ...

Dont forget to invite me for the test part ... ;P


Yummy. .


to marinate it its up to you! mix up ingredients you like mathalan salt, pepper, lemon juice, soy sauce! or sweet & chilli sauce, or BBQ sauce.. just something to give it some flavour

Mean B

the best one is just eat it Raw yamy yami thats the best test :)


Karamilah: hmm,, thankx =D i might do that!!

No identity..: LOOOOOOOOL!! so typical of you!!! loool.. insallah, i will make sure to call you for testing.. bas 3ad if you didnt pick up the phone or come over and the prawns finished, its not my fault =D

InD.: LOOL!! i guess indeed yummy =)

Maitha*: hmm interesting.. thankx doll =D i will let you know what is the out come once i cook it =D


Mean B: EWO!! hell no!!! LOOL!! 9a7 inish weird!

Mean B

:) ok ok you can boil it for 5 minutes then eat it khalas.

seen any movies lately ?

i spent my weekend watching 4400


Standy and pretty smile: we gotta catch up soon, so make plans, people!!

As for the recipes, i'm sorry no clue where, because i ate those dishes in restaurants in india...but you could probably try looking on the net...look for "prawns with raw mango and green chillies" and "bengali style prawns with mustard"...that should help!

Mean B



Mean B: it will taste like uncooked fish with sea water on it as dressing!!!!

I will try to get a recipre from fatafeet website =)

I didnt watch any new movies.. i watched 4400 till season 4 i didnt finish it, now iam watching nip/tuck!!

Namrata: yeah we should tatally meet sometimes REALLY soon.. i wil try to arrange this soon..

LOOL!! you only eat huh!! lool..
I will try to search the web =)

thankx doll =D

daddies little cuttie

ehhhh cookin isnt my thing !! goodluck with that and update us :D


i cant stand its smell :S


daddies little cuttie: cooking is also not my thing but i donno why i just feel like cooking this thing.. i know i wont eat it.. but just for the sake of cooking it!!!

Inshallah you will get an update

eshda3wa: LOOL!! same here.. believe me.. but i so wannna pull this stunt and cook the damn creatures lool

Pretty Smile

hmmm kinda fishy.. is MR RIGHT loving prawns and u need to master it b4 the big day?


Pretty Smile: LOOOOL!! no rememeber what i said about when the right man isnt around we are alll (*^^*) LOOL

Hey thankx for the merinating tip... love you..

Bahrain Fashion: I will make sure to send you some once i cook them ;)

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