Tuesday, May 5, 2009

To What Extent?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009
“Look in my eyes and lie to me… tell me ‘I love you’ like you mean it”
To what extend would you go just to feel loved, appreciated and cared for?!!
Does it make sense for someone in their right mind to become this pathetic??
Why do we always excuse these crazy acts if they fall under love???
Yeah they say love is crazy and you shouldn’t justify it.. Really? Shouldn’t we??

“If you love me as much as you say you do, please leave me alone”
This is another of the many pathetic lines out there..
What does this really mean??
Will it show how I can’t leave without you and I should keep calling and smsing and showing you what you mean in my life?
Or should I really leave you alone and you would assume that I never cared that much to start with and with each day passes by I die more and more coz I am just THAT strong to do what you asked of me while you just HATE me more and more coz you think I don’t care..

How confusing the life we live in!!! And how pathetic love is..
I tell you all this negativity coz it’s MAY!!!!
I still hate MAY!!

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love is goooooooood people are BAAAAAD.

ya3ni bagoolch something, I had a friend and we were really close, because she stopped keeping in contact with me, I moved on. Then everytime like twice a year she decides to call me, she scolds me for not keeping in touch and that im her so called best friend... bla bla.. put in mind, she didn't even tell me happy birthday on my birthday. So what did I do? IGNORE, moved on and appreciated the lovely friends I have. Such fake-friends-drama-queens have no place in our lives, because theyre not only a headache no no no! theyre a MIGRANE

Never give people chances if they don't appreciate you, with time the right people for you will come your way when you least expect it



ya love is crazy,see my friends r doing me9ayeb sodah under the title of love!!
for [LOVE] they ignore their family.their studies and their morals for love,fee shay crazy akthar an el love T.T

even though its the most amazing feeling in the world...


love sucks



Love is alone and people alone, if people are really really in love and feeling it so deep and appreciate the meaning of love then it is love, and if people who mess up with things about love then it's not, how obvious is that, lool shfeech 3l may:P


I wont call it pathetic; it just part of human nature to feel the need for love…it becomes pathetic when we interpret some actions as a sign of love and start to chase an illusion


this whole being in love thing
and all the emotional crazyness that comes with it is way way waaay over rated!

Project Kenya 2011

uhh... love...
if we all knew how to love, and I mean truly love... we would have world peace...

but most of us don't know how to love...


3asa ma shar standy,
waaainch @@!


yeah.. many people misunderstand the real meaning of Love.. it should be something we should live with, but people got it wrong and they blame "LOVE" when thier relation with others got wrong in some how!! its not because of Love but WE got it wrong sometimes..

Love is when someone respect the way you are no mattar what happen!! Love is to care and be there when ever they needs you..

this is love.. its a nice feeling... we all need it like the Air..

*keep it up Standy..i liked what you wrote.. Missing u Gurl..

ex-Sexy Lips

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