Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Still Hating May

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
So nothing new here,,, May sucks big time.. Everyone is busy with exams or assignments or making summer plans or involved in some madness..

May is still messing things up
- My financial is going down the drain
- I am broke
- Its getting hot
- My diet is upside down

The things that I look forward to..
- My sacred tea time after work at my place with My Tomato and Sab.. Its so relaxing and I am glad we are doing it very often.. They have proven to be great friends..
- Meeting Muffin after sooo long..
- May 25th
- Getting my salary
- The end of MAY
- Making my summer plans

I think ĐǻñĎõøðñ gave up on her diet.. I am glad that Maitha* is doing great with her diet.. I am so inspired by zuz and Zabo0o6a for really doing the diet right.. Wallah they give me hope.. But to be fair I did loose.. i think =D ..I don’t want to weigh myself =D .. I would like to enjoy the feeling that I have that says I lost =D

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halaaaaaa standy ;***
yaa ur SO right May,everyone is involved with final exams or summer plans,i still hate May,one of the hardest semesters i've ever witnessed <_<

yaa can't wait to know how many kilos you've lost :D


Candy: la ba3ad may is moving VERY slowly..
*eating patchi cholocate* what kilos what did i loose?? loool

la wallah i think i lost like 1.2 or 1.5 kg last time i checked,, but i wanna looose MMMOOORRREEE =(

Mean B

why you complening about may ? ou should be happy lah since you got PROMoted.
so any plans for summer?
whats on 25th may ?

No identity..

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks BIG TIME ....


Noo don't ruin ur diet :O
mob inte ,dandoon and maitha were working in ur diets guys?,just stick to it,no patchi any more,give me all ur chocolates =D


hey there, whats up ? how's may with ya? jk :P hey what's going with the diet thingy, im getting sick of hearing it by everywhere I go :( :P


Mean B: i am complaining because MAY is not treating me well.. i am happy i got promoted =D

Too many plans for the summer i just dont know what to do!!

May 25th is a secret =)

No identity..: Tell me about it!!!!!

Candy: LOOL!! *candy steals all my chocolates*

We are all dieting but allah ya3lam how we are doing it.. it think Maitha is the mujtahida one from all of us lool

Another-Penelope: LOOL.. PENE I AM STILL HATING MAY lool.. dont even get me started!!!!

you know what they say, if you can beat em' join 'em =)

so how about you diet with us?


e7em the easiest way to solve my updates problem is creating a new account
my new link =D


Candy: LOOL!!! my god woman.. stick to one URL!! lool.. ok i hope this time its final.. well atleast i can see your tpoics in google reader =)


i know so many urls
this one is final coz u can see ma updates =D


I HATE MAY TOO !!! uugh ! ashwa im not alone :p


hey Standy.. was happy to meet u after sooooo long .. i enjoyed the time very much with the (......) topics!! loooool
will do it again soon Insha allah..

but when will u stop hating MAY??
7araaaaaam i dont wanted to finish am still shopping for my next month wedding.. :)


Candy: al7amdulliah!!! =D

Cooookies: FINALLY!! someone sane who joins my "I HATE MAY" club!!
*hands you a shirt that says i hate MAY*

Muffin: HEY,, thank you so much for passing by yesterday,, i really had fun and missed you alot.. yeah too many H.O.T topics we talked about lool

I will stop hating May when it decides to be nice to me...
You have a very nice reason to LOVE MAY =p
i should hate you for loving May till June comes lool =p



i actually joined a gym on sunday =D

and my freind elyom was telling me i lost weight ;Pp

bs wallah wallah wallah denyety ma3foosa foug ta7at 9arlaha cham youm =(

ill be back soon i promise ;**


ĐǻñĎõøðñ: Standy is thinking if she should believe you!!!!

did you wiegh yourself?
How many hours are did you work out?
how many days did you actually go to the gym??

Wallah i dont blame you for being too busy, with finals on your way, i wont be hard on you..

Ruby Woo

I just started dieting again. I hope it goes well this time. I'm detoxing now. Day 1 has passed ib salama ;p


Ruby Woo: hey look who decided to join the dieting club.. i wish you all the best.. i just hope this time it doesnt include pancakes and waffles =p

Can i get the detox plan? i think i need to start doing that too!!

Pretty Smile

I hate May too... I am broke and i just got my salary :(


Pretty Smile: welcome to the 'i hate MAY club' here
*hands you a shirt with 'i hate may' written all over it* said...

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