Friday, May 22, 2009

I Cooked Prawns

Friday, May 22, 2009
So today was the day "Standy" cooked prawns.. I didnt eat them so i dont know how they tasted but i will share with you how they looked like..

This the food we had for lunch.. my sis cooked the steamed rice, the maid made the salad, and i cooked the rest...

This is prawns with ginger, mushroom and capsicum.. a little on the Asian side.. kinda sweet and sour.. this was stir fried!!

This is prawns with garlic, lemon, potato and chili..this was grilled!!

This is prawns with tomatoes and coconut.. cooked like a curry kinda thing!!

The victims of my food.. My sister, my brother in law, sexy lips, my cousin rahma, Queen Nusy, my mom, my dad and my brother.. Lets hope none gets food poisoning!!

To more kitchen adventures..

P.s To all who commented and gave me tips on how to cook the prawns, thank you so much, they did come in handy..

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yummm im hungryyyyyyyyyyy!!! how come you didnt eat anyyyyy?? afaaaa!
really standy.. im hungry :p hahaha


'3areeba i don't like sea food but the pics seem yummy yummy @@!
bel 3afia 3ala ur heart..

Bahrain Fashion

Oh! yummy looks scrumptious too!! XD
- to you, the great new chef.



not into prawns but they seem delicious !! oh yeah my mom has this many kind of marag prawns and she also make prawns looks like naggets and prawns adobo and I like the mrag one bs hey congrats ^_^ waaay y3anaaa 9j 9j 9j :(

Lover Girl

they were delicious.. yummy.. keep up the good work...

next time try hmmmm crabs :)


e7em walla it LOOOOKS YUMY
com on for God sake idnt thin ppl who ate ur food r victims :D

lovely Blog u've got ya 7elwee :)


His Sweetheart

I a not into them but they look really yummy!!

P.S. You have been tagged

Mean B



Maitha*: LOOL!! I thought you will be happy that i didnt eat =p
i dont like prawns!!!!
P.s are you still hungry???

Candy: Thankx Candy =D..
i also dont like sea food =)

Bahrain Fashion: lool =p
wheever you come to Oman, let me know,,, i will surely make some for you ;)

Another-Penelope: i also tasted the marag of that prawns but i didnt eat any of it =D

Lover Girl: How many times will you be chaning your name??
glad you liked them, i take orders if you feel like paying me =p
LLOOOL!! la2, i wont be cooking my poeple =p..

you should taste it now ;)
i checked on one of the people today, she is fine, ya3ni al7amdulliah, nothing happened =D

Thank you =D and welcome to my blog =D

His Sweetheart: Thank you =D i also dont like them

Thank you fot the tag, will do it soon!

Mean B: you were having a family weekend with hubby, plus nusy came at night and took the food take away! actually, she took all of it..

Mean B

ohh actualy i was having a weeknd blast with AKON WOOHOO. seeing him top less and throughed him self on me. so it was wild :)

Ms. D

3ad tadren sea food u can eat 3ala kaif kaifich ay kameya u want and never worry about gaining weight :O

bukra 7a nozinak ya gameeeeeeeeeeeeeel :)

Sexy Lips with Honours :)

Honestly you are a great Cook SPONGY :)

mashallah i really loved the food it was Delicious mashallah...

and what i like the most was the
" prawns with tomatoes and coconut.. cooked like a curry kinda thing!! " it was yummy mahsllah i want more :):)

i guess you should start your own business soon

P.S we werent victims... actually we were honoured by tasting your food SUGERBUM :)

hmmmm i wonder when will be able to invite myself again to your place for another yummy dish *-*



Ms. D: LOOL!!! yeah along with the sea weeed =p

you know, i wont wiegh myself tomorrow.. next week inshalalh i will =D

Sexy Lips: =D thankx doll!! i am glad you liked it, anytime you want me to cook for you just let me know ;)


mmmm... looks tasty :)


Aurous: I take orders ;)

Mamati @ Daily dose of me

Looks yummy girl!

I am sure it tasted as good as it looks :)

I am planning on making prawns for dinner.


The grilled prawns are making me droooool !

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