Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Its hard being old enough to understand and see the world as you see it today..
Its hard to get to know that things are not always what they seem like..
Its hard to face reality and recognize that not everything is pink and obvious..
Its hard when you have to be forced to hear the truth about a person that is an amazing role model figure in your life..
Its hard to change your feelings when you don’t know what you should be feeling anymore..
Its hard when it all hits you at once that you don’t have a moment to wrap your head about what just happened..
Its hard that with your disappointment you are still in denial..
Its hard when you refuse to believe the obvious..
Its hard when you cant prove anything wrong..
Its hard when you cant help out to fix things..
Its hard that all you could do is just listen when it kills you each time the topic comes..

I donno if what I am feeling is disappointment or denial.. Its just hard that after all this time, now that I am a grown up its decide to be shared it with me… Being an adult comes with responsibilities.. But when it comes to me as a person, I may be an adult by having the information shared with, but I am still a kid when it comes to taking action.. Its no black and white life that we live in.. Its just disappointing when I am deliberately told about things that i really didn’t want to know about.. Things that i always believed are no longer true..

Above all, its hard to get over this disappointment when rage is building up each time i remember the topic and i know that i cant do anything about it.. Nothing can solve this.. Whenever I think of this, I can’t help but breakdown and cry…

P.s Can MAY be over already???

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No identity..

*speachless* :/


awwwwwwww *hugsssss* xx

Bahrain Fashion

Awww.. Don't cry! Everything will be fin.. besides,there is always shoe-shopping to make someone feel better for a little while (bad news: You'll eventually jave to face reality when you come back from the store)
Just have fun!
P.S. I know! It's been may for sooo long now!! We want June! We want june!


hey whats going, can u just clear up to me @@ wait a minute omg ur gonna get married :0<< bitch !

I still don't get it, what topid hun *hugs*

Ms. D



is it going to take may a long time 2 be over,coz i think we think share the idea of hating may =@

is that true that ur gonna be married as penelope said :S ??

His Sweetheart

Very soon

You have been tagged :D


*sigh* its in the air i guess SA but you'll pull through... May has been rough to me too :/


No identity..: *sigh*

Maitha*: thankx doll *hugs back*

Bahrain Fashion: facing reality sucks :(
but i will come with you for shoe shopping anyday, anytime =D

Another-Penelope: LOOL!! where did you get the idea of me getting married???!!!

don worry i am not getting married.. just too many things happening in life and i need an escape!!
*hugs back*

Ms. D: Yeah Ms.D, please shoo MAY away!!!

Candy:lool!! tel me about it.. its like the never ending month!!!!
No i am not getting married anytime soon!! pene is making things up!

His Sweetheart: uff cant wait!!

THANKX DOLL =D I GOT TAGGED *dose my taggy dance*

Nutter: awww =(
*hugs*.. hope June will be better on us!


LooL I have no idea why maybe because u said topic so the only thing that came up my mind is marriage:P escape? sounds bad to me, hope the topic thing "that is hidden" would turn things just fine and peace babes


Another-Penelope: LOOL!! believe me, marrige wont make me feel this way!.. i hope so that things could get better!

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