Sunday, June 20, 2010

Royal Standy

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Here by I declare that Standy has been crowned and from now on should be called “Sir Standy” lool =p

Ok ok, I am WAY over my head with this!! It’s nice to dream though =D
Plus it feels so real…

I’ve been crowned with the “Sultani Crown” by the lovely Zabo0o6a =)
Thank you your highness for the amazing crown..

Here is the deal.. I have to list down 6 secrets that no one would notice or know upon meeting me for the first time…

1. I am a very shy person.. When you first meet me, you won’t get that impression about me as you will see me all over the place, but I am a shy person =)

2. I am still obsessed with getting 1000 Omani Rails.. I mean come on! Its been almost year already.. Can someone just hand me the money?? Please *sad puppy eyes*

3. I am racist and adopted ;)
(Not true but this is what my friends and mom says about me)

4. I have cucu syndromes and at times I am very slow to understand although I am smart lol

5. Most people get shocked when they know that I know how to cook considering I am not the most feminine/girly person ever (Sexy lips, I owe you prawns and Inshallah will get it for you before your fetus is born =p)

6. I am a sucker for cartoons.. I am so childish when is comes to that, and I can watch them for hours without getting bored =)

I know they only asked for 6 but since I don’t like the No.6 and I am a fan of No.7, so I decided to add one more secret..

7. I pushed Humpty Dumpty =D

Now i have to tag 6 bloggers and I tag:
Tiny Kitchen

7 Voices:


poor humty. we were soul mates...


9j ur shy, a7isch mn ur blog w7da 3adeya o jaree2a o mo8ne3a shay chthy, madre lesh... "racist" yoooh:P


Hahaha Standy you're so cute! Arghh babes get over the racist part and adopted :P


brown-suger: wweebis!! sorry?? will you feel better if isaid that he made an amazing omelet dish? he served his purpose??

Another-Penelope: Lool! i know right? i am not all that.. hehe,, i am pretty shy =)



LooL Eee bs a7is not matching shy o racist :p

Mean B

loool you are damn recest. at last you agree that you are cucu

i still cant get my google account to work !!! it seems the poping thing has effected my memory mind side.


Another-Penelope: loool.. i know 9a7 =D
which is amazingly weird!!

Mean B: LOOL!! i am not rasict, i am cucu only =D

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! i totally agree with that!!!

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