Monday, December 28, 2009

Why Can’t Standy Loose Weight?

Monday, December 28, 2009
I was wondering why i cant loose weight and now i know why..
They say a picture is worth a 1000 words!!
Here are 200,000,000 Million words worth of pictures loool..

2009 has been the year of "Feed Standy Sweets and Chocolate"

This was given to me by woody..

Indian Christmas celebration at work

Woody and Sexy lips, when they came back from Malaysia they gave me this..

This is from my doctor when i went to Kuwait (there where also chocolates but i ate them all before i took a pic loool)

This is from Simsim, he got it for me when he went to Malaysia..

This is from Hamda, she got is for me as part of my birthday wish list gifts =D

This is from my cousin Ina, whenever she goes to Dubai she gets me this!

This is from Sexy Lips, kunt mutwa7ma rahas o maqa9aret 7abibty.. She got me a whole box..

This is my desk at work =) (anyone wants to work next to me?)

This was a celebration ice cream with my Original and American sister =).. fun days do pass fast =)

a gift from Sexy Lips bimunasabat el 3id =)

Kunt atwa7am chocolate so Sexy Lips got it for me :* (7abibty Sexy Lips)

Another month at my desk =)

A Caramel Date cake from Cafe G, which is a must have whenever me and Blue go there..

When Mom and Dad went to Australia, this is what they got..

Chocolates from Sexy Lips (now i know who makes me fat!!!)

A Double Chocolate cake aslo from Cafe G, a must have =)

Hehehe, do i dare say from Sexy Lips? lool..

Chocolates from Switzerland.. One of my football friends =)

Lunch invitation from Woody =p

My birthday cake which was made by my cousin Mimi =D

Baqlawa from Lebanon given by Maraw and mentos From Malaysia given by Max =)

This is what i am suppose to be eating right now (fresh fruits and yoghurt)

In this end, this is all that i can say!!!!
(ironically, this is also given by Sexy Lips loool)

14 Voices:


God answer your prayer! Hello I'm here! Remember who's the fat "cat"!

No identity..

I cant cant stop the laughter, I guess sexy lips have a lot to explain what is she staying to do ;)
Walla that is the joy of life, what's the meaning of meeting a friend without a meal, what's celebrating eid with no sweets what's a friend coming from a trip and not bringing you the sweet you LOVE .... i think i bla bla too much, ill stop here... ;) just enjoy and no regrets :)


can't you see it??? sexy lips hate you.. dump her and come stay with me for few months.. I'll starve you to death lol
I barely ate..huh.. maybe I should hang out with sexy lips?

Mad Art

Loooooool ! Sweetie, seriously! food isn't your problem, sexy lips is !!!!!!!
you remined me of myself today at school , sheesh ;s talk about junk food .


thank God i'm not in this crime :)


O MY BITCHING ME :O that's alot walla mo zain!! u better stop eating those for 2010 standy :@:P I love the last pic:P


The white chocolate twix is amazinnggggggggg


C: LOOOOOOL!! wallah you are cute and 9ara7a you are NOT FAT!!!

No identity..: LOOOL! la o sexy lips is not even in the country to defend her self lool =p

ahskara no regrets.. i enjoyed eating all of that =D

Ba3deen, you also made me fat with somthing that you gave me!!!!

Faith: i might really consider your offer (not dumbing her but moving in with you for a month) if that will make me loose wieght i am all game.. bas a5aaf i come there you gain and i gain double moo fayda??

LOOL!! yeah you come hang out with me and sexy lips =D


Nusy: LOOL!! damn it!! i need to find dirt on you!

Another-Penelope: LOOL!! what to do... the guilty pleasures of life!!

sexy lips gave that to me LOL!

Zabo0o6a: somehow i didnt like it :/

Smart CoOKie

OMG. No wonder :P


This is sooooooooooooooooooooo unfair L I am the one who is struggling to put on weight and it was you who has been fed with all those sweets and chocolates by sexy lips!! And the worse part it happened behind my back!! Ana z3lana at both of you…

p.s.Standy & Sexy lips, I really miss you and miss ayam zaman


it tastes like kellog's frosties :P


Zabo0o6a: weird that i didnt like it than,, coz i actually like kelllogs frosties!!


becaaaause standy DOES NOT HAVE TO LOSE WEEEEIGHT!!!!
duuude.. ur thiiiiiiiiiin!!! EAT AND ENJOOOOY!!!!
.. i love that last picture. im sooo stealing it =P


God, WHY DID I HAVE TO OPEN UP YOUR BLOG when I'm sitting here STARVING at work and craving chocolate and I get out in three and a half hours. Seriously, life isn't fair.

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! :-)

Does Hubby like sweets?

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