Monday, December 21, 2009

And life goes on..

Monday, December 21, 2009
She: “If am everything that you desire and want.. Why don’t you come to me?”
He: “Its not that easy.. Be careful of what you wish for..”
She: “How is that possible when you literally breathe me?”
He: “That is the challenge.. If I get you, what is there left to do?”
She: “If your happiness lies with me, isn’t that enough?”
He: “When is enough ever enough!”
She: “Can’t I be your ultimate sacrifice?”
He: “There will be nothing else to fight for anymore..”
She: “Does it feel right to just give up and leave?”
He: “Feelings are overrated”
She: “Does it hurt where it bleeds?”
He: “Ignorance is a bliss..”
She: “With you gone, I have will have no one..”
He: “Our memories will vividly live with you..”
She: “Do you believe in forever?”
He: “Do dreams come true?”
She: “You will leave a scar..”
He: “A reminder of once upon a time..”
She: “I will wait for you.. Will you ever come back to me?”
He: “I plead the fifth..”
She: “What is there more to say?”
He: “Life goes on..”
She: “look me in the eye, lie to me and tell me that you love me”
He: “I love you..”

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Girl what are you trying to do to me!!!


Faith =S
what did i do??!!! =(


Your in love?? e3tarfaaai
ebser3aa ;D


Love it <3


Candy: weeenish enty min zaamaaaaaaan!! i've missed you and your comments..
LOOL!! if i was inlove i wouldnt have writtien something so heartbreaking like this now would i =)!!!

Euphoria: Thank you =)

Roonii ♡

She: “look me in the eye, lie to me and tell me that you love me”
He: “I love you..”

*applauds ~

You have to start the story =)

Luv u, Miss u, Hug you :)




Typical break up quotes, LOOOL :P Guys are predictable, aren't they?!

*Disclaimer: B is an exception :P

Mad Art

ouch .


Roonii ♡: *hugs you back 7aaiiil*
missed you little sis =)

*bows* thanks you =)

mafi story.. its just a conversation.. nothing more to write or say or add to it!!

Captivated: =)

C: LOOL.. you and your "fictional" B =p

Mad Art: =( sorry!

Roonii ♡

No stoowwwyyy? ='/

*trembling lips*

*wrinkly face*

*teary eyes*

bu2 bu2 .. it sounds interestinngg!!


how about.. another conversation?


n like make it just convos ..

Pwweetty pweetyy pwees?


Roonii ♡: aww 7abibty sorry wallah =(
no story!
does it really sound interestring or you just saying that coz i am your sis?? =p

i'll try to write random conversation just for you bas i
*wipes your tears and draws a smile on your face* inshallah i will do that for you bas i donno donno how soon i can do that.. this convo took me two days to write heheh..


Ignorance is bliss for sure..


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