Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cupcakes From Bahrain =D

Thursday, December 24, 2009
Since Nosa starting her cupcakes business, i've been drooling over all her cuppies pics.. So i said to myself why not order them =D

So here i am, i made an Order and they reached in one piece and they were
and 3alay bil 3aaaafiya =p

Thank you Nosa for the cupcakes and it was really great doing business with you ;)

p.s for a clear pic of the cupcakes, visit Nosa's blog =)


Nusy and No Identity are already ALL OVER "MY" Cupcakes!!!
Nosa Can you make me some more please ??!!

12 Voices:


YUMMMMMMMY!!my heart is aching by just looking at them!!!
I think am gonna go to the kitchen righttt now ;o


Candy LOOL!! ta3ali.. i have some to spare =D
and i hope you got something to eat in your kitchen =p

No identity..

YammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmY.....amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing cup cakes.... hmmmmmmmmmm.... love them to the max ... but allah yesame7a standy she had to share each one i try.... faja3 ;)


3alaich bel3afya babe !



but It’s 1:30 am,
Who should I wake up now to take me to Bahrain haa tell me :/



You seriously doing this! OMG that is so fun!


No identity..: LOOOOOL!! lazim i taste 3ashan next time i know what to order.. i dont want not to know what falvours i got =p.. ba3deen sharing is caring =p

eshda3wa: Thankx doll =)

Faith: Afaaa 3aleesh,,, just hold on.. i am getting my jet and coming to take you to Bahrain =)

C: hehehe.. it was and it was really great doing it and having the cakes arrive at home =D


bel 3fyaah 3leekum!

they reached u in such a messed up shape :p

inshalah inshalah my new containers ( with individual cupcake holes will arrive after 7 weeks)
then i can send n make sure they reach the place in good shape!

im SOOOO happy :D


haw haw haw! Khyana Khalejiyaaa

nosaa ana abi malot il cheeseburger! laish ma itdezeen Liii!!!!! Ana chini gelt abi geltay t3alay il ba7rain?! 3ad ams okhoy bel ba7rain! Abi abi abi ABIIIIII

b3dain il aqrabon awla bel ma3roof... benna o benkom 40 minutes by plain o benkom o bain Oman 2 hours!!!! b3d shino!

Standy 3leech bel 3afiya hon :*


nosa: thank you dear =)
they reached perfectly.. dont worry aham shay they tasted amazing!!

5ala9, inshallah in the next order things will be better =D

Danderma: LOOOOOOOL!! khyana khalijeeja LOOL! that is a nice one!!!


9a7 wallah noosa.. el jeeran awlaaa,, how can you do that!!!

thank you 7abibti..
the next order is on me.. ana ra7 adizlik el cupcakes lil kuwait, afaa 3aleeesh =D


*Danderma is Happy* Thank youuuu :**** Shakle barkab 6yara o ayeekom leen 3man 3shan ashkorich :D


Danderma Afaaa 3aleeeesh... kam daddy's girl 3endna =D

la la no 6ayara to 3oman.. we meet in Bahrain a7san =D the middle ground.. o henak 3ad i will invite you =D

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