Monday, December 7, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Malaysian Version =p)

Monday, December 7, 2009
For Mimi..
“Malaysia, what can I say about Malaysia.. It’s a country whenever you go you will always remember it.. If you see the streets so dirty and crowded 24/7, smile you are in Malaysia… If you walk down the streets and see a sign that actually says “beware of snatchers”, smile you are in Malaysia.. If you get into a cab and it smells funky and they ask you for an incredible amount of money and refuse to take you coz you have oil in your country, smile you are in Malaysia.. If it’s a sunny day and you are walking peacefully and suddenly it starts raining heavily just to stop after 5 min and the sun would come out like nothing happened, smile you are in Malaysia.. If you walk down the streets smelling the rain and suddenly the smell of garbage hits you, smile you are in Malaysia.. I HATE MALAYSIA”

Nothing more I can say about Malaysia.. 9ar feeeni 7alat tashabu3 from Malaysia..

ok ok, first of all the shopping was not THAT great.. I think its overrated already.. like seriously.. There are no sizes for the clothes.. the XL is size 8 UK like WTH!!! The only thing that you get there is DVDs, Bags and Shoes.. The rest, a7san you shop in your own country or go to America lol..

Second thing.. The people are SO RUDE.. Wallah I studied there for 4 years and I don’t have a Malaysian friend… That must tell you something =)
No, it doesn’t say that I am NOT FRIENDLY AND A FREAK!! *rolling my eyes*.. I actually have an Indian Malay friend =) yes one is enough!!!! MOVING ON!!

Third thing.. The diversity in the country is unbelievably INSANE.. I swear its beyond the point of ridicules already.. They have 3 races, Malay Malay, Malay Chinese and Malay Indian and each has like their territory and places that you don’t want to cross lool..

Now, let me tell you what happened TO ME and why I really hate the MALAY over there!!

I got my certificate, went to my college to get it certified and stamped to verify that it is the original copy and its authentic.. Now I get into a cab and go to a deserted area which is like 30 min DRIVING away from KL.. Somehow its suppose to be the places where the ministries are all in.. I needed to go the ministry of higher education and the ministry of foreign affairs..
So I get to the first building, they tell me drive down the road to the other block, I get to the second building, it was 1:45pm, they tell me come back at 2pm.. so I go back to the cab, solif shwaya with him.. At 2pm I go back, they let me into the building, I go search for the people and mafi 7ad, I swear ka2ano shirikat abooy ra7ya adoor feeh.. elmohim after 20 being lost and asked to wait and taken here and there I was told
“OOHHH you graduated from a private college, you have to go to this other place down the road madri what” THE OTHER PLACE IS 10 MIN AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!

I was just in disbelief.. wallah luckily I told the cab to wait for me till I finish all my mashaweer otherwise I would have beeeen ******!!!!

So I go back and tell the cab driver that we need to go to this other place and there is where the stupid ministry of higher education is.. So we get there.. (the worse thing is that they don’t write anything in English.. kolo malay.. and excuse me I DON’T KNOW HOW TO READ IT!!) al mohim.. I go down there, the securities don’t even speak English and don’t know what I want.. All I say is stamp stamp lool.. Anyway here and there I finally reach the place where I discovered that you cant reason with Malaysians..

Are you guys with me or did you guys fall asleep already???
To Be Continued..

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House of Décor

You poor thing.. i guess Malaysia is not for everyone.. AL hamdillah your back and i really hope you got your certificate sorted.. come over one day will talk.. you seem tensed ;)

Smart CoOKie

I didn't know you lived in Malaysia << elly ysm3ny y8ool I know you a9lan :P

True what you said about the shopping, so over rated & DVDs are the only good thing. And malay people are so rude, it's a big fat lie that they are friendlly. But the country is nice & green.

Congrats on graduating XOXO.


Damn that's a funny post ;p


I hate MALAYS- 7yawanat!


House of Décor: lol.. yupe Malaysia is not for everyone.. i will take up your offer and give you a cal sometime next week =)

Smart CoOKie: loool.. 3adi 3adi, you can pretend that you know me.. yes i studied there..

al7amdulliah someone agrees with me.. hmm it seems you have some Malaysian expereince too ;)

thank you =D

[MaDry-Shakw~]: LOOL.. glad i amused you ;)

C: lool.. easy there C, easy there,,,


LOL Standy now that wasn't such a good experience for you was it ;)

I have a Malay-Indian friend too, a very close friend, and she told me how hard it is to live in Malaysia where racial differences prevail. Also when I was at Uni, I noticed how the three races dont like to mingle with each other... I've never been there before but I'd love to someday!

Waiting for part 2 :)

A Journal Entry

offfff i hate it when u have smth to do and u go to smwhere o they tell u to go to the other and the other tells u to go to the other and and and... a never ending cycle

Mean B

so its like you was in one of our omani ministries :P.

strange you hate it now while you used to enjoy it when you was there and you always go there for holiday. or wait i am confusing you with N. any way Malaysia is beautifule as a country but the people ARE HORRIBLE they are not nice with arabs but they are nicer with europians. when ever i go there i dont tell them iam an arab i tell them i am from AFrica :P


Alma: lool.. it wasnt at all..
Yeah 3 races and all VERY racist!! said...

its a nice country to go to and expereince but not as much as i was there lol..

part 2 coming right up =)

A Journal Entry: yeah i so hate that.. and it always happenes in govermant and officail places regardless what country you are in..

Mean B: LOL kinda, but at least we are NICE!!

i hated since i was there, its not a new thing =)

hehehe, i think i will use the AFRICAN thing next time i go there which will be NOT ANYTIME SOON!!

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