Saturday, June 27, 2009

Embarrassing Conversation

Saturday, June 27, 2009
We girls have no breaks when we talk.. I was going through my old mails.. trying to delete unwanted emails and I came a across this conversation that I had with 4 of my friends.. this happened on Sun 29/4/2007.. Yes two years back.. and yet it keeps on getting funnier and funnier as time passes..

We usually chat by emails during working hours.. So one of our many chats took a REALLY wrong turn.. here is the full chat session.. Exactly as it is.. Enjoy reading..

Standy: Morning sluts

Mc Evil: mornin

Mean B: How are you doing Mc Evil

Mc Evil: doing fine thank you very much my dear how about u? I can't seem to stop thinking about horse back riding and my future hubby to be Fulan.

Standy: Is he cute? Is he single? Is he mine?

Mean B: he is single

Mc Evil:no heard he has a girlfriend.

Standy: SOOOOOOOO?!?!


Ex-Friend: must say I don’t agree on that, you still have the chance

Mc Evil: how?

Ex-Friend: Maybe he will be better way with ya

Mc Evil: ? he doesnt know me dear plus i am sure he loves his girl.

Ex-Friend: He will love you as well when he gets to know you

lets just forget about it.

Mean B: Ok so are you going to make your move this Friday? You know when you trying to get down from the horse while he is holding the horse make your self like you want to fall and fall on him =)


Mean B: What?? It’s a good idea she will go like:
Ohh sorry wile his arms around her and she is close to him and looking at each other eye to eye

Mc Evil: u know he almost grabbed my ass the last time coz I couldn't get on so then he just pushed me up a little.

That was a hint that he likes you . wanting to grab ur ass

Mc Evil: looooooooooooool.....he was trying to help me coz my fat ass couldn't make it up the horse that's all.........he didn't even give me the time of day..........he kept precise you my love he was soooo expressed by u.

Mean B: Expressed??
I really did not understand you sentence

Mc Evil: sorry I was typing too fast I typed something weird he was praising you meaning u were doing very well so he was proud of u and excited that you got it before me or Mr. T.

Ex-Friend: Can I join this Friday

Mean B: I don’t think so.
He only takes 4 in each class. And we already 4. why don’t I give you his e mail check with him if its ok and what other timing he can take you. Oh and its not for free . you need to pay 25RO and here is his email

Standy: Do you know that you copied him in the email?

Mean B: Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

Needless to say, when Mc Evil went to the horse riding, Fulan appointed her a new instructor. Later that week a guy from her office approached her and asked her who is Standy? And whats up with the email.. She explained that it was just girls fooling around..

Another note to keep in mind.. All of us were chatting using our work email address.. ya3ni all our information was there and we were so easy to find!!!!

16 Voices:


wow.. that was really serious!

omg, its just some girls fooling around..

Standy, wt did u do =b

authorities want to catch u noe =b

dont worry ill defend ya im a good speaker n i talk a lot.. before u noe it u'll be out of jail =D

but if u do go to jail can i by any chance have ur blog? *e77m

u noe.. not to be u or anything..

*scratch face..

jus.. just to .. u noe.. own more blogs =b

^.^ i loved the part about the toshy.. > < that was funny~


=D a55 ba6nee et3awerne mn el

see how a post can make my day

Ruby Woo

That's so embarrassing LOL

he read the ass grabbing part? no wonder he appointed her another instructor ;p


LOOOOOOOOOOL you girls are super crazy ;p


Fashhhhlaaa :| :|

looool i love 6ee7ing 3ala old treasures, ya 7alat el sowlif wallah ;p

No identity..

LoooooL... 3ad ma fashlaaaaa.. bet 7o6o nafsookom fe mawaqef bay5aaaaa


fashlaaaa lol


LoooL 3aysheen 3l jaw:D:P


lol that was funny !!!!!!

love your friends :)

Lover Girl


Thank God i was on leave or my comments would have made him quit training women :D

Sexy LipS


it always happens!! meskeeenaaa!!!

well yesterday i was sending sth to my colleague asking him if its ok to tell my direct manager so and so and guess what instead of sending it to my colleague i sent it to my boss!!
i was really embarressed!!

and i remember Standy once was supposed to send me sth and she sent it 2 some1 else :)

it might not be the same situation that ur friend was in but sth similar ;)


LOOOOOOOOL that was hilarious!


LOOOL that is so fun! Work and chat all the way, woohooo!

Mean B

I know it was Fun

A Journal Entry

loooooooooooool laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa2!!
hhehehe atwaqa3 ur friend wanted the earth to tinshag o tibla3ha!!


so what did your friends do?!! get a makeover and move to another country? ;p

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