Saturday, June 6, 2009

Popular or Plain Social?

Saturday, June 6, 2009
My friends at work accuse me on being popular.. They say, that whenever we go out for lunch, I have to greet people.. I never noticed that till they pointed it out!!

I don’t think I am popular.. Knowing a lot of people doesn’t make you popular, yes I might be social but not popular.. I think being popular means that a lot of people know you and being social means that you know and talk to a lot of people.. lool.. Does that make any sense??!!

Anyhow.. I decided to test this theory.. To see if it is true, do I really say hi to a lot of people or not.. So last Wednesday, 2 of my cousins and me went to this 1001 comedy show in crown plaza.. The place was packed and full.. The comedians were amazing and I couldn’t stop laughing at their jokes.. Ok this is beside the point.. By end of the show, as I was counting, between me and my cousins, I ended up greeting around 12 people, while my cousins only greeted say not more than 5 people!!!

Now the question is, how do you know if you are popular or just plain social?

apparently she wanted to stay off the spot light loool..
she told me she saw like 8 people she knows but ignored!
and then she calls her self a peoples person loooool..
*end of update*

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The Sister!

You don't...
You never will...
Why do you even care?!!

Mean B

and people say that i am MEAN.
i think its good when people knowyou and talk to you. but if you know people and go talk to them that means you are forcing yourself on them while they dont care about you.


hummm .. well I'm totally aware of the idea that I'm not a social person .. I have my dear closest friends and that makes me feel like i need not make new relationships with others .. thu I know that's not true ..
so i guess i'll fail any social test :(


You're just being friendly...That's really nice!


I think being social means that you know a lot of people while being popular means that you're actually liked/loved by those people :D
It's nice to see people you know everywhere lol, makes you feel famous!


hmm tough question!
you could be both! Social as in you know a lot of people and Popular as in a lot of people know you as you said lol ..


for me i had enough of being popular whenever i go @@!!!srsly walla, i wanna be anonymous after now, <__<

u seem popular.. great =D


a9lan el cancers eb shakl 3am ma7a6 el anthar jad that's wut i read,
and i really notice for instance in my college; all the cancers girls i knew they r social and popular!!!


mmmmm for me popular is like every people around you have heard about you whether in good side or bad but not really knowing u for real and the social thing is how good u r to be entertained with yourself and others something like that i mean social ur being known for one day I guess and popular ur being known forever... @@ I THINK !


The Sister!: LOOOL!! OK!!
i care coz i want to know!!

Mean B: LOOL!! OMG THAT IS THE WORST EXPLANATION EVER!!! ya3ni i am forcing my self on my friends now???

Errant: I thought i was the same, till i saw the amount of people that i know then i changed my mind!
Its nice to know peopel even if you dont have relationships with them.. yan3i you can sit with them and have a conversation but it doesnt have to go to the next level..

Cate: i guess i am just being friendly =)

Hind ♥: i kinda agree with what you said, bas believe me it gets tiring to say hi and meet peopel you know all the time.. bas 9a7, you kinda feel famous and loved =)

mosha: LOOOOOOOOL!!! 9ara7a bada3tii loooooool... i guess someone finally gets me =p

Candy: LOOL!! I know the feeling.. i still dont think i am popular, and i dont think all cancers are.. coz i was not known in college or during my school years =)

Another-Penelope: I think you are right.. i agree with what you said.. bas 3ad known for one day and forever is extreme, i'd like to know i am known for a little more than that =D



being popular means that many poeple like u..

u dont have to be nice to them..

u can be a total rude person to them, but ur still popular

*sorta like American High schools..

Plain social is u being nice to ppl n thats why they love u!

Simple as that..

I'm totally guilty for being plain social, I say hi to everyone..

even ppl i dont noe =b



bel themmah,
u don't get tired of kissing people's cheeks' all the time
it tires me =D


Roon: LOOL!! you watch too much tv =p
LOOL!! i avoid saying hi to people i donno.. somehow i become over nice and new friends are added to my list :s

Candy: I do get tired of that and tired of smiling ba3ad.. that is why i avoid crowded places and i usually stay at home =)


I think everybody is popular AND social, but to different extents :P...


Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy: LOOOL!! such a smart answer =p lol
nice one!!

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