Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Day Yesterday!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Yesterday I had a BLAST… it was my cousin nusy’s birthday and we SURPRISED HER.. well FINE I wont take the credit for it.. it was Mean B’s idea.. All I had to do is make sure she is home.. so I called her up and told her I will be there at 7pm to have a mini hotdog party with her, so she called up her cousins fofo and Ina not knowing they are already part of the plan hehehe.. Actually the scenario played out perfect but her surprise face SUCKS.. we didn’t know If she suspected or not although she said she didn’t suspect anything.. Her son freaked out and started crying for the next 15 min and of course being girls we started blaming each other for that LOOL!! ANYHOW.. over all it was GREAT!! We managed to get 8 girls together in 2 days.. that is pretty impressive, coz sometimes we plan things for weeks and nothing happens..

The cake was AMAZING!! It was a baked cheese cake.. omg its been awhile since I ate a cheese cake the I really liked!! The day was just gorgeous, its been awhile since all her friends met up together… It was a crazy day..

Funny Facts About Yesterday:
1- Mean B organized the whole thing and emailed all the girls and on the day of the surprise she texts me and asks ME. “so who is coming?” “keef confirm at 7” lool.. I text back and tell yes 7pm today and to please inform the girls and she replied “I don’t have their numbers” LOL!! OMG how can you organize things without having their numbers.. Luckily I had them all so I text them and al7amdulliah things went great!

2- There were kids in the gathering, ages between 1-3.. Being around grown ups is never a good idea.. so being the girls that they are, the “F” word, the “B” word and the “S” word were thrown in the air very casually and we kept reminding each other that they are kids in the room with us.. the funny thing is I GOT THE BLAME.. Fofo looked at me (since her daughter is almost 3 and she repeats everything she hears) so she told me “If I hear my daughter saying the B word tomorrow I will kill you” WTH!! WHAT DID I DO.. I was just excited that I heard the B word for the first time and I was just repeating it.. why blame me for it!!!

Oh I met my fiancé Namrata again for the second time.. I saw her last year on nusy’s birthday and it was love on the first sight, so we got engaged.. and yesterday we stole nusy’s thunder and we got married lool.. Honey, if you are reading this, next year when we meet agian you better have a kid already looooool….

Omg I cant wait for my working day to end for 2 reasons:
2. Bint Al Wazeer is coming over my place to watch the movie The Unborn.. finally I will be watching that movie, i do hope its worth it..

Wishing you all a great weekend!!
Over and out

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Okay standy, i hear your orders and i obey :) so, the kid...your hair, your eyes, my smile and einstein's brain?!


Namrata: Yupe, and your skin colour also.. I coulndt ask for a better child =),, he/she would be just perfect!!!

Lover Girl

WOW thanks for the party & ur post.. it made my day more special than it already is :D

Liberal Khaleejiya

a very colourful blog indeed


Aww nice party!! Glad that you had lots of fun! Btw I love your blog design, I wanna comment about the header for so long, it looks really pretty!

His Sweetheart

Happy to her and I ditto Cate in your header! Awesome!


I love surprise birthdays!
what i'm talking about , i love all kind of surprises !
my b.daay is 2MRW !


that's so cooool .. u did a very sweet thing .. she must be very happy


Lover Girl: you are most welcome love.. i am glad you LOVED it =D

Liberal Khaleejiya: thank you =)

Cate: I really enjoyed my time..

Glad you love my blog header =)
min thooqik =)

His Sweetheart: Thank you =D

inshallah someone atyour side will manage to suprise you =)

Errant: =D she was over the moon.. i am so gald it worked out perfectly =)


Awww !! Thats so cute how some of u are married with kids and stuff..
Takhayalt ana o rab3e bhal 7ala ;O kids!!

p.s. i love ur blog, ba7e6'ha eb my blogroll :$


Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy: LOOOOOOL!! yeah its fun, i spoil thier kids and they get to decipline them again loool... its fun =D

thankx doll.. i love your blog too and you are min zaman on my blog roll =p

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