Monday, July 6, 2009

My Birthday Wish List..

Monday, July 6, 2009

2. PSP

3. Edward Cullen

4. Perfume

5. ipod Touch

6. Spongebob T-Shirt

7. Movie Invite

8. Massage Voucher

9. Wii

10. PS3

11. Original Football

12. Superman T-Shirt

13. Kuwait T-Shirt

14. Jigsaw Puzzle

15. Chupa Chups Mega Lollipop

16. A box of Safari Chips

17. Wierd Key Chain

18. Basic Makeup

19. Twilight Book Seriers
New Moon


Breaking Down

20. watch

21. X-Box

22. Spongebob DVD collection

23. Food or Drink Invitation

24. Road Trip

25. A HUG

26. Nice/Funky Birthday Wishes Card

19 Voices:

No identity..

First ONE...;P

No identity..

HapPY BiRtHdAy in advance dear ... Will Do my Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax afford to get something from the list ;P...
Inshallah you will enjoy ur day...


not asking for much then? :P

whennn is your bday? youll be sure to get the BEST present from me :D virtual birthday beats!! Muahahaha

A Journal Entry

i want one of those wiis too!


haha you're so cute ..

first, it shows a lot about you .. and your personality ..

second, you gave a huge variety of options to suit everyone and every budget .. haha

you're so thoughtful lol


aham shay #3 ;p
nice list :D

Mean B

hmm can i get you Edwards look alike??

I will give you the HUG you want:)

The Sister!

I alraedy got you a perfume!
So consider it your birthday present.


No identity: LOL!! YAY SOMEONE IS FIRST.. i think i will do a firt contest on my blog.. if you the first 5 times you will get a price =p

Inshallah, and you better enjoy my day too =D tara your day is after mine =p and thank you =D

desertpalms: i am certinly not asking for much =)
my birhtday is on the 17th of July..

AFAAA YA DEZEE, ME YOUR TWIN!! i should have an exception no?
how about you send me some of the chocolates and sweet =D

A Journal Entry: if someone gets me that, inshallah i will share it with you ;)

Errant: *blushes* thank you..
hmm that is what my friend also told me, she said, by posting your list i got to know you more and now i have an idea of what to get you...

lool. Aham shay, lazim we give varieties 3ashan i dont want excuses later on why i didnt get a gift =p

ruby woo is so gonna kill me =p

Mean B: hmm yeah i think i can accept the look a like!

loool.. one hug for me coming right up from you =p

The Sister: LOOOL!! 7abootish.. that was coz you came back from Malaysia and you felt like giving your ONLY sister something nice!!!!


oh, good, this makes it easier to shop for you!!
by the way, did you hear dakota fanning's going to be in the 'new moon' movie?


Namrata: LOOL!! hmm i wonder what is it that you wanted to get me before lookig at my very unrealistic list!!!

Dakota Fanning in twilight.. really?? i didnt know that!! i like that little girl.. loved her in i am sam.. i cant wait to see this new movie.. i am so excited!!


happy bday:D, i'll either get u the kuwait t-shirt or edward cullen, so whats ur choice?:P


hmmm.. i love the idea of lists now! i think il start my own! hehe there will be a list for everything.. birthday.. christmas(kaifi) new year(kaifi) even other ppls bdays il havce my own list haha


moi: I want Edward wearing the Kuwaity t-shirt =D

Anonymous: LOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! TU7FAAA!!! i am so gonna do that too lool.. anything for an exuse to get a gift lool.. la i liked the friends birthday list part looool...


Happy birthday sweetie!!!! Woooo, who live in the pineapple under the sea? Spongebob square pants! I LOVE Spongebob! Isn't he just adorable!


=D I got loads n loads of hugs to give on daily bases..

Pretty humble list..

Since i might not be connected to civilization on the 17th.. -_-'

Advanced Bithday wishes =)


well well well
isn't that a short list
mafee kman shay u forgot to write :P

but i can get u edward don't worry :P


C: thank you for your wishies =D

Roon: loool!! before you travel make sure you send some of the hugs my way ;)

thank you for your wishies =)

Balqees: what what what am i forgetting???
*goes over my list for the 100th time*

ee get me edward <3 =p

Sexy Lips

mashallah tabarak elr7maan!!

all these in your b'day wish list!!

abooy what will you have on your Wedding gift list :P

I am kidding sugar...

ahaa so u also want PSP... PS3 & WII!!! wallah if i only knew!!!

but anyway inshallah you know what WOODY WIDI and ME gonna get u sugar...

testaahly akthar :)

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