Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Highlights of July..

Sunday, July 26, 2009
Good Morning Everyone =D
I sound hyper today.. hmm.. I wonder why.. WHO CARES =D
Today shall be a nice morning to me..

I am here blogging and ignoring the mountain of work that I have.. Wallah too lazy to work.. No mood.. Especially after having a 3 days weekend..

Oh before I forget..
I would like to thank and comment back to some people:

- My Doctor: 26 is not old but thank you for being the first to wish me a happy birthday..

- Nusy, Mc Evil, Sis, Mean B, Sara, Virus, Blue, Fini, Merry, Halima, Doni, Sab, Manu, Zak, Woody, Sexy Lips, Rahma, Farfoora, Ms D and WIMBAA shella,
for making my special day VERY special.. You guys rock and you are the best!! Thank you so much..

- Aurous, A Journal Entry, eshda3wa, Maqsood Qureshi, C, No identity, Crescent, Jouja™, Bahrain Fashion, Hind ♥, Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy, Mone, and Mayya. Thank you all for your amazing wishes and comments, you guys really made my day.

-Some comment replies for some bloggers:
Maitha*: YOU ARE THE BEST!! Thank you so so so much for the post and for your wishes and *BIG HUG* 3asa rabi ma ye7rimni minish =****

Ruby Woo: @@ is that an insult or a complement on you thinking that I was 18 or 19?? Lool.. I hope it is a good thing =p..

Desertpalms: I only got 24 kisses, where is the rest? And where is my gift????

Another-Penelope: I kept the cake and waited for you but you never showed up =(

LOOL!! My god, its enough that I feel old already now you are just rubbing it in my face.. You said you are December 2nd right?

Anony: I will forgive you for being late only when I see the gift.. Weeeno? You gave me and EMPTY huge box @@

Candy: I don’t mind you singing with the voice that you have.. Yala sing =D no excuses =p

Namrata: you were suppose to come and give me the lap dance that you promised, but since you didn’t, I don’t mind getting it in private ;) (You were missed at the party)

On to the post..
The highlights of July..

1) I had a girls party/ my birthday party and it was AWESOME.. I had so much fun, around 80-100 people came, my friends and friends of my friends, never the less I ENJOYED my time to the MAX.. It was a blast and amazing.. the theme was hot and sexy so you can only imagine lool… and yes, for those who are wondering, I did wear a dress and yes it was short, revealing and black and I did wear high heels and I looked STUNNING in it lool.. (Note to self: be more girly should be my new year’s resolution for next year)

2) I twisted my ankle about 3 weeks back and I am still in pain.. I hate it, I wish if the pain just goes away and my ankle gets better.. I can’t even play football =( I miss playing football =( I want to play football..

3) Mom and Dad are being ibn ba6oo6a.. Travelling all the time and leaving me alone at home.. HOUSE PARTY PEOPLE lool.. ohh yyeaaahhhh…

4) I went to my cousin's Pyjama Party and it was very nice.. something very different.. we played games and debated and became kids again lool.. it was happening.. wallah its been awhile since a gathering was this fun!! i really enjoyed my time and ate like no man's business.. i think i gained a kilo or two =p

5) Yesterday was a crazy day.. Let me list down to you guys the amount of na7s that we encountered!!
First Na7s: On Friday we planned that we should go swimming on Saturday coz it is a holiday, so Saturday came and the first place we went was closed (aween for the national day, how lazy can you get).. So we went to this other place (at around 10:20) and they told us came back at 12 (note that from 9:45 we are out) imagine how disappointed we were.. but we didnt give up on hope.. so we cruised around till 12 and we went back to them.. and YES, we were able to swim!

Second na7s: my friend withdraws her last money from the ATM, next thing you know, we can’t find the cash, including my own cash that she was keeping for me..

Third na7s: we were 5 girls, only 2 were allowed to swim, aween lazim costume and my other friends didn’t have any so they couldn’t swim.

Fourth na7s: the 3 friends got kicked out and were not allowed to sit at the pool side.. Ya3ni how ridicules is that!!!!

Fifth na7s: My phone’s battery died on me..

Sixth na7s: we met this Indian chick in the pool, all I did was asked “how do you float” so I can teach my friend how its done and she was stuck to us as if she was our long lost friend.. So annoying.. And she kept on asking questions like there was no tomorrow to the point where I was swimming away lool and yet she kept of following us.. At one point I went out of the pool and she was talking to my friend then suddenly she said addressing my friend “Are you looking at my underarm hair??” 3ad ana hena i was like “what” and that is when I noticed that CURLY BUSH that she is carrying under her arm, seriously, even the BLIND would notice.. Damn it woman!! SHAVE!! God it was so disgusting!!

Seventh na7s:
My friend lost her contact lense when she was in the pool.. The na7s part would be, that it was a special contact and to make an order and get a new ones usually takes between 3 weeks to a month and it cost like over 120 Rials for just one stupid little contact!!!!! Now is walking around with only one functioning eye lool

Eight na7s: it wasn’t enough that I don’t have a phone, my friends’ phone decided to go cucu on us! And that is because miss underarms hair, said “is that your phone, what model is it, does it have I donno what, doesnt it get spoiled you are holding it with your wet hands?” next thing you know, it is not working at ALL.. Talk about 9aroo5 7asad!!

Ninth na7s: it’s good that we had enough for the movies but in the end, I didn’t get to finish it, I dragged her to Harry Potter then I had to leave 20min before it ends just to drop her back and go pick up my dad and take him to the airport..

Tenth na7s: I forgot my ATM card abd money with my friend and today i am money and cashless..

With all the downsides of yesterday I am happy it did end up a bit on the happy side for both of us.. Somehow my friend got money min el sama, this friend of hers borrowed money long ago and decided yesterday to give it back to her and she managed to find a spare phone.. As for me, I am happy for 2 things.. One is that I got a message from Dr.Cullen and the second thing is that I slept before 10pm (that was a major achievement)

And today.. Sigh… I don’t feel like working.. but i have to..
Over and out..

20 Voices:

No identity..

Wow ... that was a loooooong day women... Glad it end up with achievement...

By the way, it was cool to be in two list with two identities ;P do you got that?


that was a VERY long day i tell you..

LOL!! try 3 lists with 3 identities loool.. wallah you won!!

A Journal Entry

lol! what a day yesterday was!! like min musalsal willa shay chithy hehehe!


lol... that's one eventful day ;)
salamat ma tshofeen shar... ;)

The Sister!

This made my day about the armpits. Everyone at work is looking at me like I went crazy or something from the laughing.


OMG OMG I love this post! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Hun you cracked me up with Ms Curly Bush *damn I hate Indians, opps I sound racist*.

Anyway, this post made my day, LOOOOOL! I wonder all Indians are like this coz one of my friend was joking about it the other day, he was like:"I wonder if she carry a baby and the baby's hair stick out of her arms!" I LMAO!

Speaking of the devil, my phone went cucu on me too!The phone line just deactivated and after I paid the holy bill and fight with the call center, it came back, yay! And Ms Curly Bush is so freaking weird asking about the phone, like she's living in jungle, LOOOOL!

Talking about contact lenses, i gave up swimming because im wearing lenses and I'm blind without them. Maybe your friend should swim with goggle!

Opps too long comment! I just got so many things to talk, hahahahaha *C you should shut up now...OK* Ok I admit, I'm hyper too!


LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! this is a crazy fe wanasa fe na7asa post i can't stop laughing walla :P

i was wondering wain e5atafaite,gelt il bent yemken safarat!

would u believe if i told ya that i was gonna record my voice singing 2 ya tara mb kel youm turning to 26 :P (ugly voice believe me ><" )but i stopped at the last mintue thinkin how ugly my voice when i sang ><",inshallah next year :D

Bahrain Fashion

AAAAA!! 10 na7s!! Eshda3wa. I hope your ankle gets better XD So you can play foot ball all day!!

Ruby Woo

It was definitely a compliment. Most 26 year olds are not as fun as you!!!

Ruby Woo

Ewwwwwwwww curly bush araf ya'refha *gags*

No identity..

Standy, I am Soooo Glad you had FUN and enjoyed the Pyjama Party.. :-D


A Journal Entry: LOOL!! tell me about it, it was really crazy!!

Aurous: said...
it was one unbelievable day.. thank you..\el shar mayjeeki...

The Sister: LOL!! i can totally picture your laugh.. yupe they definitely think you are crazy looool.. wallah you should have seen ms armpit.. kant shay 9ara7a!!

EWO EWO EWO on the baby and the armpit hair image lool.. EWO!!

I donno wallah what was up with her and the phone.. it was really weird!!

I swam with my lens I guess it was just my friends bad luck.. you shouldn’t give up swimming 3ashan el 3adasaaat =D the funny thing is that she was wearing goggles and yet she lost a lens loool…

Mashallah, you can relate to everything I wrote lool..


Candy: lool.. glad my misery amuses you =p
la safart wala ru7t makan, I was swamped with life and I didn’t have time plus, i had so many posts to read, and I like to read all the posts then blog so I can be up to date =D

ABEE EL VOICE… you have to record.. for 2 reasons
1. 26 is your fav number =D
2. I am only 26 once and next year I will be 27 =(

Bahrain Fashion: looool.. thankx doll.. mo bas football,. And so I can wear high heels,, I am sick of wearing flats to work!

Ruby Woo: =D I thought so but my friends said no it wasn’t.. they are evil!! I need to change them..

OMG RUBY YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN IT.. or as a matter of fact heard the description of it from my frined.. how curly and long and thick it was loool…

No identity: it was amazing dear, I had so much fun.. Thank you for inviting me =D

lil miss nobody 'LMN'

lol that was one hell of a day

i'm glad u enjoyed it ^_^




*goes to cry in a corner*

somebody stole em =(

and womaaaaaan, send me your address aleradyyy with the list and your wish is my command! =D


lil miss nobody 'LMN': That was one long unpredictable day =)

desertpalms: AWWWW *hugs twinzy* akeed el 7usad who wants to breaks us up are the ones who stole it...


now you just have to set up a date for the private viewing ;)

by the way, LOVED the post...july's been a crazy month, bet you can't wait for august now!


9dg na7asah day :p

i enjoyed reading this post ;p


Namrata: LOL.. inshallah will do that sometimes really soon ;)

i do hope august has mercy on me =p

Mone: LOL!! wallah wajid na7s.. glad you had fun on my expense ;)



Mean B

good that you liked july, you welcome i know iM ALWYAYS THE BEST :)

salamat dear for your UNcle ancle what ever the spelling.

looool lucky you witht he indian new BUSHY FRIEND did she do the soka soka rool rool. mybe she confused you with Queen N and Sis.

loool dawahaa your friend that she lost one eye. why did she put on the lencess in swimming pool she was trying to see fish?

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