Friday, July 10, 2009


Friday, July 10, 2009
I just started twittering 3 days back.. i got 4 followers and i am following 7 poeple and i got blocked by 1 lool.. oh i am already unblocked now =p

So far i am getting the hang of it but i really dont get it.. lool.. its kinda fun but i donno, i am getting so confused!!

I think in a month i will give up and close the account lool.. Roon is trying to make me like it lool.. But honeslty so far, its really nice just to write that one line that you are thinking about!!

Who else is a twitter?
and why do you twitter??

over and out

15 Voices:


I do! It's fun :D

No identity..

ok, i dont .. But why did you decide to do it? And is it all about what are you doing? Whats the deferent with facebooking?


i started twittering yesterday
and i don' get it AT ALL !!

Hind ♥

I'm a twitterer but not a regular one. I sometimes forget about it for months lol.


I'm use twitter bs I don't use it that much. I do it for my friends.


M: hmmm,, i am still missing the fun part of it!!

No identity: facebook has lots of things and applications, twitter is about writting a sentnece and get a reply on, so simple, i started is coz a friend is twittering and i wanted to reply so i had to have an account!

Balqees: loool.. i guess me and you are on the same page!

Hind ♥: LOOL!! shakli i will be like you.. lol..

C: hmm, just to make them know what you are up to.. sounds as a good enough reason!..

Daddy's Girl

Me is on Twitter... 7yach allah :D

Ruby Woo

I want to twitter but I don't get it at ALL!


ana ba3ad i wanna twitter:bas ma fehamt shooh salfetah ;S


Daddy's Girl: lol.. thank you =D

Ruby Woo & Candy: lool.. same here.. all i know is you write a line and people reply you accordingly or maybe not.. its like letting people know what you are up to i guess,or what is on your mind!!

Mean B

I just heard the word twitter, hi5, face book. but dont know how they work or how they look like.

if you want to ask me about e mailing through hotmail i am ready to shair but any thing els ... SORRY


Mean B: a7san you dont know.. wallah mashee meno fayda =D

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

Whats your twitter ID? i will follow you!

I twitter to promote my business and keep up with crafty tweets!


This is my twitter link


I've got this HUGE SMILE on my face..


no, no.. I have a broken tooth > <

nvm me smiling

*does the boggy dance..

once u get a good number of followers n meet new ppl..

ull noe exactly why i love it <3

I blv that everyone should have a twitter.. wallah 3alam tany .. =D

^.^ Tweet ya later xD

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